Castle Crashers on XBLA

A boss fight
A boss fight

Totally worth it. I rarely play the Xbox Live Arcade games since, for the most part, I rarely find them to be worth more than a few afternoons of play which hardly justifies even the low price tag. This one is worth the 1200 MS Points, higher than the 800pt average, but totally worth it. The game is a hack & slash beat em’ up game like the old Simpson’s and Ninja Turtles games mixed with RPG elements. Castle Crashers has a bit of an edge giving off a Ren and Stimpy vulgarity vibe but it delivers it a humorous way. An example would be during this one early level where you are trying to escape this enormous catlike creature as it chases you through a lumber mill. You’re on the back of a Deer who is constantly spewing out what appears to be diarrhea to keep it going fast… I guess you had to be there. 😉

Castle Crashers has coop and so far a lot of content. Graev and I played it for a couple hours straight finding lots of different weapons and collecting relics in order to move on to the next area – what I assume to be another set of levels. The goal right now appears to be chasing down the enemy who has kidnapped the princesses. I believe we have saved 2 of the princesses so far and achieved level 12. Levels allow you to allocate points into increasing melee damage, defense/hp, agility for ranged stuff, or magic. Graev went the Magic route and I’m going a pure hack & slash melee dmg/defense fighter.

It’s lots of fun and worth the points. We definitely recommend you play with friends.

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