Interesting Stuff 7/26/08

It’s Saturday and I have nothing philosophical or thought provoking for you so I decided to just talk about a ton of stuff in another edition of … Interesting Stuff! What is this, you ask? Well it’s basically a collection of stuff that I find interesting and worth sharing and talking about here on my blog but not quite enough that it would justify a blog post of its own.

AOL budget cuts lead to massive cutbacks at Massively – I picked up on this two days ago and noticed that the majority of the posts coming out of the MMO conglomoblog of have been from “Massively Staff” instead of the individually credited authors. Good news is that several bloggers who once left their personal blogs to dwindle into nothingness have recently returned to blogging. Some have even thrown up a resume on their blogs looking for work. I’m still amazed that people make money by blogging… although what Massively has been doing can hardly be considered, on a whole, as blogging. There were a few staffers at Massively who wrote blog entries, like Cameron, but for the most part it was news. If only I were payed to speak my mind – how cool would that be?

EA Singapore posts WAR release date – Or something like it. Whether this is simply because WAR releases in Fall and the 23rd is the first day of Fall or not, it’s still great grasping at straws and hoping for something concrete in this jungle of proverbial mud. [Thanks Railith]

Soul Calibur 4 comes out next week – And I still can’t decide if I want the Yoda (360) or Darth Vader (PS3) version. I think I’m leaning towards Yoda but Graev still can’t decide.

Peter Molyneux talks Fable 2 – A video over at Gametrailers shows an interview with Peter where he talks all about Fable 2’s coop play and several other features. Later in the interview Peter admits his shortcomings as a designer back with Fable 1 and talks about how Fable 2 will deliver. I really, really hope so. This game is in my top 5 list of most anticipated games of 2008.  Oh, and Fable 3-5 are all planned as well as a secret project in a genre that Peter Molyneux wants to explore!

TTH interviews Mythic for Realm War Info – It’s like the Camelot Herald mixed with SoE’s “players” thingy. You can see the latest info on the RvR going on in-game but you can also search for characters and look at what gear they have. There are also leaderboards and all sorts of other cool things.

If you find anything interesting share it with me.

  • Er… there haven’t been any cutbacks at Massively yet, and there may not be any at all. No one has been removed or replaced, to my knowledge.

    The posts you’re seeing that are done as “Massively Staff” are because the posters are doing it on a volunteer basis while the lockdown on posting stands. They are not being paid for those posts, but they’re the same people who normally do them.

    Also, I’d consider my posts at Massively more as articles than blog posts… I certainly spend a LOT more time on them than the average blog post.

  • There are some useful posts on Massively (I for one like the EVE ones), but mostly it’s just news from other gaming sites or blogs.