Darkfall Video: Brief Mounted Combat, PvE, and PvP

I made a quick video to showcase some mounted combat, exploration, PvP, PvE, and some other goodies.  Watch it in HD.  I’ll be making more with audio commentary later to include crafting and more details about the game.  For now, this doubles as a clan recruitment video and a sneak peak.  Double click the video to make it bigger on youtube.


  • FYI for blog readers: I have been trying to get in since launch. Today I got all the way through the ordering process, then after the painful loading page, it said transaction failed. Yep… So I called my credit card company and they blocked the charge thinking it was fraud 🙁 So now its unblocked incase I get lucky enough to get in tomorrow. Thanks Chase VISA!!! I didn’t want to play Darkfall today anyways….

  • You can’t use mounts in water in an MMO, what craziness is this!

    Nice vid Keen. Hopefully when you get more footage overall, you can go back and put in more clips, to pick the pace up. Great start though.

  • keen some company needs to hire you and pay you lots of monies. you sure have a knack for making people want to play games they had no intention of looking at.

  • That would sure be nice, I admit. My current major that I’m working towards is Business with emphasis in Marketing. Dream job = gaming marketing.

  • “Excellent video, but it still doesn’t do the in game graphics justice.”

    Ya I was wondering if the video palette had been optimized and reduced for playback because certain things, like the water, didn’t look that great in the video. Vegetation and shadows looked great though and even the character textures looked pretty good. Thought there was a little too much shine on the armor though.

    Most animations seemed pretty decent as well, except a few like running on foot didn’t look that great (at least from what I saw in the video). Horse animations and models seemed really nice though.

    Regarding horses and mounted combat, do you do more damage the faster your moving? So if I gain speed and charge an opponent then swipe at them, does it do more dmg rather than just circling them slowing and hitting them? I guess the obvious question is why not fight mounted all the time when outdoors? What’s the benefit of being on foot?

  • Darkfall might be entertaining for small ganks…but wait until you get into large battles with city seiges. In large raids it’s hard to tell who the enemy is, and chances are you’ll be killing your friends because the ‘leet’ players run in circles.

  • “…chances are you’ll be killing your friends because the ‘leet’ players run in circles.”

    The US Military is now teaching circle strafing to all of their soldiers for ground combat. In addition, to avoid long range enemy fire, troops are being taught how to jump repeatedly while running. 🙂

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  • To anyone who has played the game Mount and Blade, is the melee combat in Darkfall similar to that? If it is, I am so buying this game.

  • got it today also 🙂 getting used to the controls… a bit weird, but I think I will like them once I get them down. If anyone is ingame, send me a message. Made an elf named Alimony Victim
    See you guys!

  • Havnt got a copy here, but when I do I will give a shout, my only gripe is some of the running/attacking animations looked a bit wonky.