Goblannoyed Comic #1 – A Traitor Amongst Us 2.0

We have been playing Warhammer Online (CE Closed Beta) this past week/weekend and felt inspired enough to create our first Goblannoyed Comic strip! We’ve been introducing characters to you over the past weeks and adding concepts of what our characters and comic style will be like for the past five months. Now that the game is officially releasing September 18th and we’re both playing together with friends and guild mates it’s time to take a step forward.

If you have been following our blog religiously you may have caught A Traitor Amongst us (The original) while we were still doing our comics under the name “CTRL+F Funny“. We felt this, being a Warhammer related comic, deserved to be re-envisioned and done under the Goblannoyed logo with a new twist.

We have a lot of fun doing these comics and we hope you enjoy them.


  • nice comic, being a fellow beta tester I understand it.

    I think there will be an uproar when the beta is released. Not that its bad at all, but certain classes should have been scrapped or they need serious fixing anyway.

  • Hehehe. Nice comic…but I feel stupid because at first I couldn’t understand what the Goblin was saying, then I smacked my forehead and was like, “Oh, ok, I understand”. Stupid little Dwarf dudes…you shall feel my wrath…and your beards shall hang from my belt!

  • I tried to make the Goblin speak like the goblins in-game. It takes a little getting used to at first and you’ll find yourself rereading a lot of stuff.

  • Just wait till we send over enough squigs to fill those traps! Then ya feel da power of da WAAAAGGGH!!