ChaosCast Episode #6

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As promised when we released Episode #5 we have come back quickly with another episode of ChaosCast!  We, the troublesome trio of WAR Bloggers (Keen, Snfzg, and Syp), give you our full-blown details of the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning beta and have a lengthy round-table discussion about things like balance, how the beta testing process has played out over the months, our favorite RvR and PvE anecdotes, and lots more.


Show Notes/Outline
Round-table Discussion:
– August Newsletter
– The flow and history of beta as it has evolved over the past months
– Closed Beta (3.3) and what it borked
– Preview Weekend thoughts
– Our favorite PvE and RvR anecdotes
– Top 3 Career Choices
– Class Balance / Population Balance
– Is WAR Solo friendly or is it truly a group oriented game?
– Launch Predictions
– What we’re going to do on Day 1

The Coin of Fate
A new feature in ChaosCast where the host roasts the other two with rapid-fire questions!

Welcome to the Community

The Blowhole
Our listener mail section where we take the questions YOU submitted to us on our blogs and do our best to answer them with a discussion.
Clinton asks: If you are playing/leveling with some friends, will you be able to pick different races and still be able to level/play together? For eg. If I pick a greenskin and my mate picks a chaos character will we be able play together straight away or do we have to wait till later levels or do we only play with our own race?
Wrenn asks: Why did you name your site “The Greenskin” and not “Flat-headed balls of snot?” (R.A. Salvatore reference: “Road to the Patriarch”)
BC asks: No MMO ever stays the same as it is released. Put on those Nostradamus and Miss Cleo hats and predict the one or two major changes you see to the gameplay one year from September 18th.
Jayson asks: What’s the deal with instancing in WAR from what you’ve seen in beta? Don’t you feel that limiting certain situations of the game to X vs X players takes away from the Massively Multiplayer Online experience? Is the enhanced system performance a good enough trade-off for you to look past this?

It’s a long episode coming in at over an hour but we’re pleased with how the Round-table discussion turned out.  As the game comes closer to launch our podcast will continue to evolve.  We hope you enjoy this episode and what we have planned for you in the future.

If you have any questions you would like to see featured on the next episode of ChaosCast please leave them in the comments section of one of our blogs.  We also welcome suggestions for topics and any other feedback you might have regarding our show.

  • great podcast, best one so far in my opinion. very entertaining and informative! keep it up

    gotta love the inspector gadget music at the end =)

  • i gotta ask this ? here cause i havent seen any answer yet,what kind of end game content is there for the pve player ?also is there crafting and other ocupations?

  • Yes, because countering our Sesame Street lore with your Warhammer lore makes you such the greater nerd 😀

  • @WeslySnipe: Not much is known right now other than a few dungeons like Lost Vale (6-man) and of course the RvR city sieges. If more information becomes available before our next podcast I will add this to the list of discussion questions.

  • When you mentioned about why people were mostly in one area. I believe it is because it was new to alot of people and they didn’t know how to quickly go from one area to another. Also, at least on Blood Keep server, we had captured everything else and that was the one keep that was changing sides over and over.

  • Just listening to the podcast now ‘the big bird’ isn’t the god Tzeetch (Zen-EECH) – Lord of change, it’s a Greater Deamon of the Lord of Change (basically the next best thing to the god himself).

    The Greater Deamon pop up in the game a lot and are lore sized (HUGE!) wave at the Deamon Prince (avitar of Korne) as he kills you (the love to kill you)

    Krem the squiggly Brit

  • Very good podcast!!! I agree with you guys, this game is NOT for the solo player but on the other hand, you don’t need a big group; all you need is a 3 men group: a Tank, a Healer and a DPS class (preferably a ranged one) and you can do almost anything, including PQ’s.

    Yes; I also agree with you on BW; they DO A LOT OF DAMAGE, and yes, 3 BW working as a group are deadly to any Destruction group.

    Nice podcast, keep smiling!!!

  • Hey K+G, great podcast.

    Maybe I am just looking in the wrong area, however I can’t seem to come across a few things that I am interested in…

    1. Has there been any mention of guild housing?

    2. Where could I go to find a bit more detailed information on mounts? I have seen a few videos of the mounts and they look really good – I just can’t seem to find out what requirements are for attaining one.

    Thanks for any assistance.


  • Hey keen, how much ram do you have? I’m looking at running with 2g on my setup, hoping it will be enough.

  • @Johnnybronto: Guild and player housing does not exist right now in the game and according to Mythic isn’t being looked into right now. There is a guild “hangout” of sorts though called the Viper’s Pit. You can access that from the capital cities. For mount info the best you’ll find are some videos. I’ll try to find them for you.

    @Sinja: I have 4gigs of ram. 2gig is enough if the rest of your system is decent. I was beta testing on my 2gig system for a while and it did fine.

  • I always like listening to you guys pick your favirote careers but I would most like to here you 3 talk about what 3 careers on the order side you will feer most. (good question for next time)or will attack most.

  • Best class? After playing 14 classes I can conclude the following:

    Tank: Ironbreaker!!! Hands down the best tank and the most fun of them all. The Swordmaster and the Black Orc are very good also but the BO is boring to play.

    Healer: The Runepriest and the Zealot are the best healers I’ve ever played.

    Ranged DPS: The Bright Wizard!!! No question about it.

    Melee DPS: The Witch Hunter and the Marauder.

    All the pet classes seems to be broken, and at least up to level 20, all the pets just suck!!!. The pets themselves are the main liability for these classes.

    The Shaman and the Shadow Warrior need some love.

    The WORST class? The Witch Elf. Almost useless in Scenarios and RvR.

    Overpowered class? Hands down the Warrior Priest!!! It is almost impossible to take it down in a 1vs1 situation.

    Which class am I going to play? Zealot, Swordmaster, Bright Wizard, and if they tweak it the Shaman.

    I’ve played the classes only up to level 14-20 and I might be wrong.

    Keep smiling!!!

  • Great work. One thing I would like to see though is when the balance and the classes are all more set in stone closer to launch that there be final verdicts/reviews on each of the classes and all of your thoughts on their pros cons etc.

    personally, I’d like to hear how the pet classes turn out. In addition on textwall he said the which hunter had such poor survivability that he stopped playing it. Just overall curious how the state of the classes turns out.

  • I never got the chance to play a caster much during the beta but why isn’t it like WoW where the more people hitting you, the harder it is for you to complete a cast? I mean wouldn’t that balance things WITHOUT the need to nerf their output? So the more people on them, the greater their casting time for heals. Or is it because healers in WAR have a bunch of instacasts and those spells are overpowered as well?

    Also enjoyed the discussion around having a casual guild and I couldn’t agree more. As we say in our guild, experience and efficiency come in due time as gear only gets you so far (since you have to have the experience know how to use it properly). Therefore just chill out and let people discover their abilities on their own time. As long as they are showing the initiative to learn from others (such as other more experienced guild members), that’s all that matters. Don’t push them, just let them come to you and share as much as can with them.

    As for the leveling race, ya that’s a touchy area. With six friends forming their own guild, it really isn’t that much of a problem since you can usually agree on two or three set nights a week to play together with set characters reserved for that playtime (which is what I did with my core group of friends). As soon as you get more people in the mix though, wanting to play different nights, then ya everything goes out the window (but at least each core group of friends should at least try to play together so as to develop squad experience). I mean there isn’t any way for different tier groups within a guild to all be collectively working on a greater realm war effort is there?

  • A question about the game hope you dont mind. When going from zone to zone is there loading screens like the awful AoC?

  • You know what’s funny is that even Jeff Hickman called the Lord of Change “Big Bird” this weekend while at PAX. Made my laugh.

    FYI, I saw the new Lord of Change model this weekend at PAX. Read about on my blog. 😉

  • After a hiatus from listening to WAR podcasts I decided to jump back in it and picked this one up a few weeks ago since it had Keen and Graev involved. Have to say that I’m happy that I did and I was really impressed with what you guys have done. I tried to listen to it before I went to sleep and found that I couldn’t stop listening 🙂

    I’m subscribed 🙂