WAR Preview Weekend – Where are we playing?

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For those of you who have asked, this info is for you. Graev, myself, and all of Happy Fun Guyz, will be playing on Blood Keep server this weekend unless/until they open an Open RvR server. Everyone is welcome to join us! In the last phase of the Collector’s Edition Closed beta our guild had a lot of fun. We plan to go out with a bang as this weekend marks the end of closed beta leaving us WAR’less until Sept. 7th.

If you need an invite to our guild or if you just want to say hello message Keen or do a search for some variation of “Keen” by pressing ‘O’ in-game and you’ll find me online. ๐Ÿ˜‰

If you need a community to hang with this weekend or when the game launches check out our community forum.ย  We’re a good bunch!


  • Keen, I have heard different things about Open servers. Maybe you can clarify. The thing I’m most worried about with them is no one seems to know for sure if a player can go back into lower tiers without getting chickened. Some say you can, others say no because you are flagged at all times.

  • I haven’t tested it on these servers, but as long as you aren’t flagged for RvR and don’t enter a lower tier’s RvR zones, you should remain unchickenized…

    So, this phase of beta is closed until September 7 after this weekend? Doh. I’ll be out camping all weekend! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • @Snafzg

    Yeah, but you are always flagged on open servers. I wish Mythic would come out and put this in stone. So many people believe different things, I have no clue who is right or wrong. They are all pretty convincing arguments.

  • @Pelkor

    Troll score: 2/10

    Weak troll. You got two points for going through the trouble of even posting. Lost major points for citing only your personal opinion without any supporting evidence as well as rehashing an old, tried argument.

    Put some snarky humor or some hard facts in it next time and you’ll score higher.

    Thank you and good luck.

  • You know what? This is a hilarious, for I joined Blood Keep by chance, and boom. I read this, and you guys are there. Tis a miracle! I’m already enjoying WAR, though I’m only a little rank 5 Disciple of Khaine…I’ve done one Public Quests, and that was awesome…now to just get some RvR in!

  • I have a question about being changed into a chicken if you enter a lower lever Tier and attack someone…

    What if the lower level players attack you first ? Do you have to put up with it or run ? Or if they attack you are you free to attack them ?

  • are you guys going to have vent or some type of voice chat for your guild? please say yes.

  • Use windowed mode Andrew. You can set the resolution to 1600×1200 and you wont notice a difference graphically. It should reduce some of those crashes.

  • pelkor how can u even say this is like WOW is so different its not funny well it is cause this game owns WOW IMO

  • @Sauer: After they fix combat, optimize graphics and fix crashes I’ll agree. As for crashes and graphics you can say “it is beta” and I am sure both will be resolved I am really worried about combat :/

  • Every time I see your guild name I chuckle to myself because I envision your arch rivals on the Order side called Sad Boring Girlz who soul purpose is to crush happiness wherever they go. “No soup for you!” Hehe! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • “We plan to go out with a bang as this weekend marks the end of closed beta leaving us WARโ€™less until Sept. 7th.”

    BTW I’m confused by this. Do Closed Beta testers continue to play/test during this period or do you mean all servers for everyone will be down for the next two weeks? Seems weird because it would mean there is only a week and half left for the beta test period (the upcoming Open Beta period), yet I’m still seeing a lot of minor bugs here and there (i.e. pathing issues for mobs). Anyways, hopefully this weekend will cap a lot of those bugs.

  • @Nollind: Based on what I’ve seen I believe only the Elder testers get to continue. I could be wrong – I hope I’m wrong.

  • I saw you guys running around!

    Rank 10 w/ RR6 gear > all. I hope in the Open Beta that more people level up higher characters to allow us to do the Tier 2 RvR zones.