Adventuring into Allods Online Content (Level 15)

My Gibberling Warden (Animist)

My Gibberling Warden (Animist)

I’ve been really getting into Allods Online over the past few days.  The entire experience thus far has been excellent and worthy of praise not because of how innovative or “something new” it is, but because it’s just simple fun.  People expect too much change and have no tolerance for something that doesn’t use what we already know and it’s those same people who are to blame for the MMO landscape today.

All the levels have been fun, but the game really started to take off for me at level 11.  Once I reached Siveria (the area for League after Lightwood) I really got hooked.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to continue leveling because I’m one of those people who stops to not spoil the content.  To heck with it!  I played the same WoW content for two years and leveled up 6 characters to 50, saw both sides, and never really got tired of playing the same content.  After thinking about it, a good game should not be boring a second or third time through.  I enjoyed 1-11 and I was really liking what I saw in the quests at Molotovka (first quest hub in Siveria) that I decided to press on.  I also decided that it was worth getting to level 20 so that I could get into the Holylands and PvP in the next beta phase.  Seeing the PvP to make sure I like it, and so that I can share my experiences with those interested, is important to me after not taking advantage of the opportunity in games past.  I am so happy with my decision.

The quests in Siveria are great.  There is a story being told within this zone and some of it carries over from the previous zone via the World Mysteries.  The quests are mostly what you’d expect from a LOTRO or WoW style; the go here and kill some of these or collect a couple of those or use this amulet to capture this or that’s soul.  The atmosphere is nice though.  The mobs are fun to kill — they’re not all easy.  Tigers enrage and will rip you to shreds if you’re not careful.   Mobs vary greatly in ability and some will really shock you.   Specifically, the “group” quests which you’ll find one of in each quest hub in Siveria are awesome.  Kosmach is this Yeti beast that says you should bring friends to kill and it’s not lying… you need about 2 groups minimum if you’re even level with the quest and should have two healers and a competent tank (paladin).  It’s essentially a mini-raid boss and drops great loot but also is the reward for the quest which gives great rewards.  These mini-raids are frequent and are great milestones during the questing experience.

The zone itself is rather fun.  Doing quests for the Molotov traders gets you rep with them so that you can eventually buy very nice rep gear.  The story line leads you in a quest that has you ride a raft and defend two guards from Waterfolk assaults.  Eventually you’re up north fighting undead and orcs in a whiteout blizzard preparing to head north to the Frozen Frontier.  I haven’t gone yet, but I’m hoping you have to take an Astral Ship to get there.  Seeing the Astral plain on the edge of the northern coast has me excited for what is to come in the next area.  After Frozen Frontier I know that I head to a zone that changes drastically environmentally.  That’s a huge part of what I like in Allods:  the environments.

My Warden is really developing nicely.  I hit the occasional rough spots where my stats dip after leveling up and not upgrading gear.  It is important to watch that Perception/Expertise and not let your resist/hit rate get too bad.  I find that ~12% or lower is best and anything beyond that you start to see a lot of partial blocks, parries, resists, etc.  Finesse (or Wisdom for a Warden) on melee’s should be up there too in order to get through armor and give bonus dmg.  After that, you need to pump that damage modifier stat (Int/Str).  If you’re statted correctly you should have great success.  My Warden, at level 15 now, is finally at a place where I feel like I have control over his stats and he’s ripping stuff apart with his claws — and the pet is absolutely killer doing most of my damage.  Really fun class.

I’m having lots of success and fun leveling up, so much so that I’m going to make a leveling guide to help people out on League side.  I’ll also mark spots with daily treasure chest quests and places of interest.

Below is a video I couldn’t help but make.

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