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Our delicious home made family ribs
Our delicious home made family ribs

We hope that all of readers in the USA had a great 4th this year.  Our day was full of relaxation, good company, and good eats.  Keeping with tradition, we had our BBQ with the famous family Ribs, hot dogs, and other goodies.  This year’s Ribs were probably the best yet.

Fireworks in our city are so-so, but they’re ours and you gotta be proud of your home town even if it’s a bit embarrassing to show off to visiting family.  This year’s firework show went as usual…

*pew*  ….. *Pop* Ooo

*pew* …. *Pop  Ahhh


*pew pew pew*  *pop* *crackle* *pop*  That one didn’t suck – must have been the finale.

It’s one of my (Keen) favorite holidays and for good reason.  We here at K&G hope you had a fun day.

  • Canada day is on the 1st for us up here, but we’re not as patriotic (or maybe ‘quietly patriotic’ is more correct). So it was mostly a day off for spending time in the sun, which is excellent in its own right.

    We have huge fireworks mind you, but it’s Vancouver, so any excuse for lighting up the sky. We even had them on the 4th and we have several days of fireworks later in the month, just because.

    Hope you had a good 4th.

    Those ribs look good. =)

  • Last year here in the UK there were people actually trying to market the US Independence Day to us.

    The Simpsons’ “Love Day” was not so far fetched, they will try to spin sales out of ANY day, even imagined or irrelevant ones.

  • Yeah, we sat down to do a recording a week back and decided to once again change our minds on the direction we would take. It’s actually coming sooner than later now that we have our format down.