This would bring me back to WoW

DeathwingCame across this while surfing the webs tonight and I think it’s a load of misinformation, but it would get me to subscribe again:

“Azeroth is changed completely. Some zones are completely destroyed, some are shattered, some are flooded (Thousand Needles), some are ripped in half. Coastlines the world over are changed. Durotar is wrecked, along with Orgrimmar, which is torn in two. A new orc city is rebuilt over the course of the expansion. Gnomes retake Gnomeregan in an instance.

Malfurion comes back and helps activate the new Guardian of Tirisfal – Thrall. Thrall hands over leadership of Horde to Garrosh Hellscream while Thrall serves as a coordinator for both Horde and Alliance forces and players to combat the Naga and Black Dragonflight. Garrosh declares open war on the Alliance, and you can expect more Wintergrasp like areas on the old map. Due to some political manipulations, Cairne Bloodhoof gets painted as a betrayer and is murdered by Garrosh. Cairne’s son takes over as Tauren chief.

For Worgen, the Cataclysm brings the Greymane wall down, revealing their secret — that the worgen curse has ravaged the kingdom. They’ve managed to find a cure that keeps their human mind permanently but also keeps them in their worgen form. Seeing that they can no longer survive alone, the worgen residents of Gilneas rejoin the Alliance.

As for Goblins, Deathwing calls on the goblins as slaves like he has in the past. Their leader decides to go with Deathwing and enslaves his people because there’s no crossing Deathwing and surviving. Fortunately, a large group manages to escape and join the Horde, knowing that they can’t go it alone. See the pattern here?

The level cap is 85. New landmasses include islands that are raised as a result of the cataclysm, underwater zones, and the newly-redone old-world zones. Flying mounts will be useable in Azeroth. Many old-world dungeons are changed completely.

Half the point of Cataclysm is to remake the old quest lines, eliminate redundancy and give an overall narrative to all players, whether level 1 or 80. At any particular vanilla area, you can expect to see reconstruction/relief efforts, or all out war between Horde and Alliance NPC’s. Wailing Caverns is going to be completely redone into a lush green tropical area, as a result of the druids working their magic to prevent it from falling into lava.

Leveling from 80-85 will be a MUCH bigger deal. Initially in 2008, they considered not raising the level cap at all, as making those quests takes a lot of manpower away from raiding content. But they are trying to make the story so grand and sweeping that ding’ing will actually MEAN something and not just be something you do.

Expect a couple of underwater cities to be on the backs of giant sea turtles and whales.

Make no mistake, the Old God content is not done. Since Netharion and Azshara both have ties to Old Gods, it is now clear that the SERIES wide antagonists of WoW are the Old Gods.” [Source]

Yeah, it sounds like a great way to regurgitate content.   The rest of the information I didn’t quote states that they’ll introduce no new classes, but allow for combinations that have previously been barred, such as Gnome Priests or Human Hunters.  People are pissed off about all this information, calling it “game breaking”, but I’m not so sure.

This expansion would mark the biggest impact to the Warcraft lore yet for WoW.  Cairn being killed, Thrall handing over leadership and becoming the guardian of Tirisfal (weird), and bringing Deathwing into the spotlight (FINALLY!) are enormous leaps.   All this talk about Old Gods and the Supreme Dragonflight gives me goosbumps (Yeah, I geek out in a big way over Warcraft lore).

I’ve thought about it for a few hours and I’ve come to the conclusion that I like the idea of going back through older zones.  I never once had a problem with WoW’s leveling process – in fact I quite enjoyed it.  It’s just that the content is old and I’ve done it dozens of times.  Splitting the Barrens into two areas, breaking up and remaking the world to completely unite all the players of WoW once again in the old world is a genius idea.  They have the ability to redo all the old quests, dungeons, zones, and make them viable for veterans and new players alike.  Best of all, they can add content to the old world and have it be relevant for everyone.

This would bring people back to Azeroth and Kalimdor and make them relevant once more.  Think about how long the “vanilla WoW” held people.  The possibility is there for it to hold them that long again.  New players picking up WoW for the first time could actually feel like they’re apart of the story again instead of being so far behind everyone.

The PvP they could add to the game since the Horde and Alliance are being plunged back into a great war (bless you Garrosh!!!) could be amazing.  This is Blizzard’s chance to get open-world PvP right.  Since the landscape is being scarred and reformed it’s a perfect opportunity to do it right.  They could make good on their original promises of PvP they made for WoW before it launched.

It’s all a genius idea because a change to the game of this magnitude will bring even more people to WoW, and back to WoW, than ever before.  This would crush any competition save perhaps SWTOR.  I would certainly return to WoW and play through all this content again.  Although I still think this is a load of dragon dung, I would fully support and tip my hat to Blizzard if it’s true.

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