1943 *drool* The wait continues…

It’s been one of those days.  Sit in front of the computer, mess around in a couple games feeling unsatisfied, and then take to the internet to watch videos of games not yet released.  Battlefield 1943 is one of those games and the videos they’re releasing make the wait unbearable.  PC is my platform of choice for shooters but I don’t think I’ll be able to wait this one out.   1943 will release for Xbox 360 ($15/1200msp) and PSNetwork for D/L only. Graev will get it for Xbox and I’ll probably play it more than he will – I’ve been playing console games a lot lately.

On top of the immortalized Wake Island, we’re getting Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal (all 3 of my favorite maps from 42!).  The maps are completely redone with destructible environments and remastered gorgeous graphics.   In a really cool move, Dice announced that each platform’s global community will be able to work towards a 43 million kill mark to unlock Coral Sea and engage in an all new game mode “Air Superiority” which appears to be all about air combat (I’m hoping air only).

Today while browsing the EA forums I came across this unfortunate post from a DICE employee in response to the June 25th release rumor:

“Too bad it isn’t true. We are still waiting on 1st party confirmations for a date and it is looking more and more like very early July to be honest with you guys. And before you lalalala and moan, this is out of our control and we wait just like everyone else.” – GordonVanDyke

So the wait continues. 🙁 At least we can drool over the awesome videos.

  • Wooo! Can’t wait for this. BF1942 is probably one of my all time favorite FPS to play online, next to Tribes.

    I just hope I get good frame rates on my 8800gts. It looks like a beast of a game.

    So excited, great find!

  • I don’t see any reason why the 8800gts will struggle. I have 2 8800gt 512’s in SLI (which is rarely used) and I have yet to really struggle with any game released (unless it is coded poorly).

    Battlefield 3 was also confirmed during E3, which rocks in so many ways. Sucks that we won’t see it this fiscal year.

  • @Dismantled: BF42 and Tribes are my top 2 FPS games too! Shazbot!

    BF42 was the last FPS I played competitively (CAL-i and TWL). What made ’42 standout was the ability to specialize in certain areas of the game. There were people who played almost exclusively as pilots, tankers, infantry, artillery or snipers, especially in competitive play. The later iterations of the series never captured that same balance or ability to specialize and I gave up on it as did a large portion of the hardcore BF42 players.

    It’s about time they gave this classic an update. I know they want to put in new bells and whistles, but I hope they don’t screw this up for those of us who place the original BF42 in our Pantheon of games. I think I read somewhere that players would have unlimited ammo, which troubles me. I hope they’re smart enough to keep the game play details close to the original.

  • I never played 1942, so this really interests me. So this is entire game for download correct…not download content for the game. I didn’t see any BF game for xbox360, so I assume from reading that these 3-4 maps ARE the game?

    looks sweet. Man my thumbs had FPS on controllers thou.