Catching Up

I’ve gotten pretty behind on a lot of things lately and really need to catch up.  Not only on several games I’m playing but also in Dark Fall.


I was out about a week and have only been able to pick the game up recently, so my time with it pales in comparison to my brother’s.  To be honest, I’d say I’m probably jaded these days when it comes to MMORPGs.  I’ve been playing them along with my brother since I was a little boy and I’ve probably gotten a little sick of them with each new iteration.  Fortunately for me, Dark Fall seems to be a gigantic step backwards, and I don’t mean that in a negative way.  The game feels very much like a throwback to older titles and it feels refreshing to see something so different than what is available today.

However with the good comes the bad, right?  In my short time I haven’t encountered any noticeable bugs, but I’m sure others have.  The game doesn’t look horrible, but it’s not exactly pretty either.  For the most part the graphics are fine, but  most of the animations are awkward and you almost feel embarrassed when you see them.  This type of thing doesn’t really bother me as I’m used to playing some pretty bad looking games, but it could be a turnoff for a lot of people.  And the UI is kind of odd.  I really don’t like the game’s quest/guild/whatever menus.  They seem to load like webpages and it just bothers me.

I can’t give much of an impression of the game yet, but I’d really like to once I can sink my teeth in.  It might be slightly interesting to some people when I do, as I plan to make crafting my priority in game in contrast to my brother’s more combat oriented experience.

What I’m currently playing

Right now I’m in the middle of a few games and I’ll make sure to point them out.

KILLZONE 2 – I made some initial impressions about this game and I still think it is spectacular.  I’m probably halfway through the single-player experience right now and really love it.  Hopefully I can make it to the online section soon.

HALO WARS – I really liked the demo for this game and decided to pick it up.  I’d usually be among the people saying RTS games don’t work on consoles, but this really seems to.  The controls are comfortable and the game was designed to be played on a console.  It’s not a PC port.  I’ve only put in limited time on this one, so I’ll have to get back to you.

STREET FIGHTER IV – I was in the middle of writing an impressions post on this before I was indisposed, but I must say I really like it.  I’ve always been a sucker for fighting games even if I’ve never been very good at them and this game is no exception.  I really appreciate how it is strictly two-dimensional gameplay in contrast to most fighters these days; Strafing and walking around your opponent always made me dizzy and confused.  I really hope I can get good at this game.  Right now I’m a little scared of poking into the online component because I know I’ll just get wrecked.

Things I’m looking forward to

These are games that I really have an interest in:

RESIDENT EVIL 5 – This should be a great game.  It comes out Friday or something like that.  The demo was good fun and the rest of the game should be as well.  I still believe Dead Space has better controls, though.

CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: ASSAULT ON DARK ATHENA – I think this looks great and I really liked the demo, too.  I thought the movies were fun to watch and figured the games should be good, too.  I don’t believe I owned an XBOX back when Escape from Butcher Bay was released, but it was heralded all over as being an exceptional title.  Fortunately for those who haven’t played Butcher Bay, a remake of it is included in Dark Athena.  Aside from that, the multiplayer component looks pretty sweet.

SACRED 2: FALLEN ANGEL – I love isometric RPGs and I probably wouldn’t have picked up the PC version of this, but lucky for me it’s coming to consoles.  Now normally I have a policy of not going late into a series unless I’ve played the prior games, but I think I can make an exception this time seeing as it’s a prequel taking place 2000 or so years before the first game.  I think I should be safe.

  • Nice selection of games you’ve been playing there. The original escape from butcher bay was a very fun game and I can’t wait for this new remake/sequel. Totally agree on the RE5 controls. All these years and they STILL haven’t realized that it is possible and realistic to allow someone to aim and at least walk at the same time. Don’t even get me started on the AI partner you get if you don’t have a friend to play the game with, let’s just say if I could kill her and play alone I would lol. You should check out Tom Clancy’s HAWKS demo if you get a chance. It’s pretty interesting and I found it entertaining.

    As for Darkfall I agree with most all what you said. My only gripes are mainly wonky UI and lack of an auction house. Sorry I’m spoiled, and yes I did play games like EQ when there was no auction house. But seriously the world is so big and travel takes so long combined with the non zoomable map makes finding places kinda hard and tedious. There was a reason all these games decided to put auction houses in their games. The inclusion of one would have been much appreciated by myself and many others I’m sure. Anyways catch ya in game if this queue ever lets me in lol.

  • Nice write up and good to see your wide selection of games being played. Since my son pretty much stole the 360 I’ve been stuck to the PC. All the MMOs out there have really burnt me out and I needed to get back into more fun.

    Recently I got my ‘own’ 360 and have been drawn back into some of the great games out there. Will be giving Halo Wars a play after my son is done with it. Street Fighter was a blast to play but, like you, the online play scares me with the pros out there. Gears 2, Horde, with friends is always a blast. Also enjoying an old game I picked up in a discount bin, Conan. Bioshock has lived up to its reputation and I’ve barely started.

    As for Darkfall…I was looking forward to it and the launch just killed me and doubt I will end up even giving it a chance. Sorry PC, back to the console for awhile. Waiting for Star Wars: The Old Republic to stir me some more and StarGate Worlds to pop its beta-head back up again.

  • Salbos, you should not dismiss Darkfall, it’s becoming the most immersive experience I’ve had in an MMO since I originally played EQ.

    I truly thought I would never be able to experience the sense of exploration, immersion and connection to my character that I experienced originally in eq, but I’m glad to say it’s happening all over again.

  • Glad to hear you’re ok. Doesn’t sound like it was a very good time.

    Also, wanted to thank you and Keen for the DarkFall impressions. Finally got in the game and am loving it. I knew this was going to be good when 10 sec after me leaving the starter town for the very first time….Wooooooosh….arrow in my back, LOL.

    If you see a guy named Howdy Doody, don’t gank me! ahahhaha

  • “But seriously the world is so big and travel takes so long combined with the non zoomable map makes finding places kinda hard and tedious.”

    Far as I know, this was intentional to create real economies. Thus you could be a merchant, buy goods low in one area, transport them via caravan to another area (where they’re in demand), and sell them at a higher price.

    “The game doesn’t look horrible, but it’s not exactly pretty either.”

    Hopefully they’ll take a path similar to CCP with EVE and continually improve the quality of the game over time. For now, I guess the question is “Are these issues minor annoyances or game stoppers?” If it’s a minor annoyance with a minor feature used once in a while, no biggie. If it’s a primary feature that is used quite frequently, ya they should address as quickly as possible.

    BTW Keen, be interested in your viewpoint on the latest State of the Game speech by Mark Jacobs. Still “too little, too late” from my perspective. I honestly don’t think they’ll achieve the game I expected at launch for another six months to a year.

  • You’re going to love KZ2 even more after you really get into the online mode. The campaign is also top notch, even if the story is kinda shallow.

    IMO it’s better online than CoD4.

  • It seems like this March 11th update, the darkfall part of it, was prior to all your recent Darkfall impressions, or am I wrong? I’ve really liked all your Darkfall segments, but then it seems like that small darkfall paragraph for March 11th was like that was your feelings before really playing it. Or did you opinion of the game change in the last couple days?

    I managed to get an account on Monday, and have to say so far I am loving it. Only played maybe 7-8 hours total, but I haven’t had an MMO feel this way since my first couple years of UO.

    WTB less queueing time though haha.