K&G’s Aion Server Announcement

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The K&G Community will officially be playing on the Lumiel (EST) Server as Asmodians.

Our Community, which has been growing exponentially for over a year now, will be associatedwith  Havok to form a fantastic Legion of like-minded players ready and willing to have a blast in Aion.  We would like to formally welcome all interested to visit the K&G Community Forums to learn more about our community in particular — a community that spans several games and creates close friendships that make even the worst games enjoyable — and details about Havok, our Aion Legion.

Information you need to know:

Character Pre-Selection: Sept 18th – 12:00pm PST to Sept 20th – 9:00am PST

Head Start: Sept 20th – 12:00pm PST

I hope to see you all in-game on the 20th!

  • @Keen,

    I may end up seeing you. I was originally planning on heading to Zikel with a lot of the great folks from Phoenix Throne.

    But right now, the population imbalance is looking out of whack (and IMO it will matter, I know how good those PT players are), and there are a lot of elitists who are rolling on Zikel.

  • Aww man I can’t wait!!! I didn’t play open beta just to leave the fire burning inside of me, to log some major hours going into Head Start! Good choice on the server! I think with the talent we have lined up and the drive and experience we all have, we may end up being considered elitist! Watch out! Here comes HAVOK!!!

  • Welcome to Lumiel K&G. Our legion and its leaders had a similar dilemma. Being roleplayers ourselves, we wanted to be with other roleplayers, but a lot of those RPers we also wanted to avoid. A look at the Zikel forums on Aion Source pretty much decided it for us, and we chose Lumiel as our home before the NCsoft poll was pulled down (for the joke that it was).

  • So, aside from joining the Havoc forum, how can I join Havoc and the Keen community in Lumiel come this Sunday? If I didn’t read a previous post on this subject, my apologies.

  • @ Tofrcer

    Just PM me ont hese forums with your Havok registration name and I’ll set you up with the proper permissions. Once you have access, all the info will be posted (coming tonight).