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As I have been noting in my Darkfall launch impressions, Darkfall is a very clan/group intensive game.  In my opinion there is really no way to truly experience all that Darkfall has to offer without the company of friends.  I have the great fortune of belonging to one of the finer online communities out there.  What makes it so great?  It’s the friends I have made by belonging to it.  We’ve weathered launches together, successes and failures in games, and stayed together even when all of us had nothing to play.  The community first formed back in 2007 when a couple of us met by chance.  Today we are centered around the community that reads this blog, but more specifically the forum community.

We decided that Darkfall is a game we want to play together, which led us creating our clan: Haven.

What is our clan all about?  I refer you to the mission statement from our charter:

Haven is a community of gamers who have come together to form a clan for the expressed purpose of creating an atmosphere and environment conducive to the type of gaming experience we wish to have in Darkfall.  Haven’s founding members have decided that at launch we will take a neutral yet proactive approach to the game.  Regardless of whether we are seen as ‘good’ or ‘evil’, we want to be respected by our friends and our enemies.  It is our Clan’s goal to become a shaping force in the world of Darkfall with a glorious city, skilled and highly sought after crafters, and a powerful yet respected group of players who will respond as one united force.

Our goal is to create an atmosphere that will be approachable by the community around us because of our maturity, skill, dedication, clear goals, and our ability to have fun in everything we do.  We wish to be known as the clan that can take in a newer or casual player just as easily as the hardcore and allow for both to play together successfully.  We will teach those who need to learn, support those who need our aid, and conqueror those in our way.

Useful Links:
Clan Charter
Application page

Our guild/clan (whichever you prefer) has been founded by the 8 or so members who were lucky enough to get copies of the game.  We have about 15 more members currently waiting for Aventurine to open sales again.  All of our current members have been playing together or have known each other for many months.  We’ve grown close and have really gotten to know each other as more than just a name.  Since we know the benefits of truly knowing the people in the clan, we’re not going to be a “zerg” guild that invites everyone, but at the same time we won’t restrict ourselves to being a small group.  We have a system in place, run by several dedicated individuals, to ensure our philosophy and ideology are upheld.

If you’re looking for a community/clan/guild to play with in Darkfall, then visit the forum and read up on us.  If we sound right for you then be sure to apply and become part of our community.  We’re looking forward to playing with you!

If you are a leader or representative from a like-minded guild and are interested in discussing alliances/treaties you can visit our clan boards and post your request.

  • Hey Keen is Blud/ Im in for the DF guild but I have not yet goten the game. Should I wait to apply till after i get the game?



  • Hey Blud, feel free to fill out the application and start posting on the boards so that we can get to know you more. We have several (about 25 if you include prospective members) waiting for Aventurine to start selling copies again and the only way they’re keeping in touch and getting to know us is through the forums.

    Since you obviously can’t play the game it might be hard to get a sponsor, especially given that the game is new. We will be working on bringing people together to facilitate our getting to know new players when copies are sold. I will personally be hanging out in the starting areas helping people and getting to know them.

  • Too late, you missed me, such a valuable asset gone to the enemy! I wish I would’ve joined your guild Keen but alas, I am now a guaranteed enemy. Though I’ve yet to even be able to purchase the damn game, I shall enjoy running into you and your kind good sir. I wish you good fortunes on the battlefield!

  • I’ve been hangin’ with these fine folks for a few months now and I must say they are first class!

  • It sounds very interesting, only problem I’m from Europe. Keen, remember to note that your clan might move to a US server when NA gets one as there might be some other Europeans that do not wish to move server to America.

    Good luck 🙂

  • @Snorri: It’s noted in our Charter towards the bottom of the mission statement that we will not completely rule out the option of transferring to a NA server.

  • Correct, 1 server (EU-1) in Europe. Lag from Southern California to the server for me is about 190ms consistently. Spikes to 210 on occasion. Completely playable.

  • Good luck with the guild and game Keen. I’ll be sticking to WAR and finally playing my Choppa next week! 😀


    they seem to actively NOT WANT people to purchase the game, and it took me a while to figure this out.

    go to:


    and make an account. This is separate from the darkfall forum account, and will essentially be your login and password to get in the game. Enter Credit card info ahead of time, so you aren’t screwing around with it when it comes time to make the purchase.

    The “store” opens for like one hour every day, usually at 7pm GMT. check the darkfall forums (darkfallonline.com) and look at the very top most forum section, where the devs post. They usually give an indication of when the store will be open next.

    Then camp the store, and buy your game. Afterwards, you’ll get a link to DL a 9gb torrent. good luck.

  • What is Haven’s stance on PKing? I don’t mean folks from enemy races, or specific folks who have done something to deserve it. Would I, for instance, be at any risk of being murdered by a Haven member who wanted my hat?

    I’m looking for a guild that observes a “no murdering people”, no corpse-stealing policy, basically. I know you say you’re a blue guild, but that’s not necessarily the same thing!

  • We do not just randomly attack people unprovoked unless we are riding out to Mahirim/Ork/Alfar areas with the intent to kill. We do have a KoS list and an Alliance list. We try to stay Blue but will go Red to kill those on our KoS or Alliance KoS lists.

    So no, we do not just attack peopel for their hat. Under most circumstances we are “no murdering people”. We also try to avoid stealing corpses of mobs from people. Unless they do it to us.

    We really do try to remain neutral unless it serves our overall goals.

  • Splendid. At the least you’ll make decent neighbours then. I’ll investigate further should I ever get my hands on a copy of the game!