Two fortresses, some city action, and gear

The title sums up my experience this Saturday morning.  We had an event scheduled for our alliance to push multiple race pairings at once.  Since they scheduled it during the morning hours EST I wasn’t able to join up until I woke up (obviously) in time for the coordination of the second region push.  The organization was excellent and we were able to push multiple keeps quickly and eventually flip through scenario and pq victories.

On our second fortress siege is where I earned my first ever fortress gold bag and obtained my Conqueror Waaaghat. I can’t use it for 4 more renown ranks but that will come quickly.  After winning the gold bag my spirits were really high as we queued up and entered Altdorf.  Our particular instance had no Order, but the other warbands from our alliance had plenty.   Our warband, which consisted of not even 3 full groups, was able to complete the invasion PQ six times and I walked away with 10 Invader Crests.   I didn’t win a gold bag this time around but I blame the PQ loot system (my biggest beef with PQ’s now) for it.  It’s group based and not actual contribution based.  Group 2 in our warband was consistently winning and no one bothered to rotate the groups.  In fact, people with warband assistant status slipped themselves into the group in order to boost their own contribution and chances at loot.  It’s a crummy system, especially for healers who didn’t get a single gold bag the entire time.

We weren’t able to push them to 100% and into stage 2, but it’s for an interesting and acceptable reason…It all boiled down to the lower levels.  Our tier 3 warband was meeting heavy resistance today and those battles that we lost turned the tide.  I think it’s really neat that city sieges aren’t limited to T4 only and I’m really, really happy (even though we lost because of it) that lower levels contribute enough to actually matter.  In fact, they matter so much that we’re scheduling lowbie power leveling nights to get some alts up to T3 so that we don’t lose next time.

Destruction is back in business.  We proved we can work together and make things happen.  I was down about our situation last week but we stand a chance and I think we’ll give Order a real fight for control of Land of the Dead and probably even Altdorf itself very soon.

  • Great to hear your having fun Keen, I get back in the fray on Tuesday (that’ll be 60 days unsubbed and I can get RAF’d back) For now im playing a trial account and having a blast in T1 ORvR, got my devastator boots, need 2 more crests for the chest and im only R8,RR8.


  • City fights have become pretty desent. I still remember the first I was on. Oh how horrible. Back then you could decide what instance you wanted to enter and stuff. So it was more about swapping instances to find an easy one, than to beat up order.

    City fights are allways good for tokens and renown. And does not matter if you are defending og attacking, as long as your winning you’ll get plenty ! 🙂

  • It’s a shame they still have empty instances. Also I have yet to win a bag in a fortress or win a city PQ (IC or Altdorf).

  • I won a couple of green bags in city PQ, which gave me 2xpurple tokens (forgot the real name) but all in all I got 4 or 5 purple tokens, which each is worth 5 blues.

    Thats pretty nice

  • I agree that the PQ contribution is jacked, but the fundamentals of PQs are great. The token system makes more sense in the City Sieges and I wish Mythic would have had the Tokens at launch.

  • Yeah, earning 10 tokens in like an hour and a half is awesome. Those 10 tokens go a long way towards buying me a piece of gear. Now I just need a bizzilion Officer tokens – ugh.

  • sry i missed out on all the defending fun… but they need to get rid of the PQ crap until its fixed just give everyone the same amount of Tokens, it will really help the game for rite now. Esp some of us melee classes and what not. Everything else but the PQ system i absolutely love rite now after coming back.

  • Great to hear about the organisation. So many give up and throw WAR in the too hard basket. Its nice to hear your side decided to see what some organisation can do!

  • I think they need to get rid of the PQ’s too. I’ve advocated the complete removal of PQ’s in the past. Now I’ve grown to like one of them (Reikland Ch. 20) because it helped me level up and see that community existed in the game. Depending on how LOTD handles them, I may continue supporting their removal. I definitely believe that they should play a much, much smaller part in city siges.

  • I like the PQ system also. However there are two major faults with the way loot is divided. One is it’s the current Las Vegas style random roll that messes it all up. Even if you have a high contribution the random roll can totally negate that contribution, that isn’t fair.

    The second is the way contribution itself is calculated. The way contribution is accumulated needs to have a major overhaul so everyone, including healers, has an even crack at displaying an accurate level of contribution based on what you actually did in that PQ.

    There have been several times I didn’t do anything but show up the last 30 seconds of a keep attack only to get up in the top 5 contribution. I mean come on, something is not right when that happens.

  • I like the random rolls in PQ’s. Contribution calculation will never NEVER N-E-V-E-R be perfect (though the current calc needs work) so its a reasonable compromise.

  • somewhere, there’s an Order blogger writing about how much WAR sucks and is imbalanced right now …

  • Recommend any good mods Keen? You’re on Dark Crag right? I’m thinking of re-subscribbing…

  • I use Warhammer Scrolling Combat Text (WSCT), State of the Realm, and Squared. I haven’t found a need for anything else.