My adventures Beyond (not yet?) the Sands

disneylandlinesinwarIt’s Beyond the Sands, except it’s right at home in a tier near you.  It’s the live event leading up to the Land of the Dead.  I’ve been enjoying the event so far, and if it continues like this it may be my favorite live even in WAR yet.  It’s the first live event with a real story that I can feel connected to.  In my version (Tier 1), rare artifacts have fallen out of the sky during a zepplin crash in the Greenskin t1.  I was sent to investigate and discovered eventually that these artifacts had magical powers.  To sum it up roughly, the artifacts have attracted skeletons and there is more at work here than meets the eye.   I was asked to kill these skeletons for artifact and seal parts, pick up crates from the fallen zepplin, learn about some lore, and kill players.   Most all of the content for the first two steps took place (for me) in the RvR Lake of T1.  This meant that Order had to come out and play.  I died A LOT out there but I had so much fun having to watch my back while doing PvE content in a highly contest RvR area.  It made for good exp, good renown, and good fun.

One step in particular had me chuckling to myself.   It required players to go to the Lyceum in IC and kill a mob.  However, it’s not instanced.   I thought it would be an all-out zerg on the mob but I was shocked when I rolled up to the place and saw a line — yes, a line!  I haven’t seen lines like this since 1999 while waiting for Jboot spawns or Guk Croc spawn.  It was bizarre and cool at the same time to see the community being so respectful of each other.  We had about 20-25 people lined up and it took about 15 minutes for me to move through.  People were socializing, telling jokes, and getting to know people they would otherwise have just glossed over.  Being level 10, a level 40 would never give me the time of day anywhere else but in this line people were roleplaying with me, telling me my breath smelled and all that good stuff.

I’m excited to see what it asks me to do next.  Tomorrow I’ll have to move on to Tier 2 since I’m a sliver from level 12 and I hope it’s as fun out there as it is in T1.   I’m expecting a lot of great lore (like we’ve had in days 1 and 2) and explanation (beyond what was given in the podcasts) to explain why we’re going to the Land of the Dead.  In a way, I’m also expecting the event to feel a lot like the event in WoW to open the gates on Ahn’Qiraj.  My guild opened it first on/for our server and the entire event (although a bit grindy up to and crashy/laggy when it opened) felt massive and united the server.  I think Rise of the Tomb Kings will do the same.   Pitting factions against eachother in a race for resources, and hopefully all via a big RvR clash, will be incentive and reward at the same time for unlocking first access to LotD.

It actually surprises me to say this… WAR is moving in a very, very good direction.  There is such a feeling of momentum in the air and player morale is very high.  The feeling in the air is almost a 180 from what I was sensing two months ago when all players could talk about was the lag and the horrible end-game.  Don’t be mislead though – there is still some lag and the end-game is still on the stale side, but it’s moving very quickly in a direction that will remedy all of that… at least we all hope.

My Choppa is coming along nicely.  I’m level 11 but I feel like I haven’t played much at all;  The reality is that I really haven’t.  I’ve done mostly scenarios and been able to avoid questing beyond the first two chapters.  Trying to complete this live event has really, really moved my exp bar and allowed for me to not focus on the leveling experience, but rather the experience of actually experiencing something!  Does that make sense?  Well, it should.   Although the live event is being done through mostly quests, the quests feel more like a journey.   If I had my way, there would be a live event going on constantly and the questing in the game would fade away forever.   (Tip:  Those of you looking to make MMO’s in the future, this is a decent way to keep the basic premise of a quest but make it feel like something more (Very similar to some of WoW’s phasing quests that were more about story than anything else)).

More to come after Day 3.

  • I’m shocked by the appearance of that line, haven’t seen anything like that. Players behaving respectfully to each other when they don’t have to. Normally there’s someone who can’t wait and has to steal the kill, although in this case they’d cop some abuse in regional chat.

    I’m looking forward to checking out the quests soon if they’re as good as you say they are.

  • T3 tonite had some of the best RvR ive had in the game. All because the skeletons and some of the other quest items were right outside a destro war camp :p But still it drew order together like never before.

  • A line? That’s awesome. Who knew Destruction had manners?

    It seems pretty similar to the higher Tier campaigns, although on the Order side we didn’t have anyone to kill in Aldorf.

    I’m really enjoying this event too. The one in May should be crazy though as we compete for a days access to the LotD.

  • Hey man I dig the blog but those way to attach ’em. Make em clickable, though, so we can see what you saw. Otherwise cool layout!


  • LOL, yeah I couldn’t believe there was a line-up on PT last night. I was slightly annoyed, but I made it through within 15 minutes or so. All the chatting and emoting kept me sane.

    Here’s my view (

    Almost rank 12, Keen? I don’t log on for a couple days and you’re already higher than my Shammy! Doh! I’ll have to jump into T2 to RvR with you even though I’m only 11.1ish atm. 🙂

  • I let my War account cancel on the 20th — now i want to come back , MY Kotbs is lvl 17 and Phoenix Throne is such a good server , Now I my be able to skin yah Greenskin .. :). I guess i need to reupp .

  • Speaking of those who are talking of reupping … Mythic is giving people who invite 6 people back to the game (or new people who haven’t yet tried WAR) a griffon mount. Talk about bribery since the mount looks like the coolest in WAR yet… I can see people practically bribing people to come back so they can get it. lol

  • It is always interesting what happens in an MMO when events like this occur. It’s pretty cool to see how the social dynamics change when something new, like this event npc is introduced to a setting where there really are no rules.

    Nothing is stopping anyone from just jumping the line and tagging the mob before someone else gets to it, but the spontaneous outbreak of organization, and the camaraderie that comes from it really is something to see.

    Nice anecdote overall.

  • WAR was fun when the Choppa first came out but the “hitching” issue that has been in the game since launch was still there so it made playing a headacke. If Mythic would fix the game rather then adding content they would gain more long term customers, rather than luring some back for short periods of time.