WoW’s attempt at Open-world PvP

I’ve known for some time that Blizzard would be trying their hand at finally introducing some real open-world PvP in WoW.  The details of said attempt have only recently begun to come into focus.

* Lake Wintergrasp is WoW’s first non-battleground zone solely devoted to PvP action.
* According to a fixed, rolling schedule, one faction will defend the keep/mine, and the other faction will assault it. Both sides will fight over towers and siege workshops scattered around the zone.
* If the attacking force succeeds in capturing the keep/mine, that faction will defend it during the next rotation. If that attacking force fails to capture the final objective before the next rotation, that faction will be given more resources (unknown to what those might be for now)” to balance out the fight, and give every faction a chance to hold Lake Wintergrasp.
* Lake Wintergrasp will feature a variety of new daily quests. These quests include (but are not limited to): quests where you have to ride a mount with an NPC, holding attackers at bay; flying aircraft quests; flying mount quests where you have to lower ropes to evacuate NPCs; in these quests, mounts can hold multiple players!
* Wintergrasp Marks of Honor will drop in the zone. These marks are necessary for honor gear acquired through the Honor system.
* When a faction controls Lake Wintergrasp, bosses in Northrend will drop Spirit shards like objects for that faction only. These objects will be necessary for buying certain PvP gear.
* When you control a tower, you will keep it for a certain amount of time before it becomes available for capture (like the Spirit Towers)
* Before capturing the keep, the walls must be destroyed by weapons.

A fixed schedule, forced swapping, grinding tokens to get gear… yep sounds like Blizzard PvP to me.  They always find a way to turn their pvp into a sporting event or grind…   Yet this is actually a step up for WoW PvP!  To me that does not bode well for WoW’s ability to hold the attention of PvPers beyond the release of WAR.

Blizzard needs to do away with the idea that open-world PvP is nothing more than a larger battleground.  Get rid of the grinding for tokens.  Lose the e-sport happy meal mentality and make it EPIC!  If not then WoW will continue to be the game for people who like e-sport pvp and hamster wheel pve.  It’s probably too late anyway given that the next phase of mmorpg releases marks, in my mind, the further decline of WoW.

If you’re going to add open-world pvp in an expansion rivaling the release of a game that is centered around open-world pvp (rvr) doesn’t it make sense to, at the very least, offer a competitive design?  I think Blizzard would almost be better off trying to create an experience closer to RvR.  At this point who cares if people consider it blatant copying?  Do it right or don’t do it at all.

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