Keen and Graev’s Sacred 2 Giveaway Contest

We have an extra copy of Sacred 2 (Xbox 360 version)! Instead of allowing it to gather dust on our shelf or trying to scam a return to Wal-Mart we want to give it away to one of our readers.   We could simply do one of those contests where we ask you to reply in a comment and then give it to some random name, but we’re not looking to see how many comments we can get or how much traffic this will bring our way.  We’re actually going to ask you to do a little something in order to earn it.

CONTEST: Draw a scene from your favorite video game featuring an appearance from the Keen and Graev characters.  Below is a panel from one of our comics showing how we’ve changed the look of Keen and Graev over the years:

Goblannoyed #0 exerpt

Feel free to take as much creative license as you want!  They don’t even have to be cartoony if you would rather go for the gritty realistic style.  You can make it funny or serious; We’re leaving that all up to you.  Some of you might be thinking “there go my chances, I can’t draw at all”, but don’t worry.  As you can tell, we don’t care about how well we can draw or perfecting an art style.  We’re interested in, and will be judging on, how well you can integrate our characters into a scene from your favorite video game. The entry we feel best incorporates the above criteria will be selected as the winner.

The winning entry will receive an new/unopened copy of Sacred 2 for the Xbox 360 absolutely free* and their artwork incorporated into our header.


  • Contest begins today (Jun 19, 2009) and runs until July 4, 2009.  All entries must be submitted no later than 11:59pm July 4, 2009.
  • *To avoid paying too much out of our pocket, we’re opening this contest to residents of North America (contiguous United States and Canada) only – sorry!
  • All entries must be sent to [email protected]
  • The Winner will be contacted July 6, 2009 via email.  After the winner has been contacted we will announce and show the artwork on our blog.
  • All artwork submitted becomes the property of

We want you to have fun with this.  Good luck!

  • Personally I have not played the game, but my friend said its good I found this site while browsing for previews…

    It’s ashame im not from the US.