I haved tasted of the fruits of Time Warner… and it is so, so good

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I’ve been out of commission for the past few days because of internet trouble.  Two days ago my AT&T was acting up so badly that I just gave up trying to log in and play Aion or even use the computer.  Yesterday AT&T shows up at the house (without notice) and takes my internet down for 3+ hours while they work on it.   Today Time Warner Cable shows up and I’m once again without a connection.

But there’s good news…

That’s double the speed of my AT&T connection.  Holy smokes!

Now that I’m hooked up with a new connection I feel rejuvenated.  I have high hopes for Road Runner (I guess that’s what the internet is called) being reliable and fast.  Now if I can just get through this queue into Aion I can get past level 19!

  • Gratz on the upgrade Keen.

    I tried to log into Aion today, but I am not patient enough to wait 1 hour 45 minutes. I am sorry to say that I am tired of waiting in queue, thus I will not be continuing my sub after the free month.

    I wish nothing but the best for Aion and the Havok guild.

  • Ahh Wickidd. 🙁 Sorry to hear that bro. The queues are temporary and although I hate them too I understand the need for them. Thankfully you didn’t play WoW when it launched and had queues into the 2-3 hour range for 2 months, otherwise you might have missed the opportunity to play a game you really enjoy.

  • @Toothy: Sometimes I would say it’s justifiable to call someone a crybaby when they complain about queues, but other times it’s understandable if someone can play during a certain time and that time is always when there’s a 2+ hour queue. Wickidd is one of those people who can’t just log in whenever he wants.

  • Toothy,

    You’re an idiot. I just tried to log in and was faced with a 2 hour queue. Last night it was an hour and a half; night before that it was over an hour. Yeah, I’m going to spend 4 and a half hours in three days waiting to play this game.

  • That sucks Wickidd! I thought the queue problem had gone away. Look – WaR is active on Vaizel – no queues ever (which is why we left Vizel the day before actual release). Join us there before you give up. Most have some crafting going and we will definately hook you up! Mooooooya!

  • @Toothy

    Believe it or not kiddo, some people have families, jobs and responsibilities outside of video games and homework. Waiting in a 2hr line, during the small window when they can play, is silly.

    Next time, try actually thinking about something from someone else’s perspective before you stop by and make yourself look childish.

  • I guess its the same. I also have around 1,5-2 hour queue in my game window. Due to work and kids. Last night I turned my computer on, a few hours before I could play. And got into the queue, then tjecked a few times while passing by. When I came in, I did the /dance. (Dosent make you go afk, atleast not yet. Now that the private store i only 30 minutes.)

    And then when I had time to play I was already logged on to the server.

    That was good, but its a bad circle. As when I do a trick like that, I make the queue longer for others. When I just stand around and dance. And its a bit of a hassle, if thats what you need to do. To be able to play when you want.
    I surely hope they get this fixed, as im really enjoying the game on all other aspects.

  • Nice one 🙂 I like fast Internet connections but to me reliability is always more important. I’m moving apartment this weekend and losing my cable which is unfortunate. The new place doesn’t have it and can’t get it so I’m stuck with ADSL. I just hope it’s decent…

  • Hmmmm.. are the queue’s based on faction? I have been playing Elyos on Lumiel and Asmod on Ariel and have had very very little waits..

    or is it because I am a vampire?


  • Monday night the server crashed and took NCSoft 5 hours to bring them back up. Between Monday primetime and Tuesday primetime the server quesues increased by 1.5 hours. I would guess that they reduced the cap and either didn’t return it or they are maintaining it because of some server issue.

    The queues are frustrating for even those of us who they don’t affect. I get home before the queues start so I can log in freely. However, watching legion mates quit because they can’t actually log in is a pretty frustrating feeling.

    I wouldn’t give up just yet Vryn!

  • Congrats on the new net. If there is anything I CAN’T handle is shoddy internet service!

    Yea the queue’s have made it a real pain in the arse for me also. I’m like others that have crazy work deadlines, kid’s baseball/hockey practice, cub scouts, etc etc, and I NEVER know when I’ll have time to play. So when I do sit down and see an hour+ queue it really sucks. And when I do try and plan ahead I usually get back to the character selection screen with a message that says, “you have been disconnected because you were AFK to long!”. Baaaah!

    It really sucks…YET….I am loving the game enough to not let it bother me toooo much.

    I am also somewhat confused on why there are queue times on a game that uses instances. Granted server space is server space…but why not just keep expanding the instances. I’m sure there are good reasons, I just can’t think of any unless they are afraid everyone will go into town at one time.

  • Sweet! Bring on the Aion posts. I’m curious to hear your experience because 1) you and I have some similarities in our gaming interests and backgrounds and I respect your opinion, and 2) I am interested in Aion, in general, atm.

  • Roadrunner cable is fine until everyone else jumps on your shared cable connection to the pop. In game latency is higher on cable.

  • There is no need or excuse for queues and any game that has them is only going to continue losing players like Wickidd

  • Looking forward to you getting past all of the connecting and logging-in related issues and actually posting more about the gameplay.

  • @Salbos – you really weren’t around for the beginning of WOW were you?

    If queue times in the first couple weeks of a well made game are the deciding factor in giving the game up, I can only guess you had tepid interest in the first place. Frankly – good riddance, I don’t care if you DO have a job, family, et all.. many other adult past-times come with inconveniences… take the 1 hour drive in traffic to the casino for instance.

    In my opinion this is just more of the “I want the easiest possible casual insta-reward gameplay possible” mindset.

    With ghost town servers as the alternative?

  • I suppose I am sticking up for Toothy.. while his comment is a big flame, IMO it does ring true.

    Maybe it strikes a nerve as it really touches on the issue of people with kids somehow thinkng they are more important and entitled to their time, than the population at large.

    Anyone on a 6 hour flight with a 3 year old brat sitting behind them knows what I am alluding to.

  • It’s not ‘somehow thinking’ 🙂 it’s biological imperative: “stop slacking around and devote your time to your offspring”
    And yes, we DO feel more important to have produced those ‘brats’ because we have contributed to the future and development of our species. Evolutionary, dear Darwin.

    Really, I always wondered what’s wrong people who cannot commit to have kids at some point of their life. Too selfish or unable to form a proper relationship? And how come they think they are equal to us, ‘breeders’? 😀

    And my little ‘brat’ really helps me with avoiding this Aion server queue drama, here in Europe, because I have my free gaming time usually late at night, and all queues are gone by then…

    All the best to Keen with his new ISP 🙂

  • I think you are going to Like RoadRunner Keen. I never had an issue with it. And their customer service is *gasp* actually pretty good.

    Unlike certain other cable providers…… Charter

    @Wickidd: Just give it a bit more longer bro. I think you’ll see that the que’s will go away. But I hear ya about the frustration.

  • No large queue times on Zikel. Maybe 15 minutes max lately since they did the private store change. I hope they don’t change it back because I’m sure the queues will get worse if they do…

  • @GreenT – I get a scent of snarkiness and sarcasm from your reply.. at least that’s what I hope it is.

    Otherwise you made some terrbile assumptions: 1. Because I feel this way does not preclude me from having my own children. 2. That somehow your DNA is important to the existence of our species.

    It’s not.

  • Don’t get your hopes up. They cheat like bastards on the speed-tests and they QOS traffic in/out of their network. I have TW in the SoCal area, and it’s OK but not amazing. I’ll be going to FIOS when it becomes available.