WAR 1.1a Patch impressions

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Today marks the beginning of a new dawn in WAR.  It’s the day that, in theory, RvR finally receives the much needed polish that it should have launched with back in September.  The patch brought with it a lot of new additions, fixes, and changes like all patched seem to do and I’m going to break it down for you into my brief impressions after playing for a couple hours.

The Good

  • RvR Influence rocks!  The rewards are significant upgrades from my questing greens/blues.  The influence seems to come at a rate that doesn’t make it feel like a grind yet at the same time will require a little work.  The distribution of the items across the various tiers makes achieving full renown in all pairings beneficial.
  • Set Items are good!  I’m very pleased that my set items are worth using now.  Overall the itemization here has been significantly improved.
  • Interface changes make the game feel much more polished!  I love the new hotkey changes and the little touch-ups made to the interface all over.
  • The new chat window gets an A+.   Item linking in chat combined with the new interface when clicking people’s names… it’s all just great.
  • The delay is gone!  My shaman’s heals feel much more responsive and my Squig Herder no longer has a delay when drawing back his shot.

The Bad

  • The ghosting that I’ve been complaining about is still running rampant.  I’ll take the lag back please.  It was better to lag while healing someone than to not be able to heal them at all due to their phasing into another plane of existance.
  • There’s a new bug where mounts seem to be standing still all on their own … eerie really.  Must be related to the ghosting.
  • The contribution bug is still not fixed.  I did some of the best healing I’ve ever done and placed 44th place.. WTF?  Some guy shows up and announced to chat “I just got here and placed 10th, lol!” …….
  • There seems to be a bug that removed the chicken mechanic.  We have level 27’s in T1 taking all the objectives.  No bueno.

The downright ugly

  • I have CTD’d four times in the past hour and had a system lockup (had to use the reset button).  This is… bad.  It’s happened in Warcamps, in big RvR right before the king died, and on alts in scenarios.  It sucks and it needs to be fixed please.

Overall, I’m loving the patch for what it introduced to the game.  My ability to enjoy the game just skyrocketed and for the first time in weeks I actually want to log back on.  Fix the crappy little bugs and lag issues though because they’re terrible.

  • Updated to reflect a nasty little bug. The chicken mechanic is MIA. 😛 I was wondering why my screen was being spammed with “Such and such has been captured” in such rapid succession in T1. Turns out a level 27 was owning it up.

  • I am really liking the changes from this patch. Combat is much more fluid than it has been in the past. Huge step in the right direction Mythic. Kudos.

  • @Keen: I am with you, CTD’s and the player disappearing act are worse. Content may be good but the patch feels rushed and untested.

  • Most players assume they will be able to log in and have a good time during a Mythic Patch Dat ™. Unfortunately, they always break their game so badly, it isn’t worth logging in to for at least 24-48 hours.

    I’ll give it a shot tonight. Many of the new changes seem extremely appealing, but I don’t want my experience tarnished by lag, CTDs, or bugs.

  • I think the CTD’ing is under control now. I haven’t done any more large scale rvr because of the ghosting (been playing an alt) but I’ll test it today and let you guys know.

  • Odd, just 5 days before this you were lamenting about the lag on Black Craag 😉

    This patch did wonders for the game. The stability and performance is amazing now. Everything has a far more solid feel, and fluidity in combat and response time is unparalleled now. I know a lot of people are having CTDs, but I did not have a single one last night during a long day mixed with massive ORvR and instnaces (Baracus seems to have been beefed up btw).

    All-in-all, this patch, when combine with 1.0.6 has taken the game lighyears farther ahead than I thought they would. I loved this game before, and I’m surprised at how much more I enjoy it now. Currently, the problem is trying to decide wither to stick with my capped Disciple, or focus on getting my BG up to the big show…

  • That’s actually the same lag that I’m referring to here. It’s the ghosting/phase shifting lag. Hopefully it’s resolved – hopefully.

  • I think all of you are missing the REAL issue with 1.1a. Dye prices. WTF Mythic.

    On another note I, personally, think that the ghosting has to do with the way they retooled performance for the masses. Before I can get into real ish in ORvR I need to take a minute in proximity to the battlefield to let all the PC’s load up. The ghosting may be due to that?

    /sigh At this rate it will be another 1-2 months to get to the point where I can seamlessly play in the pvp sandbox. But they ARE doing a great job fixing the issues faster than humanly possible compared to other devs and the vastness of their code. CTD at mythic probably means Crash Today, Dominatetomorrow.

  • Thankfully they fixed the chicken bug pretty quickly. I’ve yet to have WAR CTD on me since beta. The only thing I’ve been seeing occuring since this latest patch is sometimes the game hangs on a loading screen.

    Bugs aside though, I am loving this patch. The oRvR influence system has done wonders for open RvR. I spent all day in Nordland fighting back and forth. There were always giant groups going at it. Very fun, and the rewards are great too. I actually reached the third tier of oRvR rewards in Nordland, hoping the other race’s T1s are just as active. Going to play those later.

  • I agree on the CTD part. I usually CTD 2 times per hour. It’s getting annoying to say the most. If this doens’t get fixed ASAP, my sub gets cancelled.

    The oRvR system changes really make people fight over keeps. Great job there. People are now constanly into oRvR.