WAR Server: Wolfenburg

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We have rolled on the Wolfenburg Open-RvR server!  Our guild will be up and running soon.

Hope to see any of you potential wolfenburgers there!

  • wolfenburgers haha, keen you really are starting to pun everything… Case in point :

    “We hope you came hungry because we’re going to be serving up pure WARsome with a side of RvR for lunch!”

  • anyone having a problem where you cant log in? keeps saying my account name and password are incorrect

  • Ha, you guys are rolling on the server I’m leveling my Bright Wizard on! I’d switch over, but I already got my Destruction characters started on Dark Crag.

    Hope to see you out and about…

  • Heh…open rvr server, feel sorry for anyone playing order, since its gonna be nothing but destruction raping order with zergs

  • @Ezmode: Actually was on this server last night in the Chapter 2 PQ area, when two 11th level Order players came in and wiped out a slew of players quite easily. I mean the PQs are basically African watering holes where lions wait for prey to congregate and drink from it.

    Still confused how this Open RVR is supposed to play, as even if you’re in a party of six players say at 5th level (fresh from Chapter 1), you’ll be dead meat in an instant since you can be attacked by up to a 22nd level players. I mean these 11th level players were consider “Deadly” for me. All in all, Open RVR servers are definitely not solo play servers but even in a group I still don’t see any chance of surviving.

    The only effective way I can see to secure areas is if you have higher level people in your realm patrolling lower level areas (particularly PQs). Yet is this happening? Didn’t see any higher level Destro players helping out last night. I don’t know, am I missing something obvious here on how to play on these servers?

  • @Ezmode: I’m looking forward to it, as well as returning the favor as the token asshole ranged nuking class!

    @Nollind: That’s really no different than WoW past level 20. I leveled multiple characters on a bustling, well-established launch PvP server without issue. Ganks happen, but it’s no big deal, and if you’re getting camped in a certain area, you have other ways to level unlike WoW. It’s so wonderful gaining experience and other rewards from scenarios. Even if you lose (and boy, does Order lose a lot, it seems…), you don’t feel like you wasted your time.

  • I can’t wait to join the Happy Fun Guyz tomorrow. See you all on my Chaos Zealot. If only I could figure out a name.

  • I still just can’t bring myself to roll on an Open server. I was a dedicated PvP player on WoW, and I have no problem being ganked by higher levels while questing – in fact I kind of like the adrenalin rush that comes with trying to escape someone who can 2-shot me.

    But I can’t get past the lack of Bolster in the RvR lakes, and the possibility of higher level players coming down a tier and interfering with RvR objectives.

    One of the best features that WAR has brought to the table, in my mind, is being able to run to a warcamp at level 1 or 2 and start doing world PvP immediately, while at least having a *chance* of making some kind of contribution. I just can’t see being happy when I get to level 32 and realize I’ll only be doing RvR in scenarios for the next 6 ranks.

    Best of luck to you all, though – I hope your server becomes a good one!

  • Well after hours of pondering I’ve decided to cancel my WAR preorder. Not because WoW is superior or WAR is a bad game.

    The classes I love are melee classes and my computer pretty much grinds to a halt in any major RvR battle. My DoK gets smashed because my framerate is stuck in tortoise. As a tank I found that I would attempt to position myself and use collision detection (which btw is quite fun) to keep the opposing melee off the casters to only find I either get stuck in video lag due to oncoming fireballs and waves of melee or that I stop them for 2 seconds and due to lag they blink past me.

    But OB and Preview Weekend were a blast, it was very neat to see people running around with a familiar tag above their heads, I may join in later if I can find a solution to the above issues.

    Good Luck HFG! May many keeps sport your banners!

  • Good luck HFG. I look forward to joining or killing you, whichever comes first 😉 Gotta consult with the pals before we decide on a server but I’ll put out a line for Wolfenburg.