Gone Red

I call this one: The Butcher of Aldan Enak... scared yet? Grrr!
I call this one: The Butcher of Aldan Enak... scared yet? Grrr!

In Darkfall!

I finally took the plunge and burned through my enormous surplus of faction.  I was somewhere over +50 and dropped down to -40 something in just an hour or two.  I was sitting around PvEing for mobs and I had to stop and ask myself what the heck I was doing.  This -  is – Darkfall!  I don’t need to sit around and farm mobs… I can let someone else do that and then take it from them.  Some guildies came along (okay, 10 of them) and we butchered everyone we saw.  The haul for the day was a couple mounts, lots of chain/leather/banded, and a couple hundred gold.  Although it was dispersed amongst many people and the individual haul was low, the fun was in surplus.

I’m red now.  It’s a different feeling… I don’t worry about the faction anymore.  I haven’t been to a town in over a week anyway so going red doesn’t prohibit me from doing anything.    Total freedom.  If someone is in our hunting spot then we kill them.  If someone looks at us funny then we kill them.   I’ve even begun to dress my character up in outfits that look nice (but aren’t necessarily the best) and roleplaying different persona’s .  I was wearing studded armor and a troll lord plate helm because it looked neat.   I won’t go in to details about armor being almost worthless right now, but it is.

The PvP has been pretty heated lately.  The Hyperion alliance (which we have found ourselves apart of) is growing bigger every day.  The problem is that it’s growing too quickly and it’s not being managed properly at the top.   A dozen (at least, last I counted) clans are all in this alliance but half of them don’t know the other half exist.  This leads to clans killing other clans who are allegedly their allies.  This one French clan decided to attack us and kill some members.  First time is fine .  Heck, they can keep the stuff because mistakes happen (We make them too).  Second time… okay, they’re imbeciles.  Third time…  If you’re reading this, you need to watch your backs. :)    Obviously the lines of who are and who aren’t allies are beginning to gray.  I give it a few days before this “French Alliance” finds themselves naked and based out of Sanguine instead of their city.

Yeah, Darkfall is cool.

  • My boyfriend loves Darkfall, he pwns, blah-blah-blah.

    However, I am getting really sick of hearing him yell ridiculous names into his microphone. Is there any way you can write up a blog about naming your character, and how beginning every name with “Mc” is getting real old?

    McPwn, McFace, McNoob, McBoob, Mc-whatever.

    Stop the madness!


    P.S. The annoyance level that these names create are interfering with my enjoyment of playing Oblivion on the couch next to him. I’m sure you understand.

    P.P.S. Also, maybe something about proper war-cry’s? Arnold impressions only go so far.

  • Heh I’m replaying oblivion too, darkfall without all the frustration and clientside issues.

  • Seems you have entered the final stage of boredom: The game is boring as hell, let’s do even more of the monotonous PvP, this will keep us entertained for a few more days.

    Counting down to read soon about Darkfall being unfair, the “feeling” getting lost, pointing out fatal flaws in game design and so on.

  • “A dozen (at least, last I counted) clans are all in this alliance but half of them don’t know the other half exist.”

    Is there an Alliance-wide automatic blue list system administered by an alliance diplomat using a game tool? Or does the game require individual clans set blue/reds themselves?

  • I feel like this problem could be solved easily just by color coding the clan name when you mouse over target someone, Green for allies, red for at war, blue for neutral, gray for wary etc. This would actually give incentive for clan leaders to keep those lists updated because all it would take is allying the clans for the message to be sent out to all of the members involved. As it stands, if my clan allies with another clan, unless I was online to pee my pants when that humongous red thing filled up my screen (still waiting for a clan to exploit that), there is really no way for me to know about it without being told.

  • Glad to hear you’re having fun, but I can’t help but think this is a reaction to you going off of Darkfall? 🙁

  • “McPwn, McFace, McNoob, McBoob, Mc-whatever.

    Stop the madness!



    on a second note, who wants to hunt frog?

  • @Longasc

    /agreed, to some extent. Fortunately, it’s a game and not a job. So if you’re not having fun, you don’t have to play. Plus, there’s very little “get to level 70 so you can play with us” mentality, so it doesn’t feel like I’m gyping myself if I get offline for awhile. I’m also looking forward to AV adding new features that will spice things up.

    In general, PvP is more interesting for longer than PvE. There’s only so many times you can topple The Avatar of War (or whoever your boss was) before it is obvious you can do it (that would be 1, by the way). But in PvP, its a new battle everytime.


    I’m in for some frog legs

  • Hehe, Keen goes off the deep end? 😛

    Naaaw. From what I hear of the reputation system, it just seems ripe for exploitation. Rep is fairly meaningless when you can swing from +50 to -50 in a day and then back to +50 in another day.

    The only drawback would be people keeping personal grudge lists, which technically could happen but since Darkfall seems to reward the zergiest alliance, you’re protected if you have enough friends around.

    If anything, I think Keen just went off the “nice end.” There’s no real benefit to playing Mr. Nice Guy, is there?

  • I can see how some people would see going red as taking the first steps towards not playing Darkfall, but actually it’s more of a lateral step. It’s a transition from a more conservative pvp style that I usually play to putting all my cards on the table and seeing what it gets me.

  • Can you not capture enemy cities in DF? Or can you only “raid” them.

    There seems to be something missing from the end game.

  • @Pierre

    Raiding = running amok and killing their guys
    “Capture” = sieging, a more serious & costly endeavour

    You can capture enemy cities, but its not something you decide to do 10 minutes before you do it. There’s quite a bit of in-game mechanics involved.

    However, there does seem to be something missing from the “end game” — not sure what though, tbh.