Conglomoblog 11/18/09

Modern Warfare 2

I beat the MW2 singleplayer campaign today.  Yet another amazing addition to this franchise and further proof that we have not seen the end but only the beginning.  I can definitely see why some people are having moments of “huh?” with the story, but I think that’s because they didn’t play CoD4 which gives you background info on the Russians and several characters you meet/play.  There is also a lot hinging upon you picking up subtle things that are mentioned in the cutscenes — easy to miss, but there.  Overall, the story isn’t going to win an award for being an amazing story but it does a great job telling it which is what I have always stood by in the CoD franchise.

Graev and I are making a video to show the PC and 360 versions.  It’s being delayed because, for some reason, FRAPS was working perfectly fine one day but the next it totally kills my performance and makes the game unplayable.  I’m tinkering around with it to figure out how I can avoid it making the game skip as though I were trying to play on a 3dfx Voodoo 2 like my EQ days.

Lord of the Rings Online

I think I missed this special deadline to subscribe and get Mirkwood for free.  However, I’m not ready to take the plunge anyway.  I wanted to try a Runekeeper but couldn’t since my account is not a Mines of Moria flagged account.  That’s a let down.  I’m considering getting a trial account to test it out.   I just keep coming back to how removed I am from the community and the game though.  Logging in gave me that “This is familiar… this was a good thing” but didn’t make me want to immediately resub.  Money isn’t tight, but I’m not in a position to drop something on a chance.   For that reason, I’m going to hold back on jumping the gun.


My “Two Months Later” impressions will be published within the next few days.  I plan to explain how I perceive the game months after launch as well as expand upon initial impressions.  It should be quite informative.

  • 2 months after and I have cancelled my subs for aion.
    I so wanted to like Aion, but the total lack of PvP in the first 25 levels really made this game a waste of my time and money. Whilst better looking than WOW it has the same feel. I want something different from my MMO.

    I’m 23 now, and with real work (not uni work) I may have even out grown the MMO genre. If that’s the case it’s a real shame, because that would mean the highlight in my time of MMO’s was WOW and this thought saddens me deeply.

  • Modern Warfare 2 was great…. dang see that’s already starting off bad b/c i sad “was”. Single Player campaign rocked… didn’t really follow the story but still had a lot of fun.

    Online Multiplayer, I’m around level 34…. I was having a blast up until the last few nights. The whole lack of a community has begun to set in and im starting to see the cracks…. i’m doubting i’ll reach max level now. I can already see the pattern emerging as I’m looking at other game reviews hoping something pulls my attention away from MW2.

  • Thallis, I think you are mistaken. According to IW, the community should be much stronger than in previous COD games. After all, they know what’s best for you, and you don’t really have a clue.


  • I will make this comment quick and painlessly and at the same time make sure i show the persistence DF fanboys are famous for.

    If you want to change your account from EU to NA do it before december 6th. it will cost you nothing and save you 50 bucks if you ever wish to go back. Subscription is not required for the transfer.

    Given the manner in which you slice through MMOs however i do not expect to see you back. But figured i would put it out there.

  • Kinda funny I felt the same way on Aion. After 2 months I quit. I really wanted to PvP and I knew it wasn’t going to happen anytime soon with my game time per week. So After WAR, DarkFall, Connan, and now Aion I logged into WoW again. If I got anything out of Aion is I loved the Ranger character. …So I rolled a Huntard in WoW and now at lvl 19 I’ve loved every moment. Granted about 2 years ago I bought 56 Pristine Black Diamonds for about 1g each and the other day sold them all for 8k gold. So its amazing how much fun you can have with a new character in Battlegrounds when you can afford to twink him up. ehhehehe.

    Currently WoW gives me the best PvP at lower levels for MMOs so as long as I’m having fun I’ll ride this train!

    I just can’t believe after 5 freaking years I’m back to playing a 5 year old MMO!

    Also Left 4 Dead 2 is crazy good. But then again I skipped L4D1. But when your in the mood for an MMO, nothing else scratches that itch.

  • i can’t stand the Single player campaign in MW2. The only thing worse than a stealth game is a FPS pretending to be a stealth game.

    After doing the snowmobile mission, i was ready to quit. The only reason i played 10 minutes longer was to mow down civvies in the airport.

  • oh and i hit Corporal I in MW2 multiplayer.

    it’s a fan.tas.tic game. i admit, i was worried about the dedicated server loss.

    but the way they built the auto matching lobby mechanics, and the resync on host loss was just amazing.

    kudos to IW.

  • I dont get why people seems to displeased with no pvp Before 25 . Your class hasnt really even developed its core skillz prior to then and isnt properly balanced towards any real fair PvP. And 25 bairly takes any time to reach at all, so get over it.

  • @Andrew – If you played Dark Age of Camelot (or even Warhammer), then you’d understand why people feel that way. Honestly, I really think a DAOCv2, without the major differences Warhammer had, would give wondrous enjoyment at any level.

  • Well put Steel. And I do agree with Andrews point to some degree. From everything I have read Even if you CAN pvp at 25, I don’t want to be getting smoked by high levels. So that forces me back to grinding to max level (Which I have done a bagillion times already).

    But it’s nothing “To Get Over”, just not for me. There was a day a few years back when it was for me, just not anymore! Just feels like a big ole, “Been there, Done that!”

  • @Howdy Doody – I really really really miss a good pvp fight so I think even if population keeps dropping on Aion, I’m still going to grind it out just because I miss the pvp action. I may have to be lvl 50 to get to it, but I think in the end, it’ll be worth it just because there isn’t really anything else out there right now that is as worthy of decent pvp.

    Warhammer is still too buggy and it doesn’t even have a 3rd party bot army to break up over population on either side. I never did like WoW. And DAOCv1 doesn’t have anyone playing any more to make a decent sized amount of pvp action.

    So, while I don’t like grinding at all and I wanna pvp now, I’ll be sticking with Aion for the time being….

    However, …… if DAOCv2 came out tomorrow, I’d immediately forget Aion or any other mmo existed!!! 😉

  • @Steel

    Quote from a Massively interview:

    “What can we expect from WAR in the future?

    Well, with 1.3.3 we’re going to be introducing the underdog system to the RvR campaign. This will act as a handicap system for the Realm that is losing the war and give them a chance to fight back.”