E3: Left 4 Dead Info and Video

I wanted to write a bit more about my Left 4 Dead impressions from our trip to E3 this week and include some video footage that I think says more than I ever could about the game.

It was only by chance that I even got to see Left 4 Dead let alone get hands-on time actually playing.  I had an hour to blow between appointments and was wandering the convention center looking for some interesting games being shown.  How the conventer center was setup is each publisher/company/whatever had a room of their own.  Inside these rooms the companies would have big screen HD tvs, computers, consoles, arcades, or whatever was needed to show their game setup.  There would be decor all over the rooms (which really weren’t that big at all) and at the front would be a receptionist to check people in for appointments and that sort of thing.  Oh, and each room also had tons of food and drinks that the companies would offer to anyone freely.

Back to Left 4 Dead.

Okay, I came up to the Valve room and it donned on me that I had totally forgotten about L4D!  Walking in we told the lady at the desk that we didn’t have an appointment but would like to come in and at least get a look at the game.  “Sure, No problem at all come on in!  Help yourself to some food and drinks!”  Heh heh heh.  Don’t mind if we do!

When we got into the room Valve was just beginning a demonstration of the game for four people with appointments.  The appointment basically gave you 15-20 minutes at the computers with hands-on play with a member of the Valve team instructing you on what to do.  (You can hear him describing stuff in the video.)   Valve was extremely welcoming and happy to talk about the game even with us peasant folk without an appointment.  When the appointment was over we were allowed to jump in and play while while the next appointments arrived.   Very grateful to Valve for their hospitality.

Left 4 Dead looks amazing, plays amazing, and has me extremely excited.


  • I’ve been waiting on this one. My friends and I still play a lot of Half-Life 1/2 mods, mostly The Hidden lately and there’s nothing we like better than a good cooperative crawl with creepy overtones. L4D looks literally tailor made for me. =D

  • I can’t wait for this game either. I really, really LOVE co-op ANYTHING. Let alone, zombie, gun shooting, Valve created chaos. I can’t wait.

  • man ur so lucky u got to play that game i can not wait for it to come out prolly one of my most look forward to games comeing out