Dark Crag Destruction would like to forfeit the live event

Dark Crag Destruction would like to forfeit the live event competition please.  We officially give up.  Order on our server is going to win the little race to get exclusive rights to the dungeon or zone or whatever and we would rather let them have their prize now instead of the 23rd (or whenever).  We’re not going to win.  To have it dragged out for several days isn’t going to increase our chances – it only keeps both realms out.   Let them take it, play in it, and then let us try to take it from them.

No?  Okay, I tried.

Today’s patch started the live event to compete for first access to Land of the Dead (or some part of it?  Need clarification on this) but it’s doing so via a long live event.  It builds hype – I get that.  I’m just chompin’ at the bit to get inside already.  In 2 hours I completed all but one objective for the live event that will come in time, I’m sure.  The reward for finishing them all, from what I’ve seen, is simply a title “master of the air” or something to that effect.  Reikland Factory has been brought back and the queues are almost instant.  Open-RvR is alive and doing very well thanks once again to the newness of a patch.

This patch in particular introduced an amazing (relative to the old one) new way of handling the gear grind: Sigils.  These sigils are much easier to obtain because they give us options.   On top of being easier to work towards, the system awarded me 2 greater wards and 1 superior ward(or Sigil, whatever) right when I logged in!  Yep, as I had hoped, Mythic’s way of integrating progress already made was to take the old armory section of the ToK and use it as a starting point for each character.  Luckily I won my Invader boots and had a few pieces of Conqueror gear already unlocked in the armory.

Unfortunately, this patch does not include the class changes.  Convenient!  We all knew Mythic favored Order and would let them stay overpowered to have access first!! *sniveling whine!*  (That one’s for you Mark! ;))  Nah, it sucks but they’re on the way.  The patch did break a few people’s abilities and introduced a couple bugs and has been giving some people performance issues, but I haven’t found anything wrong with my Shammy.

I made 3/4 a renown rank, completed all but one step in the Live Event, gained 3 sigils/wards, RvR’d and did at least 20 Reikland factories winning easily 15 of them…all within a couple hours.   Most importantly I had fun. Now I’m imagining how much fun I could have with Land of the Dead actually being available….

  • The exact opposite is happening on Phoenix Throne. Order is getting stomped by Destruction. Just got through trying to defend a tier 4 keep with a little less than a warband while destro is banging on the door with 70+. You can probably guess what happened. Maybe we should do a server swap then we would both be happy 🙂

  • I would be happy with no Live Event at all. 😛 Order outnumbering us isn’t so bad. There is always someone to fight. It’s just silly to make us wait days when this even has been decided within hours.

  • Just started playing a squig herder few days ago, upto lvl20 now.

    Hows your guild doing on dark crag? Recruiting?

  • Things are almost even on Badlands, a little bit ago is was 318,000 destro to 300,000 order. I’ve had a great time so far.

  • Then you are doing much better than order on PT. We are behind by 212,120 points right now.

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  • I play order on Dark Crag, I’m just in T2 now, I think we lost about 80% Reikland last night. I was lucky enough to get in an open spot a couple of times in a premade group, those probably account for the 20% win. I had a couple of issues with being able to join scenarios, it was hit or miss. I just started my account up last week after about 4 months, still a little lost on some of the changes that were made in that time period.

  • Destro on PT just got a large jump on Order early in the day. At night, things seemed to be pretty much even. But yeah, it’s going to be hard for them to overcome that large of a lead.

    All that being said however, the sides on PT are fairly even with both flipping zones on a consistant basis.

  • Would you recommend WAR as the biggest current WoW alternative? There is a fairly large WoW exodus going on, and I’m bored of it.

    I don’t think anything else aside from WAR is worthwhile? Leveling by PvP is interesting, and hopefully at least slightly different.

    It’s this or back to non-MMOs until SWTOR….

  • Nope. WAR is not a WoW alternative at all. I would suggest Aion for a WoW alternative, which is currently in beta. If you pre-order then you can get into the beta events.

    If you need a full game to play right here, right now, then WAR is a good game. It won’t feel like WoW though. Imagine how WoW Bg’s feel – that’s how all of WAR feels. It’s one big arcade like PvP experience. I enjoy it most of the time.

  • Desto on dark crag is very hard to unify. There are three basic alliances that will work together when the need arises, but there’s a billion 5-10 man guilds that do their own thing and its generally to the detriment of the realm. So in a nutshell we are generally having to work against a huge tide of PUG’s who all think they are super l33t and can win the realm war without mass coordination.

    We’ll have to see how it all turns out, but right now I share the same opinion as Keen.

  • I have never understood why games and other competitions rely on hard numbers to determine how wins, instead of working with percentages.

    If order outnumbers destruction by having double the population, and they are providing more resources than less than double, then yes they are winning in hard resources, but they are providing less per person!

    That is should be what counts, not hard numbers. This system makes it so that unless destruction as a whole is much more dedicated to the task, it is impossible to overcome even a casual involvement by the more order.

  • by the way keen, it was nice running into you last night lol, imagine my surprise when I was actually talking to the person who writes one of my favorite blogs!

  • Keen – let me clarify…I’m with you. I hate the quest-to-level process, and would rather gouge my eyes out then do it again. BGs and the occasional successful endgame raid are all that is fun in WoW – daily quest treadmills and oh-crap-wow-isn’t-balanced arenas are not.

    WAR sounds interesting – only downside is no MAC client so a few friends can’t come..;)

  • I wish Mythic would have allowed server transfers for higher level characters. I tried to go back to my lvl 26 Zealot, but she is on a dead server. Even for the live event, very few people around, no RvR, no scenario pops, and there is very little chat in the channels.
    I make an level 1 on Iron Rock and see lots of chat, scenario pops and even RvR in Tier 1, but I can’t stand the idea of leveling up again, especially when no one I know is playing. The server you are on is everything it seems.
    Looks like I’ll be MMO-less until Aion launches.

  • Korlyth- I did the same thing I have a 31 Engineer that I can’t transfer and the server is a ghost town. I also have a 26 Squig herder that I love to play unfortunatley same thing. Since it was 4 months since I played decided to just start all over again on Dark Crag, I thought I would hate a pvp server but so far havn’t seen a big difference since I spend most of my time pvping anyways.

  • so there were like almost a full wb of 40s and one regular in t3 taking peeps, they pretty much steamrolled thru everything

    couldnt even poke my head out to shoot anyone without getting one shotted by BWs

  • Another Dark Crag Destro. Yes we love killing you guys. I think we are winning by almost 750k now in the race for resources. Maybe we can lock down your city again for 18 hours, and we will be too busy farming Warlord, and Invader gear to worry about resources.