Land of the Dead = Darkness Falls … sorta

WAR goes Egyptian

WAR goes Egyptian

I’ve been calling for a Darkness Falls for months and months.  It was obvious that WAR lacked something that DAOC had which made the realm war special and I really believe the largest part of that is the contested dungeon.  With Land of the Dead coming, and all the events leading up to it, Mythic will hopefully ignite that spark in WAR.

Mythic has pretty much given the players a look at the next several months:

February: Choppa and Slayer live event begins on the 24th.  Players will have to log in each day to complete daily tasks.  We’ve seen this before and some of them have been good and some of them have been dull.  The Twisting Tower scenario is also available.

March: Choppa and Slayer become available to play.

April: Another life event beginning the whole “sands” theme with “Beyond the Sands”.  Supposedly good weapons and stuff.

May: Yet another live event.  This time it begins the race to unlock Darkness Falls the Land of the Dead.

June: The Deserts of Nehekhara are available giving players the opportunity to go to Lands of the Dead.  Players have to fight each other here for control of the zone to take control of the Land of the Dead.  Public quests, lairs, Tomb Kings dungeon, and something called Casket of Souls will be sought after.  Sounds neat.

A couple of things to note:  Right now there aren’t many details, but from what I’m seeing it looks like it could work.  I’m concerned that they’ve made mention of items as the reward for some of these places.  I don’t want it to turn into a ToA or a treadmill or even a “I must have these to compete” sort of deal.  Hopefully it’s just neater looking stuff or items that aren’t “better” but “different”.  Also, the Land of the Dead rules currently read that the players fight for control of THAT zone and not any other part of the world.  Honestly, who is going to bother with keeps anymore in the regular realm war?  It’ll be a mistake if they don’t include the rest of the world in unlocking the zone.

Overall, it’s a solid schedule of things to come.  I’m very excited to see how they do WAR’s version of Darkness Falls and how they go about adding content without succumbing to the temptations of gear being the carrot.

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