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I’ve taken 18 videos and about 70 screenshots for you guys to take a look at. I’m still in the process of uploading them to youtube, which takes forever on some of the bigger ones, so check back often to see if I have added more. I will also be adding more videos and screenshots as beta continues.

Be sure to read my WAR Beta Impressions Part 1 as well!


Click ‘more’ for the rest of the screenshots and videos! (56k warning… if anyone out there still uses 56k..)















More videos/screenshots coming soon!

  • Whoa… there is daylight in some of your screenshots… I can’t wait til I find a zone where I don’t have to squint! i wonder if they just haven’t added the daytme into the CE beta servers yet. Exciting stuff.

  • A map that covers the whole screen.
    Stand in one place combat.
    Clunky sound effects.

    At least the landscapes look ok, atmosphere looked good, but some model animations seem stuttery and not well realized.

    My favorite video….FIGHTING BOARS…lol

    All my questions have finally been answered.
    Thank you

  • Your vids seem to be nice and smooth for the most part even with tons of other players around you..what kind of system specs are you running with this game? Just wondering…thanks for the vids

  • @openedge1: Good to see you never change Openedge1. I like that about you.

    @Aloran: Funny thing is, Fraps kills my system performance for some reason so when I’m not running it the game is even smoother than those videos.

    System specs:

    Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit
    Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.4ghz
    4 Gigs of ram
    Nvidia 8800gt 512 ram x 2 in SLI

  • Hey Keen – first time, long time…

    So is there a sense of individuality with gear and how everyone looks? I haven’t read if any of the gear is customizable. I am hoping that people look more diverse than they did in WOW.



  • With the number of dyes and different armor sets in the game I would say that it is a definite YES – people will look different.

  • You know what would have been awesome in the first video? Some tank bringing a ram! 😛

    Oil damage mitigation, getting close enough to the wall that the BWs have no line of sight, and actually busting through the door. Hehe.

    Great collection man! 🙂

  • wow thanks so much keen vids look very nice an SOOO helpful can not wait to play this an hope to see u guyz in game soon

  • I was weary about WAR, especially since it seemed a lot like WoW with what I saw of it at first. But since AoC dropped the ball, I’ve been without an MMO, and Keen I must say you’ve piqued my interest in WAR. Reading your impressions and watching the videos you guys are putting up has shown me it’s not just a WoW clone. I actually went and pre-ordered it earlier today, and if the Open Beta hooks me, I’ll hopefully have a good MMO to play again.

    What do you think Keen? Will you and Graev be sticking with this game once it’s released, or do you have any doubts?

  • I am an avid reader of your blog. but I never commented so far.. but these videos are great and the work you put into is tremendous.


    can’t wait for the open beta.

  • Watching the siege keep i felt deja vu.. exactly like daoc the whole look and feel and activity..seeing a chosen run up the hill i could see a troll with that same movement.. this kind of disappointed me. I know there is so much more to the game than that but this took my excitement level down a lot. I felt bored watching your video as I have been part of those keep standoffs before and hated them all….

    Oh well i will watch more vids but my excitement level dropped down to been there done that already 🙁

  • Please let us know if in Open RvR we can or can’t go back to lower tiers…will we be turned into a chicken?

  • The one thing I’m most concerned with, is how long do alot of these open RVR battles for keeps and such take place?

    I can seldom play for more than 2 hours at a time…does that mean I will get little to no benefit from doing them?

  • Hey Keen, do they have the function to change a characters hair/color etc after creation?

  • How can I help it.
    Do you as players not state what you see? Or do you follow along like sheep? I need to be a game developer to state what I see? and hear?

    I am not alone, with such gems from other blogs like
    “This is like WoW”
    “…but we’ve already played WAR, it was called World of the Lord of the Everarcraft Hero.”

    I just stated what I saw is all. I am sorry everyone else has a problem with that..touchy group.

  • Hey Keen, I’m trying to get a few questions answered about WAR. If you get a free sec, could you give them a stab:

    1. Can you respec your character cheaply and often? Do you even need to?
    2. How does in game trading happen? Is there an auction house thingy, or do you have to spam the trade channel?
    3. Can players from opposing factions communicate with each other? (e.g you couldn’t in WoW because text was obfuscated between factions)
    4. What sort of mini-games are there?
    5. I know that there is RvR, but is there any small scale PvP arenas? (ie. 2v2, 4v4, 6v6 etc..)
    6. How do you move around the map quickly? Are there portals (or similar) or is it another World of Walk-a-lot?
    7. When you add someone to your friends list, does it show them online for all their characters or just the one you added to the list? (Guild Wars vs WoW friends lists)
    8. Is ganking a problem in PvP areas, or can I actually complete a quest without have my ass handed to me?

    Thanks mate.

  • Hey Keen,

    Awesome videos and screenies! I love how you made the goblin dizzy! That’s one of the things that makes me love WAR so much. It seems like they’ve added a lot of small details like that all over. And as we all know, the small things build into something large!

    […] Can we say “screenshot and video heaven”? These guys have 70 screen shots and 18 videos posted on their site. Keen even has a character creation video where he intentionally makes his Gobbo dizzy! […]

  • If you guys could do a writeup and/or video on the healer classes of warhammer would be great as i plan to play a healer.

  • @Keen: fraps kills everyone’s machine when it’s running, that’s why the machinema guys prefer FPS where they can playback demos when possible. Give the WeGame beta a shot, it uses a different codec that doesn’t hurt performance as much.

  • @Sauer
    Guess I have been “Scared Straight” one too many times

    Euphoria only lasts so long…lol
    Age of Conan comes to mind here

  • Hey Keen can you elaborate on this NDA confusion? I mean one moment they are saying the NDA is down but then they are saying the NDA (or BTA) is still up for beta testers. Well what can’t we talk about? What’s off limits still?

  • Taking it all in…

    WAR NDA lifted yesterday the web is awash with lots of WAR beta content. I eagerly awaited for it to drop this past week. Now its gone .. I find lots to take in… where to start? I am lucky as I have lots of real bloggers in my guild

    /cast guild…

  • Keen, could you label the videos, please? I really don’t want to have to sift through nine Shaman videos just to see a Warrior Priest one. :p Assuming any of these are anything other than a Shaman, since I can’t tell!

  • @humble Hobo: When you die you go to the nearest quest hub, war camp, or scenario spawn point. The death penalty is a debuff for a short period of time.

    @Andrew: We’re on Tyrion. If servers change for open beta we’ll let you know. https://www.keenandgraev.com/forums has a lot of our guild info if you’re interested in that.

    @Angie: Not that I have seen.

    @Kyle1690: Look for specific class writeups soon. We’ll be doing writeups of the classes we have played.

    @Nollind Whachell: I believe discussing what is still up would violate the BTA, but you can check the patcher when you launch up and it will clarify that info for you.

    @Crimson starfire: 1. Yes you can respec – Costs have fluctuated dury beta. It’s moderately expensive.
    2. You can trade in person or use the auction house however the AH is not currently working in-game.
    3. Players of opposing factions can not, in any way, communicate.
    4. None that I have found, unless you consider Scenarios to be mini-games which in all reality they are not.
    5. There are no arenas that I have found, but there are smaller scenarios such as 12v12.
    6. Travel is fairly quick. Warcamps have flight masters where you can fly to any other warcamp in the game instantly. There are also guild hall recall scrolls so you can TP back to your guild hall.
    7. As far as I have been able to tell it’s only the one character you added that appears on the friends list and not all their chars.
    8. I have never once been “ganked”. The only times I’ve been attacked or ambushed have been when I’m out looking for a fight. This game is sooooo anti-gank.

    @Cedia: Sorry, I know it’s a pain. Try this link: http://www.youtube.com/profile_videos?user=keenandgraev

    That should take you to our video section where they are labled. I have Runepriest and Warrior Priest videos coming soon. 🙂

  • @Openedge1 i will give u the AOC it did indeed make me sad when that game bombd but i trust keen he was iffy about AOC an look wut happend if he seems sold wih this game then im sold well atleast enough to give it a shot

  • Let’s not forget the Openedge1 came here and trolled me when I called out AoC for what it was before the game even released.


  • @Keen
    Actually you are wrong. I called out Hudson, who always states he is bored with every game, as right now they all feel the same.
    AoC was at least different at the time, with the combat, cutscenes.
    AoC would STILL be a good game if they had
    1. Stopped at level 40
    2. Not continued to balance before bug fix
    3. Introduced the PvP system right away
    But, Funcom ruined a perfectly good game, and for me and what I have read and seen, WAR will also not change my mind about the current state of MMO’s.

  • Great work on the videos Keen – Did you see Tobolds post today talking about Realm imbalance?

    If they don’t announce a system to help balance Order and Destruction I will seriously consider playing Order – I don’t want to be on the team thats steamrolling the enemies!

  • Thanks Keen for your excelent volley of answers just now.

    @ Openedge1 – In that older post I don’t think Keen was saying that AoC could not possibly work, but instead he agreed with what you said now: That it has serious issues that Funcom completely failed to see.

    As said before, AoC promised us a PvP game, then delivered a PvE game. WAR so far has delivered on its promises, which is why I believe that it will do well.

    That said, here is where I agree with you Openedge:

    1. A few spell animations (BW fireball, and that giant boulder thing) really bother me, they look a bit crude and cheezy, with effects that are rediculously huge. I agree with you here, but the issue is kind of irrelevant.

    Of course, it is a beta, and those are purely cosmetic issues. I hate using the example of WoW, but go and watch some of the WoW beta videos, or early release videos. The sound effects and spell effects were rather clunky as well, but that didn’t stop Blizzard from refining them to *feel* as smooth as possible later. I really don’t see it as an issue for WAR, and I highly doubt that it will still look ‘clunky’ a after release.

  • @Sphexish
    Agreed. Remember Funcom had the “Miracle Patch”(tm) so it is only fair to believe there will be some major changes in animations, sounds for WAR.
    I will then reserve judgment just a little bit longer and see how it comes along in Open Beta!

  • @Openedge1: lol, yeah. Good times.

    As far as “WoW-Killer-ness”…

    I’d say there will be one day, a game that kills WoW, but not at the moment of its release. WoW can only be killed softly, if that makes sense. There will be a game that will gradually gain in popularity, until its numbers exceed that of WoW.

    WAR seems to be a huge step towards that game, but I don’t think it’s going to be THE game that does it. I have every expectation that it will hit 1 million though, which would make it the first new MMO to do so post-WoW.

  • The core of this game is something different from what is available in other MMOs, and that’s obvious starting at Rank 1. There’s a lot of freedom in leveling and always something to do. As soon as I came across a public quest, I knew this game was going to be a hit, and it will be. It does things that make you wonder, “Why hasn’t that been done before?”

    All the ideas we’ve been told about in the last twelve months live up to their expectations. Even Blizzard is cloning tome achievements and RvR keeps. Too bad Wintergrasp is on a set schedule like the Spirit Towers (yuck). Compared to Warhammer, WoW feels rigid and controlled–a very directed experience in the EverQuest mold. Warhammer feels like a big sandbox of RvR, PvE, exploration, and more that you can participate in however you wish.

    As a beta, there are some issues that need to be fixed before release, but the core of the game is solid, and it’s fun.

  • Question:

    If your faction’s keep is under siege, and they close the doors, how can you get inside to help defend it?

    For that matter, how do you get out of the keep if you don’t want to defend it?

  • To enter your realm’s keeps all you do is run up and click the doors. It teleports you inside. There is also a postern (back door) door in case the front door is under heavy siege. You get out the same ways… or jump off. 😉