Things starting to look up a bit in WAR, Day 4

While I’m sitting in the queue to log into Wolfenburg I might as well give you guys an update.  Yesterday and Monday I told you guys about my worrying that there may be a population issue or a serious unknown problem leading to a lack of queues and lack of action.  Today things have started to look up.  I saw -a lot- more people in the world and we had several open-rvr skirmishes; albeit most of them were guys 5+ levels above us trying to cause trouble (still tons of fun and we even beat them a bit).  We also got a few queues!  Stonetroll Crossing popped for us twice today within the span of a few hours, which is still pathetic, but an improvement (we won one and got rocked in one).  According to our guildies who are still in T1 they are getting queues every 15-20 minutes – also an improvement.

Looking at our server on the server list, we’re sitting above average on population.  After speaking with several guildies and other likeminded individuals I realized that I am stressing just a tad too much about all of this.  I get really, (read: obsessively), involved in the meta-game of choosing a server because of the my nature.  I put all I have into these games and I want to see my efforts justified.  I now have faith that they are and will be on this server.   Enough of that stuff though, I’m tired of talking about it and your’e probably tired of reading it.

Our characters hit level 16 tonight and are well on our way to 17.  We’ve encountered a bit of trouble with outleveling content in a single pairing because of Mythic’s (honestly stupid) idea to lower exp gain by something like 10%.  It was too much and hurt the flow of the game.  Because of this exp change we had to do a lot of questing in the Chaos lands today.  We’re not big fans, but it wasn’t all that bad.  We finished Ch 5 and 6 in Greenskins, 5-7 in Chaos, and are now doing 7-8 in Greenskins.  This ping pong between pairings will probably be necessary until more scenarios pop.  Admittedly, this would not be an issue if more scenarios would come up.

As for our characters, we’re very pleased.  Our guild is really cranking now and we plan to siege a keep within a week; would have been sooner but there is no bolstering in the rvr lakes so the Keep Lord would be tough right now.

Hoping to bring you all more updates soon! 🙂

Update #1:  Turns out that my complaining about the lack of scenarios could be a bug.  Skullthrone has been having long queue times that are shorter than the ones we’ve had on Wolfenburg to the point of being non-existant.  Here’s a bit from Mark:

“We’re looking into this now and will have it resolved as soon as possible happy

We’re also looking into other servers where this may also be occuring. Thanks all!”

Please check up on Wolfenburg, Mark!

Update #2:  Had some great open-world RvR tonight at the last minute.  Had a keep siege go successfully and one just barely fail with the Keep Lord at 50%.  A few more levels and we’ll have keeps exchanging hands on a regular basis!  Loads of fun.

  • Just wait till the game is out for everyone… ppl already playing are just a lil part of what’s coming…

    I’ve preordered 2 months ago and could’nt get in the headstart

  • Yeah, im not concerned at all. I’m on the same server, and get into mini games every 5-10 mins. I’ll admit though, I do not like troll crossing(empire/chaos mini game).

    One more thing, I play a dwarf, so being there is a lot more destruction, I do get more mini games.

  • Wait for the zerg! XD
    6-7 of my friends maybe more are gonna play as soon as they get their copy at 18th, it’s the day! 🙂

  • Still, in contrast, it doesn’t sound as fun as some of the other servers. So far, I haven’t waited more than 5 minutes to pop into a Scenario, whether I’m joining solo or with a group.

    But I have little doubt that Wolfenburg will come into its own soon after the general release of the game tomorrow.

  • QUick questions
    1.-how much HDD space does this game take
    2.-how does the mastery(?) system work do you get all 25 points at once or 1 per lvl after lvl 15 or what?
    3.-i had another but i forgot

  • @Malik

    1. My client’s sitting at just under 10GB. It could be different for a cd installed version however, but I don’t expect it to differ by much. As a side note, the game often hogs just over 1GB of RAM =P

    2. You start accumulating mastery points at level 11, and recieve 1 point every other level until 21, after which you get a point every level.

    3. 42. No really, I double checked.

  • My copy is in Woot!!! I will try and login tonight after work, just wondering what time the guild usually logs in, I am usually gaming from 8-10pm Atlantinc time. From Newbrunswick Canada. :oP

  • “2. You start accumulating mastery points at level 11, and recieve 1 point every other level until 21, after which you get a point every level.”
    so your saying after lvl 11 i get one point per lvl then after 21 i get one point per lvl?

  • I noticed populations are still pretty bad for most Order players. And since more Order players do PvE, it is even worse in t2+ if you like open world RvR. I hope by t4 that changes or a bunch of Order will either reroll or quit. It is no fun versing people that outnumber you 3/1… I trust Mythic though. We w ill see in the next few months how it goes.

  • I was having the same problem with scenarios. From 8pm-11pm nothing. Stone Troll didn’t pop once. Then I started hopping zones and got 3 pops on Stone Troll and 2 on the DEvHE one. In less than 2 hours.

  • I also second the motion that Stone Troll Crossing isn’t that fun. Even if the ques were popping, which they weren’t, I still avoid doing that one.

    Really after the tier 1 zones the zerg strategy that 2/3 of Tier 2 encourages is a bit of a let down.

  • The infinite scenario queues has been an issue on European servers also. Karak Azgal has been one of the two busiest EU servers in headstart and I’v not got a single scenario pop since yesterday afternoon, when normally it was max about 15 mins.

    However,as you say, had some decent outdoor pvp fun instead.

  • I haven’t had a problem with Scenario queue times, what is really bugging me though is the server queue times I keep getting hit with.

    I waited for a pretty hefty 50 minutes to get onto Karak Eight Peaks (admittedly one of the more popular European Servers), got in about 20 minutes of gaming time before I got disconnected, try to log back in to find they want me to get back in the queue for another 40 minutes. This strikes me as a pretty ridiculous system, they should at least have a couple of minutes grace period when you can log straight back in to cater for this. I don’t have an incredible amount of time to game these days and I sure don’t wanna be spending that time waiting in a damn queue.

    Anyway rant over, Scenario queue times have been awesome, 5 minutes max (and I’m playing Destruction). Overall i’m really enjoying the game, when I can actually get onto the server to play it.

  • I’m absolutely loving the game, have zero server queues, but can’t get a single scenario queue. Bizarre how the experiences are different.

  • Azazel server report –

    I started Tuesday. Playing as Order, my scenarios in tier 1 popped instantaneously, and in tier 2, when we queue up, we pop within 5 minutes every time. Sometimes within seconds.

    Both tuesday and wednesday night there was massive scale Open RvR in the tier 2 rvr lakes, with multiple keep sieges and BO objectives swapping hands and being fought over.

    Last night in particular, the highlight siege of the evening occured in the shadowlands (Spites reach keep?). 70-100 order vs. 40-60 destro within the keep, and another half warband or so skirting around the edge of the order forces. Multiple guilds from both sides out in warbands with simultaneous combat occuring in all 3 racial pairings. It was truly glorious. I’m expecting more of the same every single night from here on out.

    I’ve no doubt your problems stem from the fact your server shows High Destro/Medium Order populations combined with the fact that Open servers de-emphasize the RvR lakes, and also take people away from scenarios that would prefer hunting the PvE areas of the other side. If you’re wanting scenarios and keep seiges as your primary form of entertainment with the Happy Fun Guyz, you’re probably unnecessarily handicapping yourself by sticking with an Open server.

    Just an opinion from someone on one of the already rocking servers 😉

    Here’s to hoping your server picks up and balances out.

  • Today we’re getting a lot more scenario pops. Mourkain popped twice in 30 min. Having a blast!

    Wolfenburg is picking up!

  • Hey, how are these different scenarios implemented between different tiers? Does that mean that once you level from Tier 1 you cant go back to do scenarios in that Tier? This suggests that once people level up new players wont ever see these low level scenarios?

  • good to hear things are picking up. i wouldn’t worry about outlevelling content soon..

    i can barely keep up on pve on “the phoenix throne”, but i feel lucky because i think the order/dest balance is really good on this server. scenarios popping too fast if you can believe it.

  • Queue 386 and 37 mins. tonight lol. Reminds me of the early days trying to logon onto Illidan in WoW.

    Azazel thats were all the old time PvP guilds have rolled, no wonder scenario pops fast there.

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