Awesome times in WAR T2 this weekend

Gorkeen in T2 Gear

I’m really excited that I can finally report on an awesome few days in Warhammer Online.  The past few days … I think it’s been 4 or 5 now actually… I’ve been having nothing but amazing experiences in WAR.  Now that Happy Fun Guyz (Our guild/community) are once again thriving in Warhammer (and not spread across multiple games) we’re getting together and experiencing all the fantastic things that WAR has to offer.  Most of us decided to make alt characters since we were either bored or not liking our mains or in my case a mix of frustration/boredom with the Shaman and hating the Fortress siege lag.   On these alt characters we have been logging in each day to see huge activity going on in Tier 2’s RvR lakes.  It doesn’t matter when we log in, morning or night, it’s packed full of people.  Bouncing back and forth between the various pairs I’ve been leveling really, really well and gaining almost full RvR influence bars.

The keep sieges have been really vicious.  We’ve encountered small groups guarding the keeps successfully and enormous 200+ zergs (a guild called Ruin/Ruinous/Ruined has like 500 members in this tier). The small groups, if they play well, see fantastic results and the zergs usually spark our side to make our own zergs.  Players are engaging everywhere in the RvR lakes and the little combat indicators are always showing.   The regional chats in all these pairings are full of people getting exciting about attacking and defending, not wanting to lose territory, and wanting to earn renown.  This is what the game is supposed to be about!

My character is about to level out of T2 and I’m actually kinda sad to see it go.  The community in T2 has been amazing.  Heck, I actually felt some realm pride yesterday when I heard that Ruin was attacking – I wanted to get out there and stomp them just to read their cries on the forums.  Actual rivalries in WAR… whodathunkit.  So anyway, I’m leaving T2 behind *tear* but from what I’ve heard, T3 is even better.  If that’s true then I have a ton of fun ahead of me.  Finally – FINALLY – WAR is where it should have always been.  No, it’s not perfect.  Yes, there are tons of issues and bugs that I could complain about but to have this much fun anyway just rocks.

Happy Fun Guyz of old and anyone else out there interested in a community of friends, I urge you to visit our forums and consider coming back to WAR or joining us for the first time.  There’s a real future here in WAR now and it would be a shame to miss out.  If WAR is not your thing but you’re still wanting a community to move game to game with then feel free to join the community and maybe you’ll catch up with us in future games like Darkfall.

  • All the people in my guild have rolled alts and have chars in T1, T2 and T3 and we really enjoy the game, but the whole thing is still not coming together in T4 for where people are finding the whole thing a chore and boring and just choosing to roll yet another alt.

    I am not 100% what Mythic needs to do but there is something painfully missing in T4 when hitting 40 and they need to isolate it and sort it out.

    But for now I am leveling my 4th char (x2 @40 and 1 @26) and having a blast…. at least on my 26 🙂

  • keen! love that your having fun again. makes me almsot want to join you. But I will deff be on the rostrer for HFG in darkfall. TC!


  • Simple.

    Tier 1 and 2 were redesigned in beta, because the original versions stunk.

    Tier 3 was never really bad, albeit a bit of a grind (fixed with rest experience boost).

    Tier 4 was never tested properly, is poorly designed, and is boring.

    Tier 1 and 2 are an absolute blast because it feels like you are making actual progress when fighting, not the 1 RP 10 Exp of every damn kill in Tier 4. Oh and no damn overpowering CC being spammed every second in 1 and 2!

  • I hope that by the time my Squig Herder reaches T4 the issues with CC, lag, and contribution have been worked out. There’s no reason why T4 can’t be just as good or better than T2/3.

  • Tier 4 can be really good now, but it totally depends on the server. It’s awesome on the EU server I’m playing on (Karak-Hirn). Very well balanced between the 2 factions, very active and really competitive. It’s great to be able to leap into decent fights whenever I want.

    Still got the fortress lag, etc of course, but the competitive frontier battles make up for that, IMHO anyway. Should keep me occupied until things get sorted out.

  • Hey Keen

    T2 action has been hot and heavy on Ironclaw as well. I am in the same boat as you as I just leveled out of t2 myself.
    Was a blast the past few days with what it seemed like 2 hour or more battles for keeps. Hopefully t3 will be fun as well.

  • Long time lurker seldom replier…

    We were able to transfer to DC yesterday off of Hochland. Looking forward to hunting you guys down :).

    Wow Keen, you mentioned Dark Fall! :)… will there be more mention of it?

  • Hopefully there will be Jakub. I’m writing something up for today to go over a few of the features/mechanics. Beyond that it will depend on how the game does at launch.