E3 is just around the corner – Give us your WAR questions!

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E3 Media and Business SummitWe leave for E3 in less than a week! Graev and I are anxious to get our hands on the game and talk face to face with Mythic. Here’s where we want your help. We want the community to participate as much as possible in the following:

  1. What questions are you dying to have answered? The questions can come from any topic pertaining to WAR.
  2. Are there any details you want us to focus on in particular when demoing the game?
  3. Any specific devs you want us to target for questioning?
  4. Other

Feel free to leave these in a comment or email us at keenandgraev (at) gmail (dot) com

In addition to the above, Graev and I will be actively blogging our entire trip to keep you up to date with all the interesting information, news, and adventures we have at E3. We’ll be updating the blog this week with more E3 information including our plans and schedule.

  • I want to hear more about PvE, that for a change doesn’t start off as “yes we have PvE” and then just blends right back into RvR talk that sounds very heavy on the PvP. Yes, I like that I can choose to PvP, but what happens during the times when I choose not to?

    In this regard, I’m mostly concerned not with leveling, but with sustainable content.

    Form that as a question if you can. I am eager to hear if they’ve got something up their sleeve for this.

  • Same as what Rob said, I want to hear whats going to happen if you don’t PVP 24/7.

  • I think we all know the answer to the PvE question at this time is going to be Public Quests.

    Thats all we will hear about that for now I am sure.

    What I would like to hear about is some impressions on a few of the classes we havent heard much from yet.

    No more goblin shaman, give us some other stuff thats out there.

  • I would like the questions to be less about gameplay features and more about design decisions.

    Will the game turn from a RvR based endgame to a PvE based endgame if the players demand it?

    Which feature in WAR would be patched in later to keep it on a timely release schedule? My example is the WoW patched in their PvP honor system after launch. “EA is a big company and gives us plenty of time and resources” is not an acceptable answer.

    Is there some kind of secret Games Workshop PR blitz in the future? It seems that there are several games recently announced being developed around their properties.

  • What a great idea you guys have. I’m sure whatever question I can come up with will be brought up by someone else. Of course, I would want to know what the release date is, but I assume this won’t be answered.

    I also like what Rog said. That is a great topic to discuss with the devs.

  • How fast are you going to level? (Not that I wanna rush it)
    Is it going to be like WOW leveling or AOC leveling?

    I know there has been a lot of questions about population caps, and forgive me if this has been said before:
    If we say there is a population cap that is around 3000 on both realms, is it then going to be spread out to the different races, so they only can get a certain amount of players? If not, then there is going to be imbalance in some races RVR fights?

    Please forgive my bad english πŸ™‚

  • 1) What will be done to prevent players from AFK in scenarios?
    2) Do you think current PQ loot system is fair and fun with RNG involved and being gear based (more dmg/healing = higher chance for win)?

  • Other than population caps what other steps will be in place to promote realm balance at launch?

    Is this influence gained from participating in a public quest balanced to prevent grinding or will players be forced to do the same PQ over and over again to reach the elite level of rewards for that area?

    If a higher level character particpates in a lower level PQ is the reward he could potentially recieve relevant to him/her at that higher level?

    I am somewhat concerned that high level players could “farm” early level PQs for the monetary rewards and based on the weighted contribution roll system have a very high chance to receive the top reward of the PQ over players at the level that the quest is designed for. Is there any system in the works to prevent/discourage this?

  • Hi Keen n’ Graev, I have a couple questions you might ask em:
    What is Mythic’s target audience as they see it?

    and the other one is:

    What new guild/social gaming tools are they improving on?


  • Just going off what we know I can answer some of these questions.

    How fast are you going to level?

    For a casual player it that is playing 2-3 hours a night off and on it should take about 3 months. However if you are really set on leveling it should not take you that long. You would skip a lot of the content but you could make it to 40 relatively quickly.

    If we say there is a population cap that is around 3000 on both realms, is it then going to be spread out to the different races, so they only can get a certain amount of players? If not, then there is going to be imbalance in some races RVR fights?

    There is nothing in place to force someone to pick one race over the other. In the early levels it could be a little unbalanced but since you only need T4 to work your way the the enemy capital the lower tiers only help they don’t need to be controlled by one side for the campaign to continue. Also people will go where the fight it, if it is in the Greenskin vs. Dwarf front they will go there, if it is in the High Elf vs. Dark Elf they will go there. The battle is always shifting.

    What is MythicÒ€ℒs target audience as they see it?

    They are going with a Teen rating so that gives you an idea, also a more causal audience then what WoW has. Not to mean there will not be “hardcore” players but they want the game to be fun even for the person who only has time to log on for an hour a day. They want the game to be fun and accesable for everyone.

    What will be done to prevent players from AFK in scenarios?

    You get renown from competing in scenarios, you get it from attacking, healing, de-buffing..everything. Both winners and loser of scenarios will be granted Renown as a reward for their participation. The amount of Renown a player receives is directly related to the amount of points their realm earned in a scenario.

    So even if you do afk you would get a very little amount, however it is only for items and personal gain so you can not entirely “buy” things with it like you can with honor. Since the amount of renown never goes down you just keep getting it until 80 (which will take 1-2 years+)

    If a higher level character participates in a lower level PQ is the reward he could potentially receive relevant to him/her at that higher level?

    No, the items are for a set level range (like 20-24) so even if a high level person helps and gets lots of influence and then won they would only get an item from level 20-24. Also I would imagine that the money would be a small amount compared to what they could get elsewhere.

  • 1. Can you level to 40 just by doing PvP, never touching PvE?
    2. Can you have both Order and Destruction characters on a server?

  • “No, the items are for a set level range (like 20-24) so even if a high level person helps and gets lots of influence and then won they would only get an item from level 20-24. Also I would imagine that the money would be a small amount compared to what they could get elsewhere.”

    Well from an own faction griefing standpoint 1-2 high level players could essentially lock out lower level players from PQ rewards then unless there is a mechanic in place to prevent it.

  • I asked my buddy if he had any questions:
    1. Mouse button binding – possible?
    2. Witch Elves – no stealth on release?

  • I dont have a question but a request.

    Can you get some good photo’s and or vidoes of:

    1. ToK (zoomed in)
    2. Warrior priest
    3. scenario UI and combat

    oh and I thought of a question

    1. Can the engineers upgrade their turrets by any means? (lvling, skill upgrade ala TF2, other)

  • Great stuff guys, keep it coming! Even the questions that we already know the answers to are helpful because they will show me where the community’s interest is at. I’ll be able to shape interviews, questions, and hands-on to match what you guys want most.

  • Until now we’ve seen only Aldorf and parts of Inevitable City what about the other cities?Will they be ready for launch?

  • I would like to know your impressions on the Tank, Casters and Pet classes. How do they feel? Are they fun to play? Any unbalances so far?

  • How will they keep scenarios balanced for the level ranges? A level 1 version a level 10-12 is not going to have much fun. Also, how much xp could a level 1 actually earn in a scenario to keep the leveling entirely through PvP.

    I expect that it will be harder to find an RvR battle at that level than a scenario.

    One option is to have finer grain level-based scenarios like 1-5, 6-12, but then it may be hard to actually find enough for a scenario.

  • On the topic of a high level player doing a low level PQ. They can help out but from what I have read they would not be included in the loot table and so they would get nothing.

  • What are they going to do to ensure server population balance? It appears someone thought they were answering that question above, but they didn’t. If they don’t get population balance right, this game is going to suck.

  • Mounts!

    I believe we will finally get to see mounts at E3. I want to read, hear and see everything there is to say about mounts. Especially I want to know, if mounts will be rideable in scenarios.

    Guild Beta —> Open Beta

    Guild Beta is about to start. NDA is about to be dropped. Open Beta is near. How long until the NDA drops? I need more feed!

  • First time here at the blog. I love the ChaosCast! So my questions aren’t something I have to know right away(as I am sure they will be easily answered once the NDA is lifted) but it sure would be nice to know more about the look of the Knights of the Blazing Sun:

    – Can helms be hidden (I want to say I saw in a video that the answer to this is no as EA Mythic wants to keep the iconic look for each class which leads me to…)

    – Are all the helms for Knights of the Blazing Sun accompanied by peacocks riding them are will there be a few that look like something you wouldn’t mind wearing in public (especially in the end game gear selection) If I have to wear feathered caps and such as part of some Knightly hazing early on, no problem. I would just like to be able to enjoy a victory in RvR without “Yeah you won, but look at your helm. Aren’t we all losers here today?”

    – Are Knights of the Blazing Sun restricted to female avatars? I know the answer, but thought I should just check to be sure. Maybe make sure someone didn’t miss a memo.

    – Can all careers use dark dyes. From the dye video over at Ten Ton awhile back, it seemed that you could dye your armor whatever color you chose but some of the colors iconic to your class would remain. No problem there, but I wanted to check and see if there would be an option for maybe a nice black and gold setup end game.

    – If you get the chance to play a Knight of the Blazing Sun, could you tell me how much of a sissy you feel like before and after the play through.

    Once again, save my questions for last if you ask them at all. I will be sure to get the answers somewhere between now and launch but some favorable responses would be a big help in finalizing my career decision…

    … and whether or not to go through with the sex change operation.

  • I second Valdur’s question – Where are the other 4 capital cities? Is all the content and features promised for release already in place? Will the remaining months until release be used for polish – or a frenetic attempt to complete the game a la AoC?

  • No I answered his question. For population balance they have a hard cap on the server; so total number of characters that can be on the server say max 5000. From there they balance by realm. So lets say at one point Order has 500 people on and Destruction only has 200. Then a que would start to get into the game on the order side until it was balanced enough (certain ratio to be determined latter). This que is the same as WoWs que except that WAR does by the realm not server. So they balance overall by Destruction and Order not by race and their parings.

  • Mark posted a statement regarding the flow of info at Warhammer Alliance today. It gives a hint to how things will go for the next “couple months”…..just incase you missed it.

    I want to see the other four cities! Get city info…and Bright Wizards!

  • Is there anything Mythic will have to leave out of the game that they promised by release?

    Is the UI customizable?

    Character animation plus environment: Does it fit? Eg. Do characters look like they are actually walking on the ground or just floating/skating just above it.

    Will there be cross faction talking or will there be a language barrier?

    Why do the dwarfs look like walking squares?

    How will they get around characters getting stuck because of collision? Eg. Stuck in a crowed around an NPC merchant.

    Do they have a plan in place to take care of gold farmers and bots, ect…?

    How much of the environment is destructible?

    World RvR better be fan [email protected]#% tastic!! :op

  • My additional take on this Keen is to go ahead and ask the questions that you think you already have the answers for, because things change during development and it’d be nice to know the current state.

    Culled answers from old interviews, etc. interest me a lot less. I know people are trying to be helpful here, but I’d rather here these from the horse’s mouth. Even if it’s essentially the same, I think most of us would like to hear their fresh take on this stuff.

    Just my $0.02.

  • your blogs great and all but your going to E# so you better not only be looking at WAR theres other games… lol

  • o and btw you got any good sites i could vist to read up on WAR i wasnt going to get it but i should read up on it anyway to see if im wrong

  • I would love to learn a bit more on the abilities of each class. Whether the engineer’s ranged abilities will be much like the squig herder’s or shadow warrior’s just with a different spin. Good luck and have fun!

  • @Rog: Yep, I’m taking all the questions into consideration for such reasons.

    @rogerik: We will be looking at a TON of games. Worry not! Later this week we will be posting more details.

  • collision – some of the videos seemed to show toons overlapping, is collision still in? and how will it be handled in cities? will bigger toons have a bigger collision box?
    Mounts – what level do you get them, how fast are they, do you get faster mounts?
    Long distance travel system? Flight points or Teleporters or nothing?
    Are all PVE dungeons end game, or are their mid game dungeons
    What good will tanks be in PVP combat? ie: threat mechanics a waste?

  • A few more I thought about

    1. How early can we reasonably expect to be able to meet up with our friends who are playing other races in the same realm?

    2. If we are training up a crafting skill late in our characters ‘life’, do we have to go back to the lowbie zones to grind mats or low level skills or will the appropriate items be available even in the higher level zones?

    3. Will there be any systems in place to help us play with our friends when our levels span across the allowed level ranges for zones? For instance, I may be level 23 and become a chicken in the Tier 2 zone, but my friend is level 18 and under-level for the Tier 3 zone. Will we just have to suck it up and wait for him to level up?

  • Banner capture

    Lets say that our enemy popped their banner. We push them back off their banner and then we take it. Since there are may be multiple groups/guilds that are performing this, how are the benefits/items distributed when a banner is captured?

  • How much wood would a woodchuck chuck… πŸ˜‰

    What sort of variation can we expect in PvE content? Do enemy spawns have static locations? Will enemies always fight the same way and drop the same basic loot? In other words, is the PvE fairly predictable, relying heavily on the PvP to make gameplay feel fresh after months of playing?

    What’s in place to encourage players to try different tactics and strategies, make different choices, after months of PvP? Just having the ability to play differently and refresh one’s own game experience doesn’t mean people will do that. What’s going to make players think “hey, i should try something new!” ?

    Enjoy it, man. I can’t believe it’s already July 8th!

  • Inspect in-game and out.
    Will they make /inspect in-game and if yes, will I be able to do some sort of anti-inspect command to prevent others inspecting me.
    Will there be the same situation on web-based data base? (same as inspecting, like turning it on and off).

  • This sounds silly but one thing that bothers me is do you receive gold from scenarios?

    They have said you can level from 1-40 rvring but if you have zero cash from doing this I don’t see how you are on a par with pvers.

  • I want to know why they chose the art direction they did, why did they not go for the gothic feel of Warhammer and instead go for the art direction of WOW. And don’t say because it can go on every computer, because I’m sure they could have gone gothic without the need of an uber computer.

    Maybe you could ask it more nicely.

  • How about further explanation on the three types of instances, what they really are and if PVE dungeon raids are or are not (hopefully not) going to be in the game?

  • I’m gonna throw in that I want Sylar’s question asked too. Lately the videos have looked more and more cel-shaded to me, the art seems to be moving away from the grittier gothic look and even not quite WoW-art, almost (dare I say it) saturday morning cartoon-like (especially those little horses). On characters in particular.

    It’s an honest question tho, even if it sounds like a critique, is this just a matter of low settings for framerate on the videos, or is that intended art direction? It doesn’t seem to match the preproduction art (which I was stoked about) or even some of the screenshots.

    I dunno, just like Sylar, can you put this into a more neutral question, or perhaps lump it together with other “concerns”?

  • Guys PVE in WAR is very rudimentary. Think DAOC + PQs with no dragons and some instances.

    Seriously if you want pve stay in WoW PLEASE. Don’t make them do a second ToA and kill another RvR game.

    Kings are pve, but be honest about it. After first time they are killed and strat posted, they will be easy. If they do a raiding progression they gona alienate pretty much every person that played DAOC and canceled account when TOA made pve a must.

  • Actually, maybe a better way than that is to actually get a demonstration of the video settings, low, medium, high and all that, I’d love to see what the range is like visually.

  • What are the chances of a Mac version of the game? I know I am going back to school come August and would love to be able to get a little warhammer action between classes on my macbook air πŸ™‚

  • Will we see a feature that allows same faction PvP battles for guilds? I would love to be able to have my elf guild battle a dwarf guild once and a while.

  • Will EA/Mythic offer authentication via a token for additional security for their players?

  • I Don’t have any questions about WAR but I do want to see more infomation about another EA Bioware game…Dragon Age.

  • Some great questions!

    @Oath: I love a few of yours, I understand the argument that helmets are part of the classes look. But then at the same time…Why give us some special faces in the CE if they’re just going to be covered up!

    And the plumage on the KotBS is the one thing really keeping me away from that class to be honest. I mean, I’m all for big swords and armor and such. But when we get into fanciful plumage well…

    @rogerik: If you’re still checking this post or comments I wanna let you know the WAR community is great, check out sites like warhammeralliance.com, thegreenskin.com, waaagh.wordpress.com, and only-war.com have some great articles and friendly forums for people looking into the game.

    I’m starting to feel like even if the game amazingly bombs I’ll still want to play simply because of the community. =p

  • 1) What are Mythics feelings that the new class changes will do for the lower levels?

    2) Could Mythic go through the tier 4 campain stages for the CCs that are being taken out?