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The best thing that Mythic has ever done for the game: Free Character Transfers – Round 7

Why?  Because it lets me take my Shaman and Happy Fun Guyz off of Wolfenburg and on to Dark Crag.   Wolfenburg started slow, built up to be a really active server, then plummeted to its death as one of the worst servers I have ever played on in any mmorpg.  The community stank, the RvR was non-existent, and overall it soured my WAR experience more than a server should have been able to influence.

Yesterday’s transfer announcement has me in high spirits right now.  Several of us have already moved our characters to Dark Crag and I’ve begun the guild transfer process.  It was fairly simple and the process of transfering my character was instant.  The next step is to get 6 of us online (something we have not been able to do in weeks) and make the new guild.  When the new guild is made it will be given the guild level and renown points from our previous guild (something like lvl 17).  NOTE: If any Happy Fun Guyz are reading this please get in touch with me.  Let’s coordinate getting the guild set up!

I’m looking forward to getting my Shaman 40 and getting to play a Blackguard. I’ll also be working on my Phoenix Throne character as well.   If the RvR changes I wrote about this morning come in quickly then I’ll have two active RvR servers to enjoy.

Side Note/Update:  Mythic just reduced the upkeep cost for claiming a keep!  I think I just heard the hallelujah chorus.

Dark Crag transfer update #1: Well, we seem to have hit a snag.  Our guild level/exp/etc did not transfer over.  We created the guild and it is still just level one.  I have an appeal in to the CSR’s that will hopefully be answered.  We did everything according to procedure for  the /GuildTransfer.  If this doesn’t work I’ll probably end up calling it quits here.    On a lighter note, the open-rvr is INSANE right now.

  • Bah you guys should have come to Hochland. We have active oRvR and alot of exciting battles raging most every night.

  • I’m still playing (over on Monolith), but my weekly time in WAR has been getting smaller and smaller, corresponding to my drop in interest. I’m still hoping Mythic can jumpstart this game, because after a fairly nice launch, it’s stalled.

  • You’ve gotta get rid of that pessimistic, “I’m gonna quit” attitude and try to enjoy the game. Thinking and talking about quitting the game, based on a failure of the CSR’s that hasn’t yet happened is kinda negative.

    My mother used to say that I would ‘make’ bad things happen with negative thinking 😛

  • Your mother obviously never tried leveling a guild. 😉

    It’s not pessimism – it’s realism. If the CSR’s don’t fix whatever happened with the guild transfer then I’m not going to bother with it. I’ll stick solely to Phoenix Throne.

    As for CSR failures, I have some experience. I had an appeal go 2 weeks without being answered. I sent in another petition under a more “urgent” category and finally got someone to listen. They apologized for the appeal going unanswered and said they would elevate it to their superiors. Never heard back. So forgive me if I’m a little pessimistic.

  • I don’t recall reading previously about this “guild level” thing in this or other blogs covering WAR. Maybe you could make a post for non-WAR players, outlining this feature?

  • I understand your pain (the FCS) a little bit.
    Currently level 16 and in a tier 2 zone. It’s freakin’ deserted.

    Playing like this ain’t fun at all. I’ll give it to tier 3, if it doesn’t get any better WAR is over for me.

  • “You’ve gotta get rid of that pessimistic, “I’m gonna quit” attitude and try to enjoy the game.

    Every time I hear something like this from someone, I have to laugh which is probably the only positive thing about it. 🙂 The whole point of playing a game is to have fun. If you’re not then no point in sticking around. Dump it and start something new so you can have fun.

    Thinking and talking about quitting the game, based on a failure of the CSR’s that hasn’t yet happened is kinda negative.”

    He’s not quitting based upon a single potential CSR failure but quitting on the reality of past failures that this game never delivered on in so many ways (which is the same reason I’m letting my account expire tomorrow). The potential CSR failure would just be the icing on the cake.

    All said and done, I really hope they can resolve this for you Keen, since as you said WoW doesn’t really fill your RVR/PVP needs at this moment.

  • How’re things going there a few days in Keen?

    CoW’s loving Badlands ourselves, as there’s a lot more action across the board now.

  • The server is a lot more active and a lot of fun in RvR. I’m hoping that my guild predicament is solved once the CSR’s are working again. Having that fixed should boost my ability to enjoy myself.

  • I got a scare like that myself when we reformed CoW. It said Rank 1 for me, until I logged out and back in. Everyone else was saying it said Rank 18 though, so I knew it was just me.

    I’ll pray to Jeebus for you, Keen.

  • Keen, imagine our mothers dealing with CSR’s tho. They’d get those lazy bastards on the case, no?

    You and Nollind bring up good points and I concede to them. I might be looking at things through my ‘black and white’ shades and it’s not that simple.

    One thing I didn’t understand was that your posts are aimed at an effort to improve things, not just snipe and whine, which is why I’m a little confused as I’ve spent too much time on the VN’s. So it’s refreshing to see it, and to see you try to create some grassroots effort to make some improvements.

    I’m a little jaded, though, from my experiences with game developers and not just Mythic. I struggle to think back to a game that was made substantially better after it launched through some radical changes in a patch/chapter/whatever. Most of those radical changes weren’t usually for the better and here I’m thinking about SWG NGE and DAOC Trials of Atlantis.

    It’s interesting because I’ve been racking my brain to think what makes WAR a disappointment to me and I’m thinking the answer to that is, ME. Maybe after playing a few mmos, my expectations have risen too high, maybe I’m just getting too cantankerous as I’m getting older, maybe I’M played out (as opposed to the games I try), but it’s funny how wistful we are to that “perfect” gaming experience from the past that is unreachable now, as opposed to trying to open up and give something new and different a chance. Or maybe it’s time to step away from the computer altogether? And not just a few months break.

    This blog has, if anything, been a breath of fresh air, and given me some interesting things to think about.