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WOOOHOO!!! I was gone all day at a wedding and doing other stuff away from the house and comp and when I came home I had absolutely no expectations for a Blizzard announcement. I walked into “The Cave” (what we call our gaming room) and Graev tells me in the most nonchalant way, “Blizzard made their announcement today”. “WHAT?! WHAT IS IT?!”, was my reply. “Some stupid WotLK date or something”, he says again in that complete mellow tone. I went to my pc and turned it on, of course making my normal stop at Blizzard’s main site. Upon checking Blizzard.com I’m greeted by the epic words: ” And the heavens… SHALL TREMBLE”… I was floored at that point and spent an hour devouring every word of the new Official Diablo III website.

I’m almost at a loss for words right now. FINALLY a PC game worth waiting for that isn’t a mmorpg. If you haven’t already, get yourself to the official site immediately and digest all the information. A few notes I took in my head from watching the debut gameplay trailer, trailer, looking at screenshots, artwork, etc:

  • The environmental graphics, animations, spell effects, and overall the entire game just looks amazing.
  • The Barbarian’s abilities look crazy. Lots more flying around, stomping, smashing, and fun.
  • The Witch Doctor is a perfect class choice. The spells like the swarm and zombie wall provoked an audible “WOAH!” while I watched the debut gameplay trailer.
  • Gear looks great and the effects on it will be spectular
  • More randomized maps = more replayability
  • Bosses looked epic
  • An improved B.Net! (Graev and I both think they’ll charge money, heh)

There’s so much more to say but that’s enough for now. I’m stoked, elated, giddy, and all that good stuff. Seems like only Blizzard is capable of bringing that excitement out in me and it’s never been for a mmorpg. Go figure.

Guesses on a release date? Dibs on October 31, 2009!

  • For sure. Graev and I are rummaging through our cupboards of games trying to find the old cdkeys. Definitely time to dungeon crawl in preparation.

  • thought you would never post on that keen =P

    And yeah I too reinstalled Diablo 2 to have some necromancer-action. And I’m also taking a look at mythos again.

    But I think there is no doubt that Diablo 3 will surpass them all – mythos, diablo2 and hellgate london – it will be a blast

  • “. . .PC game worth waiting for that isnรขโ‚ฌโ„ขt a mmorpg.”

    Um.. Starcraft II

  • I’m looking forward to SC2, definitely. But thinking about SC2 doesn’t give me chills like thinking about D3. SC2 for me is one of those games that I’ll play for years and enjoy the heck out of it, but I don’t care when it comes out. D3 I want … NOW. I want to play it, devour the story, level characters. It’s that “RPG” side that grabs at me.

  • Heh. I stayed up till 4 AM to watch the live stream of the WWI, just to see the announcement. I reinstalled Diablo 2, and am now back on Battle.net, playing a Druid Tank ๐Ÿ™‚

  • That whole Mythos beta thing was probably fouled up by their complete redesign of the game. Back when I got really into it and leveled several characters they were still stuck in that isometric view. Now they’ve moved into that “mmorpg” view which I have not tried.

    I wonder how worried Mythos’ devs are now that D3 is coming. Although Mythos will be f2p it’s still going to be obliterated.

  • I watched the gameplay trailer again and at the end you can see that big boss lift up one of the player and kill him by biting off his head. I wonder if that’s some sort of fatality system they built in the game. Maybe bosses have a chance to insta-kill when you’re below 20% hp or something. THAT would be cool.

  • As for the Mythos comment, the new Overworld is nice. But the game feels lacking (as a MMO and a preverbial sequal to D2). It doesn’t offer much in variety of game play (especially between classes) and each class’ talent trees all feel the same. Here is hoping Blizzard can make D3 alive (in a reasonable amount of time).

  • I watched the whole WWI livestream today and Diablo 3 was by far the most interesting game – you will be able to complete the game solo again, but naturally you will have more fun playing in a group and those groups are targeted to be around 4-5 people in size, so it won’t become to chaotic. And we will have characters with the ability to heal. They don’t plan to introduce all characters from Diablo 2, so there will be new ones coming (they also said that the witch doctor is no replacement for the necromancer). Everything will be randomly created, even the script events. Loot will drop for everyone in the group individually(just like in HGL). They want to have as little downtime as possible to keep the fast pace of the game. The difficulty levels will be there again as well as the hardcore mode, the inventory system is going to be changed and the item and I guess we will have that secret stuff again (cow level! *pray*)

    Hope I told you at least something new, that were the most important things I heard while watching the livestream, many things they didn’t want to talk about yet but they said there will be very huge and suprising news coming the next months.

  • I’ve already played Diablo 3. It’s called Diablo 2. =)

    I’m kidding. But not really. It looks to me like D2. I loved D2 but what’s new here?

    I have to admit that SC2 looks a lot like the original SC also. Meh, maybe I’m just in a bad mood. As much as I liked D2, it didn’t have that crack deathgrip on me like the original SC did or like WOW did.

    Is Blizz just going to keep rehashing its three franchises forever? Well, I’m pretty sure I’ll pick up SC2. And I should know better than to question Blizz. They really haven’t put out a bad game yet. But SC2 and D3 sure do seem to be just like the earlier versions but with better graphics.

  • I don’t know why another hack and slash game would be all that demanding to wait for. Ethic said it best on Kill Ten Rats: I’ve played Diablo III, its called Diablo II.

    Not saying the game will suck, far from it, but I think it is a bit funny to be so excited for what pans out to be simply an update to an existing game.

    Diablo III will be a solid time waster, but I don’t see it being as revolutionary as everyone is making it out to be at the moment. Great game for friends, as all the Diablos have been.

  • Febuary 2010 for release.

    I’m totally pumped that my necro is back and now is a witchdoctor.

  • Early 2011 is the closest I can see. They usually announce games around 3 years before release.

  • Let me be the first to say: Meh!

    I’ve had my complete fill of that kind of gameplay with the first two installments. Don’t get me wrong, D3 looks cool, but I’m just too jaded after hacking my way through the 5 million monsters Blizzard threw at me last time. Just the thought of hearing the same old sound effects again, over and over and over add over… is making me nauseous.

    I think Blizzard will try for a simultaneous PC/MAC/Console release on this one. It’s high time that they expanded into the Console market, and D3 looks like the perfect title to do it with.

    A mouse-saving tip to those of you re-installind D2: you can attack repeatedly by holding down the mouse button.

  • Heh I loved the original Diablo, and I still haven’t played Diablo II(crucify me now) but I am quite excited about this, and I think I will go it solo through out the millions of monsters.

  • I’m super happy even though I saw it coming, 5 classes at release is kinda underwhelming though, my only issue. ๐Ÿ™

  • I truly loved D1 and D2 – that’s why I’m so hyped for D3. Yep, they’re hack and slash games. Yep, they play just like their predecessors. I do think it’s more than just an update to an existing game though. There seems to be enough differences being added in D3 to create that hype for me.

    Loot dropping for the individual = awesome. I’m happy to see them going that route.

  • yeah and it will be a new story, new items, partially new classes, new places and tweaks to the gameplay – isn’t this pretty much what every sequel to any game does? o,o

  • Yep, that’s what I expect Tom. It’s not as though Blizzard were creating a whole new game that looks just like Diablo and plays just like Diablo… this is a sequel and IS Diablo.

  • from the livestream: just heard something about the “fatalities” – they are called Critical Deaths, which basicaly happens when you kill a monster with a special ability so the monster will literaly explode – and it seems that the bosses are able to do that to players too ^^

    (was kind of funny, their philosophy behind this was: Monster + Explode = Awesome :D)

    sounds fun

  • Never played Diablo or Diablo2, so Diablo3 doesn’t mean much to me. Don’t really know much about the series and life’s too short to start learning. My current problem is that there are far, far too many MMOs I want to play and I can only really do justice to one at a time. I’m hoping for fewer games that catch my interest so that I can settle down into the ones I already play and not get grass-is-greener syndrome over and over.

  • I can’t say much that hasn’t been said already… just Keen. If I go Order in WAR and you go Dest… then oh well.

    Because I’M SURE we’ll be playing plenty of this next year together.

    Hell YES. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • @Loot dropping for the individual: This is something that Flagship, Titan Quest, and even Dungeon Runners have done. If they didn’t… I’d be shocked. Thank god they are.

  • Yay… another Blizzard Game you have to pay for, to play it online. Sorry, bit this firm somehow hast lost any credibility.

  • Some people are speculating that the new Battle.net is gonna be subscription based, nobody’s sure though o.O

  • I think Battle.net 2.0 could turn out to be something like Valve’s Steam: a DRM management and digital content distribution system.

  • If you didn’t notice, some screenshots belongs to year 2004!! This shows that Blizzard works on diablo 3 for a long time.
    According to gamespot.com, game will release at 12/31/08 !!!
    I hope its right and game seems wonderful.
    I’m also curious about Diablo 3 can be like mmo where all ppl can meet with each other anywhere but I’m not sure about this only a guess.

  • “Yeah. I bet they watched the mind blowing gameplay trailer with terror in their eyes.”

    Was that sarcasm? I’m not sure, because it sounded serious, but there was nothing ‘mind blowing’ about that gameplay trailer. It’s Diablo 2 with better graphics. That’s great and all, but hardly mind blowing.

    Mythos doesn’t really have anything to worry about. It’s going to be out a lot sooner than Diablo 3, and is much more accessible (no purchase cost, lower system requirements). Mythos will also most likely have a T rating, while Diablo 3 seems likely to have an M. Mythos will have a niche market even when Diablo 3 shows up. Will they lose lots of players to D3 when it release? Almost certainly, but that’s the fate of every game in the face of new releases.

  • I am totally pumped for this game! I was pretty young when D2 was in its prime and just couldn’t get into it. So in a way this will be my first in the series as I really haven’t dedicated a serious amount of time with any other Diablo game. Watching the trailer got me so pumped up I had to install D2 and go play with a necromancer for awhile despite the craptastic graphics.I just hope this title isn’t multiple years away. I would love to see it before the end of 2009.

  • To all those that are saying Diablo 3 is just more of D2. Well really Daiblo was really a graphical version of NetHack which was really Hack.

    My point, so what if we have seen this game already, it is still a very enjoyable pass time. And it will be a new story.

  • Best gaming news for a long time. It looks great. My main worry is that they’ll screw up the skills system by trying to make it too balance, instead of allowing the insane amount of possibilities that D2 had.

  • Think its gonna be a great success like the 1 and the 2.. Hope they do something about the lightsettings so the game gets darker..