What you can expect from us regarding WAR

What you can expect from us after WAR releases
It’s a slow Sunday evening so I thought this would be a good time to give our readers a heads up on what they can expect from this blog once Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning actually releases. Up to this point everything you’ve read has been either speculation, hopes, theorycrafting, or opinion on info bits surrounding the game’s development; like newsletters or announcements. Post-release you can expect the following:

  • What we are actually experiencing in-game in the form of adventure logs
  • Opinion and Discussion of gameplay elements, mechanics, systems, etc
  • Firsthand info and how-to’s either in the form of guides or informative writeups. This is something that we really find interests a lot of people. Back when we played Lord of the Rings Online we made a simple leveling guide that detailed where we went at what level. Today it remains one of the top leveling guide resources out there and maintains a high position in google searches. We also saw our guide for killing Thorog (the oldschool version) linked on many guild websites. It’s always our pleasure to pass along wisdom we’ve gained in-game. If the situation presents itself you can expect these types of things again.
  • Discussions on how we feel the game’s development post-release is coming along and more theorycrafting regarding the future of the game.
  • Videos (If there is interest from our readers)
  • Comics depicting our experiences and humor in-game (Goblannoyed)

What you can expect from us after the NDA drops
I wasn’t going to include this in here but I wanted to add a mini section on what you can expect from our blog after the NDA drops. Similar to our content coverage for Age of Conan, we plan to give you guys our opinion on various aspects of the game and hold nothing back. Although (at the time) many people felt we were rather harsh on Conan so early, in the end most of what we saw initially turned out to be true for a great many people weeks or months down the road. The point is, you know what to expect from us here. It includes:

  • Video content (if there is interest)
  • Opinions on all aspects of the game that we have experienced
  • Q/A – you guys give us the questions and we’ll answer them to the best of our ability. If you want to know something in particular before you go out and spend the money, and you trust our opinion, then ask away. (Questions can be pre-posted here if you wish or later when we create the specific blog entry)
  • More (If there is something you want to see and you feel we may be interested in writing about it then please let us know)

Lastly I want to point out that our blog is a ‘Gaming blog’ and not specifically setup for Warhammer Online. First and foremost, we blog about the games we play. Although WAR will be a huge game for us it will not be our only content. While we are playing WAR we’ll continue to watch the development of upcoming games, give our thoughts on what else we’ve played (yep, we play a lot of stuff), and give our usual thoughts and evaluations on the gaming industry as a whole. I think we’ve actually been called A.D.D. once. In this case we think that actually benefits us and our readers.

Good times on the horizon. Now the quiet before the storm begins to set in.

  • thats cool, so where can i reach you at to talk to you? I have a idea for something i think you may like, Also is chaos kast going to come out with part 5 soon?

  • Visit our Contact Us page for my contact info.

    ChaosCast Episode #5 is delayed until after the newsletter is released. We’re saving you from having to hear more of the same old rehashed info.

  • I’ll definitely let my guild mates know about the how-toÒ€ℒs you guys setup for WAR. Btw kudos…great reads as always!

  • Gief videos! I love seeing videos even if I’m in beta already, it can give me ideas I haven’t thought of, see stuff I didn’t know where there etc. πŸ™‚

  • Not saying your site will follow this pattern, but for the past couple of years, what I can expect for any site hotly anticipating a game is: A HUGE push for the game prior to release. Full news about how awesome the game is in beta once the NDA drops. Lots of giddy excitement when the game ships. Harsh realization that the game is not perfect, after all, in the first month. A tapering off of posts about the game. A ramping up of the hype for the next hot game.

  • Ah Tipa, you are the cold shower to any fan’s enthusiasm. Please feel free to head on back to EQ’s perfection and leave us to wallow in the misery of anticipation of what is sure to be a tragic horror.

  • @Tipa

    You have it all wrong. These guys will report on the great features of the game. Kinda like the same way they did for Age of Conan…

    Oh wait….

  • @Openedge1: Can you share with the class why YOU quit Conan? πŸ˜‰

    And all sarcasm aside, your statement is correct. We did report on the great features of Conan. We also felt it necessary to include all the bad things and inform our readers of what a horrible game it is. Sorry, it’s a disservice to do otherwise. Expect nothing less with WAR.

  • Did you notice it suckiness during the beta or did the fact hit you in the head only after the launch?

  • @Juhani: It was fairly apparent during beta. Both Graev and I gave it a try at launch though hoping that what we didn’t experience in beta would prove otherwise. Unfortunately it did not.

  • Videos would be great, maybe some class overviews (didn’t you guys do that for AoC?), zone intros, some RvR skirmishes. I’m curious to hear what you think of class and ability design, Combat speed, and class utility as well, since I think that will be a big deal for whether the RvR will be interesting or not.

    When AoC was ramping up I thought this was the best source for deep, evenhanded criticism from people who actually *knew* MMORPGs. And after launch that seemed to be borne out. I look forward to more thorough, insightful, and fair coverage on WAR.

  • For those of you who are interested, many MMO bloggers are banding together to make a WAR blogger and readers-of-blog guild. It’s being spearheaded by JoBildo, Hudson, Heartless_, Rick from /random, and myself.

    We’d like to welcome any of you who would like to visit the guild’s forums at http://casualtiesguild.com. Become a Casualty of WAR! It’s shaping up to be a fun group.