E3: Graev’s Day 1 Notes

While we wait for our podcast to get up, I figured I’d do a short write up detailing some of my thoughts on my E3 experience so far.


Yesterday morning we went to the Nintendo conference at the Kodak theatre.  It was a pretty impressive place.  The Nintendo event itself was a mixed bag.  There was a lot of interesting things but also a good deal of junk.  What I found most interesting would probably be Animal Crossing City Folk.  I was always a sucker for Animal Crossing games and this entry into their series looks full of many new features including the ability to use voice chat with other friends online.  Hopefully we will see this kind of thing implemented in more games. 


The new Wii Motion Plus device also looks pretty awesome.  I can’t wait to see the kind of ways they utilize it in games.  Other than that, I found the rest of the event to be interesting but not fantastic.


E3 isn’t so much what I thought it would be – both in good ways and bad.  The show floor seemed pretty small and lackluster, but the company rooms were pretty nice.  The guys at Funcom were really nice and seemed to go out of their way to accommodate us.

  • dang this is really making me want the new animal crossing game, even though i haven’t finished paying it off for the other one…

  • At lest there is an E3 still, at one point the whole convention was scrapped and then was decided to make it a little less low key. Or a lot less low Key, I miss all the bikini clad hotties sporting the wares of game companies.