Darkfall Impressions Part 4: I died

Before death at the Man-at-arms fort
Before death at the Man-at-arms fort

It had to happen sooner or later.  I died in Darkfall.  Some of you may not even know what happens in Darkfall when you die, and I think it’s important that you really take to heart what I’m going to tell you if you’re still on the fence about the game.  When you die in this game, you leave behind a grave.  The person who killed you, or anyone who comes upon that grave, can loot everything you had on you; all of your money, all of your armor, all of your food, your mount… if it’s on you, it’s gone.  It’s tough to come to terms with what that really means and what it really does to the gameplay, until you’ve experienced it.

I died twice yesterday.

The first death came when I was hunting Man-at-Arms at their little fort about 5 minutes run south of Sandbrook.  There was four of us there and we were having pretty good success looting weapons and armor that were all complete upgrades.  I found three pieces of banded armor, a really nice 2h axe, and everyone else had upgrades as well.  We were on top of the world at this point.

Then it happened.  We got one too many mobs and we were really close to death.  It was then that the Alfar made their move.  Three of them came up to us and finished us off without any trouble.  We couldn’t fight back because we had no stamina and our HP was about 20%.  They took all that we had.   On top of it all I was a complete fool and had my mount on me at the time.  I should have left it in the bank because I wasn’t even using it.

We all spawned back at the newbie town and had to reequip with the backup sets of armor that we banked.  This is crucial! You must have backup gear!  With this backup gear we headed back to fight these three Alfar fairly.  Full HP to full HP.  We wanted revenge.  When we arrived back at the spawn we saw 10+ Alfar all on mounts.  They saw us.  Bloodcurdling screams ensued (I didn’t know Vryn’s voice went that high…) and we turned around and started running as fast as we could using all of our stamina.  They chased us and ran us down.  It was actually sorta cool… The Alfar killed us without ever leaving their mounts.  Mounted combat is in the game and they used it to keep up with us and swing at us knocking out heads off.

After death... don't laugh.
After death... don't laugh.

We died and lost it all again.

The weird part about it all is that I’m not even upset like I thought I would be.  I’m upset from a pseudo-roleplay perspective in that I want nothing more than to kill every Alfar I see in retaliation – but I’m not upset out of the game.  Death is part of Darkfall.  It’s going to happen, and it’s going to happen a lot.  Use every death as a learning experience.  I learned the hard way to pay closer attention to my inventory.  I learned that it’s not worth going back for revenge.  I learned that I should never allow myself to get into a situation where mobs can take me so low that I can be so easily killed.

After the deaths I was a little discouraged because I lost my armor that looked like rusty plate.  I had no pants and a leather tunic on (I looked rather funny) but I had 250G in the bank.  This was more than enough to answer the ad of a crafter selling full chain gear for 75G a set.  Within 20 minutes of losing everything twice I was in better gear than I lost.  A clanmate (Roarke) who is going pure crafter put a Dwarven Zwiehander in the bank for me.   Your luck can change in Darkfall very quickly.

This death penalty alters gameplay drastically.  Some will see this change as positive and some negative depending on how they view full loot, but neither side can deny the elements of gameplay a death penatly like this will bring.  It impacts every decision you make.  Do you go out alone or with a group?  Do you chase someone or not?  Should you go plate armor or cloth?  Should you use your best stuff all the time or save it for special events?   These questions and hundreds more are just a glimpse at the decisions players will be faced with making in Darkfall that the full loot penalty impacts.

If full loot is something you can’t stand, or can’t fathom being able to cope with, then Darkfall is probably a game you should skip over.  If it sounds scary to you, and you’re worried about losing your gear, but you might be able to cope with it, then I encourage you to at least give it a try.  I enjoy how scared I get when I see the enemy.  I enjoy the importance that it places upon everything I do.  I win sometimes and I lose sometimes, but I’m having fun all the time.

(The quality in these screenshots is horrible.  FRAPS butchers the quality for some reason.  I’ve taken some video and I’ll take more screens today to show you guys the game.)

  • The problem I have with this is– either the explanations have been that the dying player doesn’t lose anything overly valuable or essential (every description I’ve read has been “but I have lots of gold to buy again”)– or it’s a complete loss, starting over from scratch.

    I guess it’s supposed to go with the ‘extreme’ nature of the game. The dying and getting looted doesn’t throw me back as much as the anyone-can-loot-anything loot rules.

    I dunno about can’t stand, or can’t cope with. I’m more trying to fathom how long it’d take before it gets tedious.

  • Might take some getting used to. I have already seen in the forums that people are getting tired of the ‘tediousness’ of being naked, which means lots of naked lootless people are probably running around often.

  • Oh hey, one question for you Keen– my letdown with WAR and open PvP in general has been the lack of anti-zerg mechanics.

    How much of Darkfall so far has been zerging? Safety in numbers and all that, but basically no-hope 2 versus 10+ situations?

    That would affect my enjoyment far more than the FFA looting.

  • I think this is the best review yet of DF. It really sums up kinda how I feel. DF makes you “think” and you have so many questions and situations that you can be in it’s wonderful.

    I can never remember a game I played where I was literally scared to go outside of my safe HAVEN 😉 Honestly I am terrified of going outside of my starter town with any relevant gear. However I’m sure I will go out soon and F5 someone in the face.

  • Reminds me of Eve and the feelings i got in every pvp situation. The adrenaline rush of victory and the dread of loss. The motto in Eve was always never fly with equipment yo9u cant afford to lose and sounds like it should be the same in Darkfall. I may have to give it a try to bring back that rush of good real and meaningful Pvp and player made politics!

  • Thanks for the updates. Another question I’d like to know is how important the gear is in relation to character skill and player skill. I think in WoW and LOTRO, gear very strongly determines your survivability. If, on the other hand, Darkfall gear is more of a supplement than a necessity, the loss might not be so hard to take.

  • I remember arguing with people on the Warhammer board about the need of harsher death penalties in MMORPGs in which you participated. Death penalties are a funny animal…they are kind of like taxes…(in a loose sense)…you can ask most people if they would personally like to pay more or any taxes and most people will just say NOOOO – Are you nuts?…but there is a point to taxes and they may be necessary “for the greater good.” (in a very loose sense – dont get bogged down in the tax money wasted etc.)

    Nobody wants to loose more in death and be screwed over and nobody wants to have those death penalties if asked about it. Devs need to just put them in and tell people to deal with it – these are a necessary element and add a lot to games.

  • the being looted isn’t what bothers me.
    from what i’ve seen goblins drop basic gear, and that will keep you alive in the noobie areas.

    be lucky you even have a copy of the game 😛

    your blog has convinced me of buying it.
    wont be for another week or so im afraid.

    what server is your clan on?

  • @Rog: I have not come across any “zergs” in Darkfall yet. I’m sure it will happen – in fact I’m positive it will happen eventually. That said, I’ve seen movies where 6 people hold off 20. If you have the organization and skill you CAN outplay your opponent in Darkfall. It has 10x the twitch of the WoW model.

    @Romble: Yeah, it’s pretty much exactly like eve. You shouldn’t go out hunting or pvping with something you can’t afford to lose.

    @Shillelagh: Gear matters, but it’s easy to come by so far. Newbie weapons vs. “rank 20” weapons (rank being a way the item strength is identified) will be obvious. But your skill with the type of weapon you’re using and how well you control your character make up at least 50% of your overall effectiveness. I feel gear is more supplemental than necessity.

    @Mcface: We’re on the only server (EU-1).

  • Honestly, game will fail. In the days of WoW there’s no room for this much of a “hardcore” game out there. Those people already play EvE Online.

  • Hilarious writeup. Poor Vryn :(.

    It is an interesting twist for those who haven’t experienced full loot in a game. I think a lot of folks associate that as being hardcore, but if it’s really so easy to get geared up again then it’s not such a big deal. I imagine it’s demoralizing at first, but it probably becomes much less of a big deal as time goes on and you have easier access to gear due to crafters etc.

  • I played UO before trammel. I remember running out of town to hunt orks. This red named guy runs up to me and kills me. He takes my stuff and I go BOOOoooOOO since I’m a ghost. I go to the bank and put on more armor I made, and run outside. Boom dead. I did that a few times before I decided to call it a night. I lasted a year in that game before Trammel came out. Played 3 months and then gave up; just seemed so easy after the pains of full pvp, full loot. I would like to play this game just to get that feeling back. Crafting mattered, thinking about how you played mattered. Don’t get me wrong I love games like WaR and WoW but sometimes you just need something different. I do wish that I could buy the game, but they are sold out. Oh well…

  • Once interesting difference between EVE’s death penalty and DF’s is that, yes, EVE has full loot (the pilot leaves his whole ship contents behind on the field), but the process is negative-sum. The ship hull is destroyed, and there’s only a 50% chance of each module / cargo item in the ship surviving. Of course, a Pilot’s bank-balance is electronic, and there’s no physical ISK onboard to drop with the ship, and there’s basic insurance that covers some of the hull-cost of basic ship types…

    But, EVE’s combat activity create economic demand – which gives the combat-averse majority something to do. Darkfall seems to depend on item wear to do that – is that right, Keen? How fast do you find your key items (swords, armour, mount, etc) wear out?

    The immediate impact of DF’s zero-sum looting is that it’s there’s less mandatory not-pvp than there might otherwise be. If a character loses something, they can take replacements from an enemy, possibly making a net profit in the process if they manage risk well. In EVE all pilots need to make their ISK from somewhere – profitable piracy is a fine art.

  • Great write up, ‘Medieval/Fantasy version of Eve Online, with action based combat’ is exactly what I’m after. I can only hope it’s playable from Australia.

  • You think there will be an issue of people that have had the week head start coming over to the newb areas and raising hell on the brand new players??

  • stomp…. not sure where I found it on the forums, But a bunch of aussies started some thread with a link on it. Whatever this link did, it really helped improve Ping and downloading? There were at least 15 aussies thanking the original posters so hopefully u can dig that up. Good luck mate’

  • Woke up a bit fed up this morning, but that review gave me more hunger to get a copy of this frakking game. :oP

    The fact that this is PvP with really harsh consequences for each and every player is brilliant in my view. Quite right, you HAVE to THINK every single time you head out.

    Any chance of a blog covering economy/banking/auctions to a degree at some point Keen? Is the bank/auction house system global or, as I really want it, just a regional thing?

    Also, a PvP related question…

    Although I plan on finding a guild, are many people successfully making a living by solo ambushing and generally hit-and-run skirmishing?

  • the system in this game like full loot and all looks great, but graphically its horrible, and its not because of screenshot quality
    i know that graphics are not all, but hey, playing game with repulsive graphics is just crazy, especially when HW req. are fairly high

  • I like the style of the village in the woods. Too bad they looted your rusty armor, then it would have looked even more awesome.

    Post some more screenshots please! I am in doubt about Darkfall, give me some gameplay screenshots. 🙂

  • ZOMFGAHZDBNLAK stompfoot’s from Australia yay! um…
    there was somthing else i was soppose.. o yer nice write up keen.

  • Based on Keen’s writeups and from what I’ve heard from other guildies (Xen of Onslaught) I decided I should at least give the game the benefit of a doubt. I was lucky enough to snag a copy last night and quite literally couldn’t put it down.

    I have to thank Keen for his spot on reviews and his ability to really capure the feeling you get as you play.

  • I don’t mind dying and losing stuff. What I do not like is the time/effort it can take to get ready to go fight again. In Eve, the worst part of dying is going to get all the stuff to fit your ship again (to me anyways).

  • Keen ok got a few quick ones for ya. 1. can you talk a lil about crafting? I know u r not a crafter but have to know someone who is. 2. Can u list the prestige class i only know of 2 pally & drood . thx

  • Few questions

    1. what happens if you pull the plug? (how long is the log out, do you keep running?)
    2. what happens when you log out in the middle of nowhere (can you use second account as a “field mule/bank”)
    3. what sort of CC does this game have?
    4. Can you destroy items?
    5. Are there any teleportation/escape spells/items?

    BTW I think nothing is wrogn with going back for revenge, just got be smart about it probably. Need mounts and you probably want to scout out the palce naked first

  • Keen did you notice what clan the Alfar were in?

    Just curious because I’m Alfar and wonder if it were some of my guys that got you haha.

  • Dude, you didn’t die, you got pwned.

    Pwned, by someone that had more skill than you.

    And you mean to tell me that even though you got ninja’d in WoW and wrote a furious post about it, you want me to believe that a player like you isn’t upset at all by getting pwned and ripped off by someone?

    C’mon man, there is no shame, and no one will make fun of you (if they do, they are docuhy 15 year olds) if you go “…that sucks, really bad.” See, that’s normal human emotion. Especially if you HAVE that emotion, then it is normal for you. I wouldn’t be upset, myself, but then again I am not the type to post a rant about ninja looting, either.

    I understand that you don’t want to lose face or something, but c’mon.


  • Beau Beau Beau.

    You should really check this game out. I know that Leala doesn’t get it(so she stated repeatedly during your podcast), but I don’t get the fascination with running the same damn raid over and over again just to get that pretty dress. Seriously, check this game out Beau. I think you’ll enjoy it.

  • How expensive are mounts in the game just out of curiosity? You replaced your gear easy enough but is the mount that easy too?

  • Oh, I have always said from the beginning that I am planning on getting it. After all, I have tried every game for the last 10 years, I kid you not! lol
    My point in my comments is

    a) To give these guys a hard time, they can take it.
    b) To point out to the players that are reading and playing, or planning on playing, that “aggravating” doesn’t mean “hardcore.”

    Hardcore needs to be retired. It always has and always will sound cheesy. Essentially, hardcore can be applied to anyone that goes above and beyond a game or it’s community: a podcaster that keeps it up for years, a role-player obsessed with lore, a raider that you know, raids (which, by the way, my wife does not do to the point of obsession, trust me. She has a very balanced gaming diet.)

    Just playing Darkfall does not make you instantly hardcore, and neither does admitting that getting your stuff taken by some 20 sumthin’ is annoying.

    Getting annoyed does not make you less hardcore.

    I want players to just play the game/games and be honest about it. So many of them just get bored (as I expect these guys to) and then later blame the game for not being as attractive as when they first met it.

    The OP proves my point by mildly driving home the point of “back-up gear” meaning that once you make that mistake and DO actually lose (oops, sorry internet, I meant LOOSE) everything, you are going to be (you guessed it) upset.

    That’s why pvp sucks. It is nothing but players learning how to do something very quick while losing very little. A guy runs up and you are dead, or you run up and hit a macro and kill the guy.

    That is as far from hardcore as it gets. That’s an FPS.


  • @Beau
    The more I read your posts, on your own and various blogs, the more choadly you sound. Who gives a rat’s ass whether Keen is more upset than he lets on, or if someone uses the word “hardcore”?

  • Are there any penalties to the players that jumped you while so low on health?

    I remember in UO potential PKs also had to think about the ramifications of their actions. Not only could they loose all their stuff if got killed while PKing, but too many “murders” and they would be permanently red and branded a murderer. I think that system kept rampant PKing and murdering in check in that game.

  • All in all, I’m even more enticed by the game. It definitely is an MMO where you seriously have to use your noggin (brain) and not take things for granted like in so many other MMOs.

    Quick question. Does the armor you’re wearing and the amount of items you’re carrying in your inventory affect your run speed? Be cool if it did. As a scout on horseback could easily get in and out without issues.

    “I’ve seen movies where 6 people hold off 20.”

    Terrain probably means a lot. Like a few people holding off many at a choke point or pass.

    “But your skill with the type of weapon you’re using and how well you control your character make up at least 50% of your overall effectiveness.”

    Exactly what I’m looking for.

    “What I do not like is the time/effort it can take to get ready to go fight again.”

    In my opinion this is a good thing especially when you considering conquests and wars. No longer can you repeatedly attack an enemy as there is now a significant cost to doing so. In effect, I’m sure you’ll see large scale wars occurring with significant down time in between as nations lick their wounds and recover for the next onslaught.

    “Hardcore needs to be retired. It always has and always will sound cheesy.”

    Hardcore to me means a game with a large initial learning curve to it. For example, a FPS like Quake 3 where you’ll die in 5 seconds of spawning if you’re not good or a WWII flight sim like Warbirds where you really need to know the ins and outs of flight dynamics to effectively play the game. To a degree, I’d even say WoW end-game raiding is hardcore (although not the raids in WotLK as those are fairly easy), while the WoW PVE game leveling up is not.

  • Agree with you Nollind, about requiring you to use your brain. You actually have to think about what to do, rather than simply just repeating a set pattern of moves to down a mob (in games like WoW). Sure, in WoW, you might adjust your pattern a bit depending on what you’re fighting, but it’s not going to be a massive change. 1-2-1-1-3-2 rather than 1-2-1-1-1-2 or w/e.

    Having no set RIGHT and WRONG way of doing things is attractive to me. It’s more about juding the BEST solution given your current situation. Can’t wait to get my hands on this game!

  • @Beau

    My core has gotten substantially harder from every single minute that I’ve played in Darkfall… I completely agree with your take on the word “hardcore”. I think the word is ridiculously over used. I don’t consider myself “hardcore” for playing Darkfall.

    I am loving the game because of the immersion i.e. sense of danger and lack of restriction for exploring and grouping with friends. In your podcast #69 (teehee), you mentioned something about a 34 year old not wanting to be surrounded by all the kiddies in the game. I agree with you. I am 34, and have chosen to stick with a guild that has mature players in it.

    I was with Keen on the occasion that he was ninja looted in WoW. I also play Vryn in Darkfall, so I was with him when we got rolled (pwned) by the group of Alfar. The difference between the 2 games is that when you win a loot roll in WoW, the master looter should give you the gear. This guy did not, but proceeded to lie to Keen about the issue being a bug. Darkfall, on the other hand, is a game that when you get “pwned”, you get your stuff taken, so it’s par for the course. Trust me, if WoW had full loot, we would have jacked that bastard ninja looter and taken what was rightfully ours.

    I hope you consider joining us in Darkfall, Beau. We really do have a great bunch of mature players. I highly recommend finding a good group of players to join, because soloing is very tough in this game.

    I was just out soloing a goblin camp near the Mirdain (elf) capital city. You do not want to take on 4 goblins at a time, trust me. I found that using crouch to sneak up on the goblins was very effective, just as long as you stay out of their line of sight. I ambushed them from behind. (note: there are no random critical hits in the game; hitting someone in the back will do double damage) If you just waltz right up to an npcs camp, they will see/hear you coming from a mile away. They will rally their troops and start casting/shooting arrows at you before you have a chance to react. I received a phone call, so I put Vryn next to a tree and went afk for about 5 minutes. I came back to find myself naked at my bindstone. I lost all of the loot that I had gathered from the 8 goblins. My log showed that I had been killed and ganked. But I can take it.

  • Personally, it’s all about checks and balances…

    One day, you might have a bad losing streak where you get killed a few times, and lose all your gear and loot.

    The next day, you might be the fortunate one and score a bunch of free gear off a recent victim.

    As long as your kills are greater than your deaths, you will slowly accumulate a bunch of loot.

  • I have to agree with Rog on this one – it just sounds, *to me* like EVE, in that everything feels like a chore to get more stuff, and to replace it when you lose it. That doesn’t feel like any sort of ‘ramification’ or realistic death penalty to me, it’s just another tedious grind. Again tho, that’s a matter of how I feel about it, not of game design.

    Having said that, I’m very happy for all the folks who enjoy this sort of game. I think it’s absolutely fantastic that a full loot PvP virtual world is available for people who want it. I’m also really happy that DF seems to be turning out to be a solid game that will hopefully be around for a long time. But it’s just not appealing to me.

    I hope the following isn’t taken as trolling – I’m just trying to provide an explanation of why something like DF isn’t appealing to me and players like me.

    A lot of people use “FPS” or WoW arena as a slur around here; used as shorthand to mean “shallow” or “Pick up and play” – lacking immersion, basically. But I play games like TF2 and WoW in order to test my ability at that game against others, not to develop a character or immerse myself in a virtual world.

    To me, there is much more meaning, a bigger adrenalin rush, in losing an evenly matched arena-based (FPS or RPG) battle than there is in losing in-game loot or money. My ability to play well is a matter of pride; virtual items and character levels/skills just aren’t important to me – they’re a byproduct I have to deal with in order to play on an even footing with others.

    But anyway, enough about me – I really wish the best of luck to everyone who’s enjoying DF so far. I never liked playing EvE, but I always loved reading the pirate reports, and so far DF is shaping up the same way; I look forward to reading some more of these great stories. Maybe some day I’ll even give the game a try, who knows?

  • yep, just spent 35 minutes refreshing that @#)*#@$)(#*$ order site. Was actually able to put in my CvC code, click BUY and then it timed out again and again… so Did Anyone get in today????

  • Oh and, if you play this game like you are playing wow (to collect leet epix) you will be bored. Because you will be chasing gear ALL the time.

    Play the game to PLAY it, the gear shouldn’t be your primary concern.

  • “Trust me, if WoW had full loot, we would have jacked that bastard ninja looter and taken what was rightfully ours.”

    Hehe, love it! Never thought of it like that. Sounds like Darkfall has a lot of possibilities for espionage within the game (similar to EVE). Hmm, Keen, you better watch your back cuz one day you’ll find out Wickidd is an enemy spy and he’ll take your guild for all it’s worth! Hehe, just kidding! 🙂

    “Personally, it’s all about checks and balances…”

    To me it’s more about the experience which I think kind of relates to what you’re talking about. Without lows you won’t get the highs. If everything is easy then nothing really is hard, yet challenges are necessary to keep you interested. You need elements within the game that relay loss, sometimes cruelly at times, to really experience the joys of incredible gains (i.e. conquering a city, etc). You’ll only enjoy and cherish them all the more, to the point that you’ll continually recount stories weeks and months later because the experiences were so unique (something that only a very few games have done for me over the years)

    “To me, there is much more meaning, a bigger adrenalin rush, in losing an evenly matched arena-based (FPS or RPG) battle than there is in losing in-game loot or money.”

    I know where you’re coming from Sisyphean but even FPS games aren’t truly “evenly matched” unless the player skill levels are matched. In effect, equal numbers does not mean evenly matched (even the Scenarios in WAR proved this). I mean I remember playing Counter-Strike one time where I was the last person alive on my team against six enemy opponents. I survived because they attacked me mainly individually, with the last three coming at me as a group although staggered slightly apart. Still when skills are equally matched and you fight tooth and nail, ya it’s hard to beat the experience even if you lose the match (as it was a worthy experience and the feeling of great teamwork is like a drug).

    I also know what you mean about EVE as well. There a ton of features about it that I love but it comes down to the lack of experience for me. Instead of pressing buttons to get my ship to do something (i.e. mine, combat, etc), I’d rather be in control like a FPS Wing Commander game. Rumours are that CCP might add planetary based combat similar to Halo (either in game or as a separate game). If they do, and it plays well, I could seriously see myself getting addicted to that because you get to do what you love (FPS combat), yet it exists within a greater universe.

  • Logan99

    Alfar aren’t aligned to anyone, so wouldn’t they never be in danger of going red to their guards?

  • IS crafting worth something? The only way crafting is worth something is 2 things

    1. items decay over time and eventually become unusable
    2. crafted items are on par or better than looted pve items or quests.

    If items dont decay then the economy will become flooded because they dont have bind on equip because of the whole loot your body thing.

    Is this the case in the game?

  • Items have durability, once the durability reaches 0, it is useless and cannot be repaired. Crafters make the best stuff in the game.

  • @Wickidd: how rapidly does durability decline during “normal” use? Does the effectiveness of an item decline with its durability, or does it just suddenly become unusable?

  • Hate to ask, but where do I purchase this game online to download it? I checked the Darkfall Online website but there was no easily visible “purchase this game online now!”, do I have to visit a store?

    Figured might as well check it out, it seems interesting enough.

  • Durability declines slowly. For example; using an axe to chop wood will give you a message in your log indicating that your axe lost durability. When you mouse over your axe it will show you the stats on it. The stat “Durability” will show something like 45.678 of 50. Every item takes durability loss. I haven’t broken any items yet. I usually lose my items to the full loot system before I can break them.:P

  • “@Beau
    The more I read your posts, on your own and various blogs, the more choadly you sound. Who gives a rat’s ass whether Keen is more upset than he lets on, or if someone uses the word “hardcore”?”

    I don’t care, I already said that.

    I am not losing sleep over this blog. Look, it took me 3 minutes to write this.

    If we were in a bar (I have this point 1 meeeelion times) than this would be a (you guessed it) bar conversation. I get called a pansy all the time.

    And I’ll be getting the game after all this crap dies down. I tend to go into a game after all the fanboys leave and all the hype dies down.

    A true game shines through when there’s only 300 people left! 🙂


  • It’s about time that online gaming went back to old school and made dying worth something. Dying has been watered down to hitting the reset button or reloading the save point and suffering nothing. Wizardry. Now that was a game in it’s time many generations ago when real fantasy players had to deal with death and losing it all! You had to make new players just to fight your way back to your old characters body to resurrect him. I’m very happy that Darkfall has taken the high road and re-introduced to game play that death has meaning and consequences again, instead of just a reason to push the restart button. Welcome back Death, You have meaning again.

  • I’ll take a stab at all these questions later guys. I’ve been very busy and away from the comp all day and will probably only get an hour or two at most tonight free time.