A Mysterious Package arrived from Mythic Entertainment

A package arrived at the K&G headquarters today from Mythic Entertainment.  Opening the package revealed something very unexpected….

Mysterious package from Mythic Entertainment

Mysterious package from Mythic Entertainment

After the eerie music and mental image of Josh Drescher cutting our hair with a scary smile on his face faded from our minds, the gears began to turn as to what the contents of this package could represent.

Hair color creme (with Fruit Oil Concentrates), A Hair Cut Kit, and a message saying more to come on January 29th…

Our first guess is that these things could obviously represent something on the way in an upcoming patch.  We know that 1.1.1 is going to be an important patch with the ‘Zone Domination’ system.  Perhaps Mythic is going to allow players to change their character appearances, hair, hair color, and other cosmetic things.  That would be the obvious answer, but maybe there’s more to this mysterious package-turned-puzzle…

What do you think?  Do these hair care products foreshadow fluff on the way to Warhammer Online…. or do Graev and I need to be afraid of what’s to come on January 29th?

Update #1 – Further brainstorming has revealed the following possibilities… Taken from info about the Dwarf Slayer:

“A notable aspect to Dwarf culture is the Slayer Oath. A Dwarf who has suffered a great shame, loss, or humiliation will dye his hair and beard orange, and cut it into a Mohawk using pig grease to stick it in place.”

Could this be a clue that the Dwarf Slayer is on the way?!

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