McQuaid + Vanguard ÷ Zoo Tycoon + MTG + Bikes = Second Wind

I never thought I would see the day.  Ever.

CTRL + F Funny: Sad McQuaid (2007)
CTRL + F Funny: Sad McQuaid (2007)

The last I remember hearing from Brad was in that interview where Zoo Tycoon and money drove him and Vanguard into the ground (see the above comic from 2007).  Sorta sad rereading it and remembering how Vanguard was doomed before it even launched.  Brad knew that Sigil was fubar weeks or months before they were all sacked in the parking lot… and I bought the collector’s edition.  Yeah, I’m not bitter.

Well, he’s back.   McQuaid has “that desire to be back in the industry and creating games.”   I will forever be a lifelong fan of Everquest.  It was more than a hobby and a game – it was a passion – and I do believe Brad had a big part in that.   Vanguard had promise and, despite the heinous details, did better than any other game would have under the circumstances.  I will not join the crowd 2 people hyping his next project already, but I will happily say that I will watch Brad’s blog and be watching where he goes.   His style appeals to me, but I won’t be buying the collector’s edition this time.

Oh, and be sure to avoid Ubisoft Brad.  I don’t want to read your name and ‘Petz Pony Beauty Pageant’ in the same headlines.

  • I’m not as much of an EQ fan, but it seems to me this is another example of a designer who didn’t fit well into an executive’s / producer’s shoes.

    Designing a game and managing a game + company are entirely different things and trying to wear multiple pairs of shoes can mess up the dance.

    Let’s hope his next project has him in the correct footwear.

  • All of my memories around EQ are of the constant moronic decisions that were made by Verant (and later Sony) as they tore a game I loved apart. While I credit McQuaid with helping to popularize the MMO genre I feel like Rog, he oversteps his capabilities and would be best left to design and not to actually running (or making key decisions within) a company.

    Obviously I am not a fan of his.

  • I agree. I think his ideas for games were great and I hope that if he does come back that it’s nowhere near managing a game. I’d like him to be an executive producer or just a simple lead designer but with the influence necessary to have whatever he works on match his vision.

  • Personally I’m glad to see him back. He seems like a nice bloke who’s had a tough time. I enjoyed his contribution to EQ and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next.

  • In a way, the original EQ was really a poorly designed game. However no one knew any better at the time. Much of where we are today in MMORPGs is built on the ideas that did and did not work in EQ. This does not mean I had a wonderful time playing that game. But I don’t think I could really stand going back and playing it now. Even today it barely the game it used to be.

    Vanguard was interesting. And in away made new mistakes. 🙂 It repeated a few old ones. (Why do boats never work?)

    Also Brad did something very important. He created two lush and detailed worlds and history that did not exist before. Very few MMORPGs in the past few years have been as original in world design as Vanguard and EQ. All the recent big titles have been based on some pre existing IP.