E3 Day 2: More game impressions

Yesterday (Or early this morning just after midnight depending on how you look at it) I blogged about a few games that I saw during E3 on Day 2. Here are my impressions on the rest of the games that I saw on Day 2.

Actually, first here are the articles I mentioned were coming.

The Agency
The Witcher Enhanced Edition
Fallout 3 Hands-on Impressions

Street Fighter 4: Looks really cool for what it is – a street fighter gone with better graphics.  It’s the classic look and feel and it sticks with the 2d gameplay.  The backgrounds are 3d in nature and the character models have definitely been done up nicely.  The game was only shown on the arcade systems so I can’t report on how it looks with a PS3 or Xbox 360.  Personally I’m not much of a diehard Fan for Street Fighters although I have nothing against them.  It will do well all things considered.

C&C Red Alert 3: The game looks phenominal.  The units, color pallet, and graphics in general were vivid.  I’m really impressed with how it has turned out and I can’t wait to get the full version of the game and play the heck out of it.  It will absolutely do the rest of the series justice.

Infinite Undiscovery: Classic Japanese RPG.  Not much to say here.  I liked the real time combat instead of the turn based feel.  Using combos by holding down buttons and casting spells was nice.  I liked the participation of NPC party members.

Chrono Trigger DS: Looks cool.  Fans will eat it up.  Not really my thing but I can see the signs that will make it popular among the fans from a mile away.

Square Enix Note: Their people were incredibly welcoming and friendly compared to some companies.   Most companies didn’t want you near them if you didn’t have an appointment but Square Enix accommodated and treated me very well.  TY to them.

The Lord of the Rings Conquest: I don’t really know what to think on this one.  I didn’t get enough time with it to really say one way or another.  It LOOKS cool but looking cool and playing cool are two entirely separate things with a game like this.  It’s a LOTR game that plays like Star Wars Battlefront.

LittleBigPlanet: It’s pretty much what has been advertised and shown.  I have absolutely no way of describing it.  As Paul Barnett would say (and he did when walking the showcase floor with me)  “It’s a lean back game”.  I’ll let you figure out what that means. (Hint: It describes the style)

Final Fantasy IV: See my thoughts on Chrono Trigger DS.  It’s pretty much the same deal.

I think that’s all the games.  I’m sure I’ll think of some that I missed and end up writing about them later.  I’m going to get to work on my Day 3 games list now.

  • btw the question i asked that you never answered was “whats wrong with marketing towards people?” and i also wanted to know if you had a gf or a girl you want to be your gf…

  • i’m digging myself a bigger hole aren’t i? well in the words of fred “i’m not a creepy person!”

  • @ghu: Ah, I assume you’re talking about my Nintendo comment. There’s nothing wrong with marketing to people. There is however something odd about Nintendo’s new target Market. They’re slowly moving away from the gamer to an “every day” approach. In doing so they’re slowly losing my interest.

    And no, I do not.

  • looks like Keen has two new boyfriends. 😉

    j/k… so this means WAR news/reviews soon?

  • re: the Fallout 3 article, kind of disappointed that you skipped any dialogue options, given how central that sort of thing has been to the series.

    If the game turns out as combat heavy as every preview seems to portray it, the more and more I think the fanbase is going to murder the Bethesda team in their sleep for their treatment of the franchise.

  • I wish I could have had more time with the dialog to see how that side of the game works. The devs mentioned very briefly something about dialog skills but left it at that. We were not allowed to write about the story so doing much more with the NPC’s wasn’t an option. 🙁

  • Didn’t know they’d put restriction on the press mentioning the story, maybe that’s why there’s such a dearth of information about it and such a glut about the combat. At least that’s what I can hope, as I’d really rather not see the downfall of yet another old school rpg franchise.