MMO Update 9/9/09 Edition

Time is flying by right now and I can’t believe Wednesday is over and tomorrow is the end of yet another week of classes.  It’s an awesome place to be in though, given how the opposite (time moving slow) is probably the worst form of hell I can imagine.  The downside is that I lose track of time and forget to take the time to blog, so I apologize.  Let me bring you guys up to speed on what I’ve been up to.

I’ve been leveling my Chanter very, very slowly in Aion’s Open Beta.  I’m somewhere between 11 and 12 on him and I’m just messing around to see what’s new in the 1.5 patch.  The game still feels the same at this low level.  The camera issue that I brought up has been acknowledged as a bug and to get around it I just disable the left mouse thing.  I’m still as anxious as ever to get into the game and begin playing for keeps.  Knowing that what I’m doing will have to be repeated at launch still bugs me more than normal.  In other games it feels like I’m really beta testing (or in some cases it’s Alpha) and what I’m doing will change several times before launch.  That’s never been the case with Aion though — the game has felt finished and like a demo the whole time.  Burnout in beta is a bad, bad thing and I’ll continue to avoid it at all costs.

My WoW playtime has been low, but then again all my playtime is low right now.  I’m trying to do the daily heroic instance and a couple others when I get a chance to earn tokens.  I actually enjoy running the content so it’s not like a grind for me yet.  I don’t mind collecting the tokens and buying the gear since it doesn’t feel like a job (aka raiding on a schedule in a hardcore guild).  I’ll have my second tier piece soon and my DPS is above 3,000 now non-raid buffed (I guess that’s a decent place to be in?).

So yeah… pretty boring I guess.   When EVE, AoC, and Hello Kitty top the daily MMORPG news sites you know things are going slow.

  • You want a time waster?

    Play dwarven fortress!

    It’s learning curve is this really, REALLY, high however. Just pointing it out if anyone bothers picking it up. Very addicting once you get into it.

  • You mentioned it being slow with EvE at the top of the news cycle. I was wondering if you had any opinions on this Dust 514 stuff? Tieing a console FPS/RTS into the Eve Online MMORPG universe? Seems like an interesting possibility.

  • “EVE, AoC, and Hello Kitty top the daily MMORPG news sites you know things are going slow” LOL 🙂

    Actually EVE has announced a new expansion which looks pretty tasty but yeah I know what you mean. Personally I’m looking forward to the weekend! Anything which isn’t work is always good 🙂

  • After hours and hours of troubleshooting and a dozen emails back and forth with NCSoft support (who’ve actually been pretty good), I still can’t log into Aion due to GameGuard. Champions and, hopefully, some Fallen Earth will have to suffice for now.

  • I also just can’t get into the OB. I only logged in to Aion for the first time 2 nights ago. But even after 3-4 hours of gaming is enough for me to know I want to play it, but not enough to play it now only to start over in a week. I love the combat, but questing is questing, and I don’t want to redo it all again.

    I’ll play some more HoN until release which I am thankful is only a week or so away.

  • I’ve seen the new UO expansion top news too… so yea everything is sort of slow. Ironic since 2 new MMO’s have launched recently and Aion is a few weeks away.

    I’m sure we can find something to hate in the next month though, just need to look hard enough.

  • I will say that The Secret World is getting alot of press. I know it’s early but I like that a larger MMO developer is willing to take a step in a new direction.

  • That’s what people say about every single MMO when it’s this early and basically concept.

    Remember how AoC was going to take a radically different direction to the mainstream?


  • Things are pretty slow right now for sure, that’s when I usually do my best pondering. Times like this are when I sit around and think up new ideas for games and wonder why it doesn’t exist yet…guess one day I’ll just have to become a developer myself, come on lotto!!

  • I like Aion more than before, the only and BIG problem is the LAAAAGGG. They better do something about it or I’ll think twice before playing.

  • @Knqui

    While it wasn’t radically different AoC was a different direction. The first 20 levels were alot different than other MMO’s and the combat system was unique… until it got predictable.

    AoC may not have been radically different, but it was different. Furthermore it wasn’t the differences in style or gameplay that hurt AoC. It was the bugs and lack of content. From my understanding both of those issues have been resolved.

  • @Blackwings

    It’s actually been discussed on Vent a few times at things we’d like to see but overall the development community probably wouldn’t put into a game.

    Especially the Lotto comment.. 😀

  • I can’t bring myself to level past level 9 in Aion. I realise that things change at 10 but for whatever reason those first 9 levels just suck the fun of the game from me.

    It doesn’t help that there is only one starting zone per side, and everyone does the exact same quests (this is one of my biggest gripes with Champions Online as well).

    Basically nothing in Beta has screamed “buy me”.