Comparing Aion vs. WAR

The third week of Aion Closed Beta testing is well underway and I am once again playing, against my better judgment (burnout, y’know), and having fun.  I was asked during the last beta weekend to write up a comparison of WAR and Aion.  Occasionally I do receive requests and I always try to answer them in either their own blog entry or by incorporating them into another.  The request came with a specific list of criteria for comparison and it appears to be comprehensive enough. I’ll edit it only slightly to avoid being redundant in my answers.

Before I begin, let me tell you that I can not give you a definitive answer on some of these because I have not been able to see the whole game.  Know that what I write comes from a certain perspective gained from beta.  I would encourage anyone who has played Aion in the Chinese or Korean versions to comment where I am unable.

Graphic & Animation / Style
Both games use a stylized form of graphics. WAR went for a gritty look and Aion for the more rounded and softer (dare I say Eastern) look. Having to compare the two very quickly, Aion’s graphics are much better – style aside. The animations in Aion are also much, much smoother and show quite early on how they are much more polished and incorporated into the game, such as combat. When choosing which style is better, that has to be left up to the individual’s preference. I don’t mind either.

Both games have great textures in some places and poor textures in others. In WAR you’ll see muddy textures on occasion and simple textures quite often. In Aion I have seen a great deal of muddy/poor to no texturing at all on some cliffs. Certain walkways and paths also lack decent textures. On the other hand, there are times in WAR and in Aion where the textures are very well done and you can’t help but stare a second longer to appreciate them.

I’ll consider this as a general approach towards creating an atmosphere and toss in general appeal of the world around you as you explore and experience content. WAR suffers from forcing the player down very specific paths, almost ushering you to the next location. This is accomplished by using impassable objects, terrain, etc to ensure the player is going in the predetermined direction. Aion does the same thing, at least early on from what I have seen. While both games have a linear path of progression, Aion does have the advantage of flight and better graphics to simulate that lush landscape, forest, lake, and scenery that will naturally immerse the player far easier than WAR.

It’s not even close for me. Aion’s performance is nothing short of stellar. I can easily maintain 70+ frames even with nearly 50+ people visible at one time on my screen. There are places in the world where I have maintained 90+ frames. The only time I ever felt my frames actually drop was this third weekend when I logged into Pandaemonium (Asmodian capital city) right as the servers came up. It stuttered for a few seconds while loading all the people rushing in then it returned to being smooth. WAR is a laggy beotch. The performance by comparison is atrocious.

Smoothness in large scale PVP
I have not done the Abyss yet, so I can’t comment on castle sieges. I can say that in the Arena when we had 30+ people fighting together it was smooth as can be. While not the ideal setting to test “large scale”, it’s still a step above WAR’s performance.

Smoothness in Keep / Fortress Siege (assuming AION got some kind of castle siege)
Aion does indeed have a Keep sieging feature. I won’t be able to test it until the next phase. This question will be answered for you then.

CC impact in group PVP
In both games CC is prominent. Aion has DAOC’s level of CC – a lot. It will make or break your group’s ability to succeed. Just like in DAOC, when a group that knows how to maximize their CC comes against a group that doesn’t, the better CC’ers can take twice their numbers. This is what led to the success of the 8 man teams after players decided that zerging wasn’t fun. I hope to see the same thing in Aion. Additionally, there is a different between ‘annoying CC’ and CC that makes sense. WAR has the three difference CC timers and the disables and so on. Aion has roots, sleeps, snares, polymorphs, etc. I’ll comment more when I do sieges, but it feels less annoying already than WAR CC.

What WAR did right compared to AION
This is tough. I don’t know enough about Aion yet, but I do know that WAR is often criticized for getting nothing “right”. Public quests are arguably a good addition to the genre, but as WAR has shown they are over used and act as replacement for real content. I will say that WAR made an effort to ensure that their focus (RvR being accessible, even at level 1), even if a wrong focus, was accomplished. It’s easy to jump right in to RvR regardless. I also like WAR’s guild system; sure it could use improvements to how guilds level and the rewards they receive, but the leveling of guilds was nice. Aion only has 3 guild levels and you buy them.

What AION did right compared to WAR
I think we’re going to see Aion’s PvP play out much better. Their Abyss vs. T4 is going to show up WAR in a big way if anything I’ve heard from friends is true – remember, Aion has been out for 8 months in Korea. Why will it show it up? Because it’s not about gathering points for domination flips to get to a capital city. It’s not about flipping keeps for gear, flipping them for renown, or really about this arcadelike production of PvP…. it’s simply about fighting your enemy. The Balaur (3rd faction, NPC) will add an interesting element to the PvP that will make it just that much more dynamic. You will still earn points, and lose them too, in Aion for fighting so players won’t feel like they’re doing it for nothing. These points are then redeemed for gear and other things. It’s like DAOC’s realm rank system in a way. I think the irony here is that Aion will be closer to DAOC than WAR.

World PVP (random pvp) fun
WAR did not have this, except on ORvR servers. Even there, the random world pvp was nonexistent. People simply did not go into each other’s PvE areas because being in the RvR area was 10000x more rewarding. Guards everywhere and the funneling of players in certain directions that I spoke of earlier only compounded the lack of random world pvp. Aion might have the edge here with rifts which open in one side’s area and lead to the other side. Players can jump through these rifts and enter the enemy’s PvE area and fight them in their own land. They are open for a certain period of time and their appearance is random (although I’ve hard players figured out a system to predict them?). This could lead to great world pvp where you’re never truly 100% safe.

PVE Questing variety and fun
I don’t LIKE questing. I feel that it is overused, simplistic, mind-numbing, and a shortcut. This applies to both games. Both of these games have simple quests where reading them won’t matter because the description just says “Kill 8 of this” or “Get me 10 of those”. Both games have their occasional gems, but overall it’s a system that I wish would just go away. Aion has “missions” which are like an epic storyline for you to do throughout the leveling process (and perhaps beyond?) that will provide decent incentives/rewards, some story, and an underlying purpose for each region you visit. It’s a step up from the mundane, but still falls short of what quests should really be all about – the QUEST, not the chore. Luckily you can avoid questing in Aion altogether and grind if you like, because it’s just as effective to level up if not better later in levels.

Hows the End Game?
No idea. I’ll get back to you on that in a few months. I do know that PvP is the main focus of the game because it is at the center of everything. There are also dungeons and big boss encounters. How it compares to WAR, only time will tell. I do hope to find out if Aion has gear progression though. I haven’t heard anything about a “ward” system or a “you must do this to do this” step. Hopefully it does not exist.

These are two very similar games in theory, yet very different in practice. Hopefully my answers were what you were looking for and give you a sense of how the two games match up. I would be happy to answer additional questions in the comments section if I am able. If not, maybe those more experienced would be willing to lend a hand.

  • nice writeup

    I really want to give this game a shot based on what you’ve said previously (about not liking eastern MMO’s but liking this). My main concern is performance in PvP. Since I was pretty much let down by WAR’s performance in large scale fights, I’m really on the lookout for something that can satisfy. I hope Aion can. =)

    Question I have regaring the section regarding Quests though; Is there any options for leveling outside of grinding or quest-grinding? (no pvp exp?)

  • You can earn EXP by PvPing, but I can’t speak to its effectiveness. The Abyss is supposed to be the absolute best place to level in the game and you’re sure to get tons of PvP there.

    Every zone/region has an “elite area” where groups go to kill stuff/get loot and it’s outdoors. In a way it’s group grinding, but to me that has never felt like solo grinding. Supposedly it’s fast leveling too.

  • I would’ve expected Aion vs. WoW, not Aion vs. WAR… WoW is the more important competitor for them.

  • If you want me to compare Aion and WoW I would be happy to compare them. This particular request was for WAR and the questions tailored to fit. I’ve had years of WoW experience and I would be happy to answer any questions you have, just write them up.

    I think WAR is a relevant comparison because of the position it’s in with Aion, which stands to really destroy a large portion of the playerbase.

  • As a WAR player, I completely agree with your comparison. I will say that it was kind of nice running around in Aion and being able to jump over stuff without worrying about getting stuck in it. 🙂

    The two things that bugged me was the sound and some of the poor quest design. There are quests where an item spawns and only one person can use it at a time, and even grouping doesn’t help.

    I know they’re updating the sounds, so hopefully those will change. Does my chanter seriously need to squeal *that* much?! How does that not drive Korean players nuts? And is it necessary to repeat the same little yell every time I cast?

  • Good news about the squeeling: You can disable it once they patch us up. We’ll launch at version 1.5 yet we’re beta testing something like 1.0. They added the ability to disable those character sounds in 1.2.

  • Your blogger card is revoked. You only used the word “polished” once, and didnt name drop at least 3 times.

  • @ Keen in reference to Guy

    Would it take a complete post for comparison?

    Is Aion better than WoW in your opinion?

  • I’ll answer individual questions or make a post if you provide me with a decent number of them.

    But to answer a question like “Is Aion better than WoW” is almost impossible. 1) I haven’t played Aion enough and 2) WoW has been out for 5 years and gone through content updates and overhauls and changes that it is truly a new beast.

    Aion is better than WoW was at launch though. I can answer specifics like “Is this particular thing better in Aion or WoW” or “compare this mechanic in Aion to this mechanic in WoW”.

  • bah, I typed that in a rush sorry (blaming the kids!). Don’t expect you to make a full comparison off of a beta. What I’m wondering is; do you see Aion as potentially better than wow?

    I just hear alot of “wow-clone” comming from people about Aion, and I’m just curious if it offers more than that. That’s fine if that what it is, and if people are into that. But I’m done with that kindof MMO. Just eager for the next “thing”.

  • Be wary of anyone calling Aion a WoW clone. WoW is designed to revolve around PvE and Aion is designed to revolve around PvP. Both games are similar and share traits common among their style of MMORPG, but anyone can tell the difference between them. Think of the differences and commonalities between an SUV and a Truck – some Trucks are even being made to look and serve as SUV’s but they are different.

    Aion offers a very different approach than WoW and should not be written off as another raiding/pve treadmill. Quite the opposite. Aion is much more about the PvP, the control of the Abyss, the domination of the other faction, and less about killing that raid boss in a 25 man or earning your arena rank this week.

    I would go as far to say that what Aion shares in common with WoW are the better parts of WoW and things people would want to have in their game, not the parts that people would begrudge.

    Aion has the potential of being just as good a game. Aion has a huge chance of being a better PvP game, and a small chance of being a better PvE game. NOTE: It’s taken WoW 5 years to get to the point they’re at and the same considerations must be made for Aion and any game you’re comparing WoW to – it’s just not fair to say “Look at what WoW offers compared to …” because WoW offers the result of 5 years of polish and development.

  • @Keen

    Since Aion is more of a PvP game is it in similar to Guild Wars? I loved GW PvP and thought it was great but the PvE sucked.

    I don’t know how much Guild Wars you have ever played but is it similar to that? More specific, is combat smother and more “balanced” then what you are use to seeing in other popular MMOGs?

  • i Reject the idea of aion revolving around pvp. I know alot of people judge games based on “well the game starts at 20-30-40-50” But i judge a game based on when i start playing, i didn’t start in the abyss at lvl 50.

    Aion is all about the pve grind till you are bored and quit for the day. I have no way of lvling up threw pvp i haven’t even seen any chance at it yet short of a boring arena.

  • random fun fact, I watched transformers 2 in theaters last night, and instead of movie trailers over here instead I got a pretty kick ass Aion trailer 😉 I thought that was pretty cool

  • @humwha: You can get into the Abyss at level 25. As for the game starting at a certain level, all I have to say to that is that I disagree with that whole notion as a general rule. If content is horrible and everything builds up to something else, then sure it could be said that you have to get through crap to get the fun. However, when all the content in a game is fun then just because you can’t do the pvp at the start doesn’t constitute a negative.

    @Skuishe: Woah, seriously? Time to see if I an find it on youtube.

  • So…you are comparing WAR as a whole vs Aion in the first half of levels.

    Bear in mind the first 20 rank of WAR is often praised too.

  • @Zapp: Great questions that really provoke thought and discussion. I’ll answer them tomorrow in a blog entry.

    @Radishlaw: Correct. Many of the comparisons drawn are not contingent upon level though, such as graphics and questing. Things like “end-game” and the Abyss I did not answer on, even though I have been told a great deal by friends. I kept it almost completely on what I have seen first hand.

  • @Keen: bear in mind i’m in china. MMO advertising in Asia is crazy. In taiwan there are WAR ads everywhere, subway train banners, sides of buses, billboards, you name it.

  • @keen

    thanks for the informative insight and taking time to review these games point by point

  • @humwha: Using that logic, DAoC wouldn’t be considered a PvP/RvR game either.

    Ok then…

  • The performance difference between warhammer and aion is just ridiculous. Aion is so good and warhammer is so lame.. 😛

    The game isnt _too anime_, but the character sounds get annoying.. I’d love a switch to toggle off my dude yelling a random japanese sentence evert time he casts.. -_-

  • Good write-up. I don’t know so much about Aion as I do WAR. Are they selling it on the PVP front? I know it’s the big driving factor behind WAR which is what attracted everyone to it.

    I’d definitely agree about the performance and graphics. It makes WAR run terribly in comparison. I hate their micro delay on using weapons, really annoys me.

  • @Keen. I can’t agree with your analysis of Aion RvR. It is not about fighting your enemy at all. The whole point of the Abyss is to get Abyss Points. You can get these points by killing npcs, which is what a lot of people do on the existing servers. They avoid fighting actual players. You never even have to fight a player to gain the top ranking.

    There is no reason to defend keeps in the current version, so no one does. It is all about keep trading. Keep sieging is also limited , like WAR. There is 1 door, that you have to tear down, then your inside with players and npcs.

    In the upcoming versions they are adding PvE content to the keeps that you unlock. That will be the end game, PvE content (like WAR).

  • @Humwha

    “But i judge a game based on when i start playing”

    How long would you say you play a game before you “judge” it? 30 mins? 1 hour?

    Don’t you think only playing for a short period of time, barely seeing any of the content and then promptly quitting, renders any opinions you have moot?

  • @keen: Nope, this is from game videos (abyss tutorials and such) and players on existing servers.

    It may be fun in its own right, but I’m not expecting a great PvP experience in the way of RvR.

  • @Werit: Let me see if I can get a friend of mine to comment on your take on the PvP. He’s actually played. (Phandy)

  • @ Werit

    Your comment about being able to farm NPCs in the abyss to gain top rank is way off base. NPCs give fewer Abyss Points then PCs and it would be next to impossible to gain anywhere near enough points to attain top ranks. I won’t say it is impossible, but your time investment certainly will be ridiculous.

    I’m not sure who is telling you that they avoid killing players, but if they are, they are doing it wrong.

    You probably can get a few pieces of gear farming all NPCs, but it is certainly not efficient. It is meant as a bonus as you quest/grind exp.

  • Nice write up Keen, and I agree with you on just about all of it. I do think you could have done a comparison on combat between the two games. You touched on it in the CC impact section, but I think the smooth and responsive combat is one of Aion’s best features, especially in comparison to Warhammer. I’d say the combat feel is as good or better than Warcraft’s.

  • Quite honestly i spend more time pve in daoc till they added battle grounds so yes i would classify it as a pve game.

    you cant spend 80-20 time pve and call it a pvp game.

    And at the abyss thing you lose points based on death. So the best way to get points is questing and not fighting people once you reach a higher rank. People not used to cut throat pvp will be annoyed to the max its gonna be funny, i would go so far to say they might change it so you don’t lose points on death to cater to more people.

  • @humwha: You’re making statements based on theorycrafting, but people who have actually played (Phandy, comment #32) say quite the opposite.

    And yes, you can spend 80% of the time PvEing and call it a pvp game, if the game revolves around PvP. DAOC was/is a PvP(RvR) game.

  • Eh actually i was basing it off of this

    Now im not saying everyone will play like that but it does stand to reason that unless your in the uber group who never dies it will dominate the play style as western gamers hate failure and progress backwards even more than the east.

    The whole daoc thing well we just have different idea’s of a pvp game.

  • I think Aion looks pretty awesome and from some of the vidz I’ve seen like the animations, graphics, etc. Does everyone have those lame-looking bird claw feet or is that an option?

    A friend got into one of the weekend free betas and said for PvPers the wait to get to level 20-25 so you can actually do some PvP will most likely be long — too long. He said it took him an hour to get to level 3. And that your toon doesn’t get any real abilities until around level 11.

    His opinion … I am on the fence about this game and have learned my lesson with other MMOs … will wait and see.

  • @Krosuss

    The claw feet are for Asmodians, male Asmodians have their claws exposed just about all the time, females are hidden by shoes for the most part. And no, they are not optional. Elyos have normal human style bodies.

    As for your friend, he must be exaggerating hugely. It will take an hour to get to level 7 or so, not 3. Level 3 takes like 10 minutes. As for when you get good abilities it depends on class. I think mages start off very strong, warriors start of decently strong and scouts start off weak. I have not tried priests yet but from what I have seen they are strong but on the slow side. The game is just as good as WAR or WoW as far as how interesting classes are early on, imo.

    Oh, and you can PvP early on in the FFA arena in the main cities, though it’s just for fun.

  • All those ppl saying u can just quest to get abyss point to get top rank need to play the game and using a single article in blog to start theorycrafting how pvp works in aion .

    Also u need a gd kill/ratio to get top rank ,that might be the only flaw in the system .I am glad aion has a death penatly unless war and wow pvp system where u just die with no worrying abt ur actions.

    last time that blog by elliot is going off patch 1.2 and we getting patch 1.5 in NA release so there will be tweaks to pvp if ppl starting avoiding pvp.

    here are the patch notes for 1.5

    *note the NA beta is using version 1.0

  • You wrote up a very nice comparison and I agree with you on all points. However, you didn’t mention the crafting in Aion as compared to the crafting in WAR. I already know my opinion of the comparison, but I’m curious to yours.

  • I did not and do not like the crafting in Warhammer. In fact, I do not consider Warhammer to really have a crafting system. All that you can make are consumables. to me that is not justifiable as a “crafting system”.

    Aion’s crafting system is simple. You go out, gather materials, come back to town, and combine them in recipes. It’s very similar to WoW in this regard. To raise crafting you can do work orders, which are provided by your crafting trainer, to raise your skill and not use most of your valuable resources you went out to collect.

    Crafting in Aion feels very important to me. Alchemy and cooking make very, very useful items that will provide an advantage. Crafted armor and weapons are also very nice when compared to some of the better stuff (so I’m told).

    Compared to Warhammer, Aion’s crafting system is amazing. Compared to some of the better crafting systems out there though, it’s average.

  • @ humwha

    You have to realize, elliot has not updated his blog since the Korean beta, since then, not only have they boosted the quest exp given per quest, but also added in a ton of new quests.

  • I’ve got a quick question in regards to PvP. ( I know you haven’t really been able to test it yet)

    I’ve heard that you can right click on an enemy and you will auto follow him while you attack. Is this true? And if so, doesn’t it ruin any skill whatsoever in pursuing casters? I know your character will auto move in range when you click a move, which just encourages botting or not very skilled players.

    Do you have anything to comment about this?

  • @Kyle

    If you are simply auto following, you’ll never catch up. As far as moving into range, that is user selectable and can be beneficial and detrimental depending on the situation.

    As far as the comments on just grinding abyss mobs for AP, you’re welcome to try. On the CAION server I’m on, there are numerous groups looking for people doing exactly that. Quite honestly I wouldn’t recommend trying unless you have a large group with you.

  • @Kyle: I tried the pseudo auto-follow thing in the arena and it didn’t work very well. It follows but does not catch the target, so you will almost never hit them. With the abundance of crowd-control available to casters, this should not be an issue.

  • […] sus experiencias, sobre todo cuentan cosas muy interesantes, comparando el juego Aion con WoW y Aion con WarHammer, me gusta creer que este juego tomara lo bueno de WoW y lo bueno de War en un mismo juego. Y luego […]

  • Great post!

    Having recently given up on WAR for a number of reasons, many of which you raised in your post but mostly because it failed to live up to DAoC’s RvR success (pre ToA).

    Aion does sound like it could be nearer to what i expect of a game orientated around PvP.

    My only concern is that like WoW and DAoC ToA the game becomes more about what items your character can get and how powerful they make them rather than individual skill of the player.

    I personally enjoyed PvP’ing to gain ranks and titles (which slightly enhanced your character) rather than PvP’ing to get armour and weapons.

    Is there any indication of which of these route the game is likely to take in terms of its PvP?

    ps, sorry if the post is a bit jumbled!

  • Yay… yet another band wagon for Keen to jump on.

    A lot of this enthusiasm sounds extremely close to your WAR-loving rhetoric of a year ago.

  • I don’t see anywhere in this post where I have appeared over enthusiastic, hyped, or delivering a spiel or rhetoric that deserves that Ozryk. I feel that I have curved my enthusiasm and restricted myself to speaking strictly to the questions.

    Discussing mechanics, features, and comparing one game to another is different from making a post like “OMG I can’t wait for this game!!!” where your critiquing of my blog entries would be relevant.

  • True, and perhaps I was lumping in your comparison to WoW as well.

    While this wasn’t as filled with orgasmic elation as your WAR hyping days, it’s still clear you favor this game as the next great MMO.

    Then again, maybe I’m just bitter over this blog, along with many other blogs, ignoring my warnings about WAR many months before it plopped out of Mark Jacobs nether region.

  • Not as “the next great MMO”, but as the next game I will be playing. I’m enjoying what I have seen thus far and I think it shows promise. It has a nice supply of pvp while not ignoring pve. The game is polished (being released 8+ months in other countries has had good side effects for us) and it’s a tad closer to traditional than many of these games trying to step out in new directions.

    I think Aion’s familiarity is why I will enjoy it. It won’t do anything new or make people say “this is the next best thing”, but it will conjure up sentiments like “I like this game” and “this is fun, exactly what I needed right now”.

    WAR was hyped by me a bit – I admit that – because I let my excitement get the better of me. I’m a DAOC fanboy at heart (duh, my name is Keen) and it showed in a big way for WAR. I liked what I saw in WAR too, yet admittedly I knew only the early game and even it was new to me. Since Aion is so familiar, and the fact that it’s been out so long that we know the end-game, reassures me that I won’t be disappointed a month after release.

  • I want to hate you so much.

    Stop having a level head.

    Nerd-rage, argue with me, throw out those interweb jibs and lets both lose at the special olympics of internet tough guy-ness.

    Anyway, DAoC was my first MMO. I measure all others against the immense amount of fun I had in it – even coming into it at the tail end of its prime. I wanted WAR to be great too. I just knew better – but I was able to beta test over a year before it came out. I got experience first hand Mythic’s pension for ignoring feedback that didn’t gel with their (see: Mark’s) vision.

    I’m sure Aion will be good. But I’m looking forward to SWTOR or STO far more (maybe even Blizzards next mmo). Champions, Aion, Earthrise, etc … are all just time sinks for people until truly amazing comes out.

  • Another important thing to note about crafting in Aion, is that you can get some really, really good gear from crafting. It’s called “Expert” crafting. You can pick up all the different crafting trades but you can only become an expert in one of them. Once you become an expert you can make armor pieces (for example) that increases movement speed or attack speed. These types of items are a huge advantage in PvP, so start crafting early or get to know someone who’s going to be an expert. As far as what I’ve heard from friends that I play C-Aion with, armor crafting is a hell of a lot easier to get to expert than weapon crafting.

  • I really cant stress enough how much i enjoyed the campaigns not because they were the campagns but because they had a cut scene for every major part. i loved it. they werent super flashy like i truely want ie Final fantasy is a stretch BUT its a start i thought it was cool. The evironment is beautiful in the least and my FPS stays around what keen described i even hit 120 a few times and hovered around 60-70 in groups. I think WARs biggest downfall was all the hype they couldnt live up to. Aion doesnt really need to focus on the extra content and instead just focus on making a basic good game which the beta has already proven. One of the best betas ive ever seen. no real bugs that i saw and i crashed once 3 minutes after servers opened on the first day. its obvious that this has been out for some time but i think theyre on the right path by not just throwing it into the mix and working on it through patches like WAR. NCsofts idea of short beta trials instead of CB, straight to OB, then straight to shelves is great, it gives the developers time to read forums and react on it. i beleive this will become the norm among the bigger mmos. Its just another way to prove they actually care about the game and are doing their best to make it just a basic GOOD game which, nowadays is anything anyone can ask for especially with games like AoC, WAR, and so many others who fluke out.

  • Aion has 3 mil subs and rising in asian regions i believe, war is 150k and dropping FAST, war was nothing more than a pipe dream sadly, i feel sick after thinking of all the time i was forced to waste on war because their was just no other modern rvr games to play

  • Aion has saved us all from terrible war and washed up old dirty mythic scrubs

  • keith Said:
    “…doing their best to make it just a basic GOOD game which, nowadays is anything anyone can ask for especially with games like AoC, WAR, and so many others who fluke out.”

    listen, AION will – in all likelyhood – suffer the same fate as the games listed above.
    You praise a game that is the korean version of World of Warcraft, based on the first steps taken in a closed (now open) beta. – I think everyone can acknowledge the fact, that the first month of playtime often is the best ‘if’ the game goes south from there.

    Warsucksaiondominateswar Said:
    “Aion has 3 mil subs and rising in asian regions i believe, war is 150k and dropping FAST”

    Well World of Warcraft has 10-11 million subscribers, yet it has nothing to offer thats even remotly interesting.

  • AION – I have played all the preview weekends and i can tell you two things.

    I would not play this game even it were free to play based on the absolute shocking amount of grinding required to gain each level.

    One thing you forgot to mention about the abyss pvp is if you die repeatedly you can actually lose enough XP to de-level, thats right drop an actual level.

    Not to mention you are required to complete the compulsory – missions to progress…some of these are in Elite area’s which you need groups for. Guess what if there are no groups around? your stuck with your cock in your hand in the same area until some poor sod helps you out….