My thoughts on the 4.1 Open RvR Chicken Mechanic

Since the 4.1 patch notes have been made public I want to talk about one of the points that impacts me and many others who are choosing to play on an Open RvR Server.

Open RvR Server Ruleset
Are you ready for the next challenge in RvR? Do you love the adrenaline rush of always having to look behind your back for the enemy? If so, then we welcome you to Open RvR, where you will either shine or falter in a constant battle for glory! Battle your enemies outside of the RvR lakes and affect the fate of your realm! Your Chapter 1 hub and your capital city are the only locations in the game where you have safe confines, of course that is until your city becomes under attack.


* Players are always RvR flagged from the moment they log in
* Chapter 1 hubs and capital cities are safe
* There is no bolster buff in RvR lakes
* Players will be chickened when entering lower tiers of content

Let me start with the emphasized point (emphasis was my own).  We knew this was a possibility.  Mythic stated in an interview that even they are unsure of exactly what the rules will be with the chicken system so it’s safe to say that this might not be set in stone.  This is the -worst- case scenario but honestly it’s not as bad as people are making it out to be.  So you can’t go back to lower level zones at all on a open rvr server without turning into a 1hp chicken.  Let’s evaluate why you would ever want to go back.

To Participate in RvR?  Well, you can’t do that on a Core server either.

To participate in dungeons?  According to what I am told you are not chickened in dungeons on any server so you CAN go do them.

To participate in PQ’s?  When you out-level the Tier you no longer get Influence anyway from PQ’s so you can’t do them anyway.

To get some Tome Unlocks you missed?  Okay, this is the worst thing.  But is it realy THAT bad?  No.  Why?  Because the tome unlocks don’t give you a darn thing worth getting stressed out about.  Believe me when I say this – you’re not going to say “OMG I out-leveled that tier now I’m forever screwed and inferior to those who were anal retentive and min/maxed their tome!!!”… Mythic would NEVER let that happen because it would be stupid.  Additionally, there are tome unlocks that you can ONLY get as a Chicken – special ones too – and plenty of exploration unlocks (Likely the ones you missed) can be obtained as a chicken.

To help guildies level?  In what…. PvE?  Trust me, no one needs help here that they can’t get from people their own levels.  Unlike several other mmorpgs, the leveling in PvE is pretty straight forward and easy as well as quick.  It’s going to be a slight bummer that we can’t go back for going back’s sake but come on… how many times have you gone back to the level 10 area of a mmorpg when you outlevel it?  I’ve been playing these games long enough to say that few, if any of you, will go back and spend time combing the newie lands instead of moving forward.

As for the bolstering not existing in the RvR lakes or “areas” it makes sense on an open rvr server or else people would hang out on the edge of the rvr areas as level 18’s and get potshots on people as they approach the area.  It would be ridiculous and make little sense.

So overall, it’s not as bad as it sounds and it’s the -worst- case scenario.  People are mostly upset just because they don’t like the IDEA of being restricted.   I’m really not worried about the chicken mechanic or the bolstering.

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