Mythic’s big announcement? Road to WAR!

Warhammer Road to WAR
Warhammer Road to WAR

This is making its rounds to all the major WAR communities out there. Last week Mythic secretly launched a website called Warhammer Road to WAR and the crafty sleuths who are just dying for anything WAR related have finally found it. According to James Nichols:

“Surprised it took you guys so long

We had a soft launch last week…official announcement coming in the newsletter!

Stay tuned

This makes me think it’s their big announcement that Mark Jacobs hinted at this past week. [UPDATE: Turns out it is NOT their big announcement] In a way it is interesting but deep down I know it’s just viral marketing at its best. Graev pointed out to me a couple games that have done this in the past like Spiderman and ones from Ubisoft. It really is a bunch of marketing hype. Oh well, I’ll bite. Here’s what it’s all about:

  1. Declare Your Allegiance. Click on Register on the homepage. You will be prompted to enter your name, email, and state/province. You will also be asked to choose your Realm (Order or Destruction) and your army.
  2. Gather Gold. 500 Gold will be added to your War Chest just for joining the fight. You can earn more Gold in a number of ways, including recruiting friends and interacting with embeddable content. The more you build your War Chest, the stronger you make your region and Realm.
  3. Engage in Battle. Starting July 30, 2008, there will be a weekly battle on the Road to WAR. Participate in the weekly battles and fight for yourself, your state, and your Realm.
  4. Win. Coveted prizes go to those who fight the hardest to defend their Realm. Every member of the Realm that controls the most territory at the end of the campaign wins a Never Ending Bowl of Custard and a special in-game title they carry into Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. In addition, all of the winning Realm’s capital cities will start at Level 2. Top individual performers also win a special in-game itemÒ€”the Signet of the Cursed Company.

Interesting. Something that actually transfers over into the game. Thankfully it’s just fluff. πŸ˜› I’m not going to get too involved in all of this by moving my marker around the map (done up by google maps) and battling others. Instead I just put the marker where I live that way Corona, California participates in the good fight! πŸ˜€

When you register if you put my email address as the one who recruited you I’ll earn points. So uh, yeah. I recruited you, k?

Email: keenandgraev (at) gmail (dot) com

Update #1: Road to WAR is not Mythic’s ‘big’ announcement.
Update #2: New Pre-order page says to check back tomorrow (August 4th)
Update #3: The New Pre-order page now says to check back August 5th.

  • And if you’re fighting for Order (the real Realm), you can feel free to use me as a recruiter.

    bildotheirish at hotmail dot com

  • Well, Mark Jacob’s disputes the claims that this is their big announcement here


    For those who thought this was our big announcement, sorry, care to go for double jeopardy where the scores can really change? I do love my movie quotes. happy

    And no, it’s not the big announcement, no worries.

    And BTW, nobody should overstate the announcement. My message was really clear on that. It will be good news, well-received by the community but it won’t be earth-shattering.


  • I’ll join the fray with Tzeentch’s blessings of infinite change when the lag clears up a bit.

  • @Railith: Yeah, it’s really bad. Not even loading for me anymore.

    Found this new pre-order page that says:

    Watch this space for information on the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    Pre-order program starting August 4th!

  • yeah.. no word on this or anything similar being available for Euro players. Sigh. Will wait till we see the Euro newsletter to know for sure what’s up..

  • @Keen: I signed up and gave you 500 gold for the mini-game.
    Give me 500 gold when WaR goes live and we’re even. ;p

  • Yeah, very slow loading.

    I don’t understand the whole gold thing. I assume this gold will not be able to be used in game.

    Can someone explain the gold thing? Is this just some kind of, essentially, useless thing to do on the road to warhammer site?

  • I wonder if this is a sign of what to expect going forward with WAR. Out of game activities to play around on when your not able to login do seem like a step in an interesting direction.

    Wonder I could play Warhammer Soduku @ the airport on my cell phone for in game rewards one day… /ponder

  • @Singlemalt: The only thing that transfers to the actual game are the little “fun” items and character titles for those who win the battles. It’s a website designed to help market the game and build awareness. You get people to go to that site, sign up for an account, learn about WAR, earn points, etc.

    @Centuri: Hehe, well I always found staring at the Camelot Herald to be something interesting when not online playing DAOC. Maybe!

    @FenixStryk: I’m rich! Thanks πŸ˜‰

  • Looks like the site crashed. It was going slower than my compy did way back when Dial-up was all the rage… and now it just says it’s down for maintenace/Bad Request (Invalid Hostname).

    @The Europeans: The site says that it’s open to everyone, but also states that if you don’t live in the available regions, you should just pick a spot that you like. I guess they just wanted a smaller battlefield to watch over?

    As for the gold, I’m still a bit lost. You do silly things like log in, vote in the poll, explore the GoogleMap and battle nearby enemies for it, IIRC. When it comes back up/isn’t lagging like a Bee, I’ll figure out the details.

  • Looks like the pre-order page now says:
    “Watch this space for information on the Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning
    Pre-order program starting August 5th!”

    Interestingly, the beta signup page is down too…

  • It seems to be up and working just fine. Although, this ancient computer at work with its outdated Flash prevents me from doing/seeing anything really interesting.

  • @Bartlebe

    Oh gotchya. Cool, I’ll have to check it out, it was down for me earlier… πŸ™‚

  • It might be true that we can take part, but we can’t get any of the in-game benefits when it’s all over with. Still might sign up, just have to decide.

  • I hate the segregation between US and EU, why couldn’t they just keep it all together then have servers of each πŸ™