Cannot connect to authorization server

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For an hour I was getting this:


Then I finally get to the character selection screen, made my character, had my name chosen, then I clicked create…. to be met with “You have been disconnected”.  Now I’m back at trying to get onto the authorization server (which kicks me to desktop every time that message comes up).


  • I’ve tried over 30 times the past 2 hours. The problem is that once you try to log in once, if it doesn’t work it kicks you to the desktop. Then you have to re-launch and go through the whole slow-to-load process.

    Quite frustrating.

  • Sorry to hear that- I got in around 4p Eastern without issues and got my 2 characters created… hope it clears up for you soon.

  • can’t create an Asmodean on the server 🙁

    Zikel is even worse,
    it says, New player cannot create any more characters on this server. lol. Zikel = full

  • I got in, got to the server my legion is going for…

    Cannot make ANY Char at all :<.
    Im was thinking of making Elyos on another server but I wont be playing that char for a while anyway :p.


  • I can’t even access my account page at NCsoft. Their site won’t load. I can’t access the official Aion site ither.

    It’s like any connection trying to be made to them isn’t getting through.

  • Its probably something regional, I remember reading about how NCSoft routes to their servers, and the problem most likely lies there.

    Don’t worry Keen, you are already too late, you won’t be able to create and name a character on your planned server. Right now it won’t let you create anyone other than Elyos on that server. Hopefully prelaunch on Sunday won’t have any restrictions.

    They are obviously using a cap, some realms you can’t create any characters on, some you can only create Elyos on…only a few can you create Asmodians on atm.

  • I have my names reserved already and I -CAN- create any faction I want. I was just able to log in for a few seconds and make a dummy character as Asmodian before getting told “You have been disconnected from the game server” while making the character with looks how I wanted.

    If it’s regional, I wonder why there aren’t more Californians being vocal about it.

  • I’m pissed now, i had to create an Elyos on Lumiel, its all it would let me do. Hopefully on Sunday I can delete him and reuse his name as an Asmodian.

    Almost every other server I’ve tried I can’t make an Asmodian on either… /sigh.

    P.S. For only 2 races…you can still basically create a character that LOOKS like a dwarf, elf, demon, orc, and many others…that was a pleasant surprise…love to see a short fat hairy dwarf flying around with wings!

  • Lumiel is apparently full. Hopefully, I can make an Asmo with you guys on Sunday… /Snore. I guess they’re really trying to avoid the clusterf*&#$ that was WAR’s launch with too many (imba) servers.

  • @Keen: it may not be regional.

    I live in SF, had no problem connecting and creating characters at 12:45 pm PST.

    Sorry you had problems, but at least you got your name reserved.

  • Hm, californian who has been able to access the servers and login and screw around basically all day. Made an Elyos on Lumiel, hopefully that helps. 🙂

  • @Taugrim: No one would have even dared to guess otherwise. Like WoW, WAR, and every game before it, the populations in Aion will even out and probably even turn in favor of Elyos.

  • Nope. The Elyos is the new Horde. Asmodian race seem to attract the emo kids who want to look badass.