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Paul Barnett and Jeff “The” Hickman were on G4’s X-Play today showing off Warhammer Online. Nothing new was mentioned but the gameplay footage looked very polished. Here’s the clip:

Classic X-Play short and crappy interview where they give the guests little time to say anything. “Okay you have 10 seconds, GO!” … You guys did a good job though!

Quotes that stood out:
Jeff and Paul: “We have everything you would expect from a MMO; The greatest hits.”
Paul: “Your game, your way”

  • Watching it on the TV here at home I was able to see how tired Paul looked. How many hours of sleep have you had in the past few days Paul? πŸ˜› Sweden to L.A. *cringe*

  • The recent gameplay footage leads me to believe that WAR is the nerdy girl in all the 80’s movies that takes off her glasses and becomes super hot.

  • Good interview, don’t know why you think it was crappy at all.

    Normally I think X-Play stuff sucks, but they are pretty good with their hands-on stuff, this was a good interview. I don’t know what else you would expect from a 30 minute show, 5 minutes is a good amount of time for an interview.

  • Nothing new, sure… but damn did that make me want to play a Black Orc. Looking so bad to the friggin’ bone as he did.

    But then I’d be betrayin’ me stunties!

    Really, what this video did for me aside make me want to play it more, is show me just how clean and polished it is 3-5 months from release.

    My friend that’s in the beta swears that he’d play it right now if it came out and never look back. He’s absolutely through the roof about how good it all is (the PQs, the scenarios, the RvR, the PvE, the crafting, and so on and so forth). In fact he couldn’t go back to Conan after playing it because of this.

    I guess that makes me glad I’m not in beta… yet. πŸ™‚ I’d like to enjoy Conan for as long as I can before this sucks my will to live a real life away.

  • I’m gonna admit that I’m not fanatical about WAR in any sense of the word, so I haven’t been scouring the web trying to garner tidbits, but this is the first time I’ve seen a gameplay video; where I can totally see myself playing this game.

    That’s a pretty big deal, while the show they were on was rubbish, this has put my hype notch up quite a few levels. Considering my disappointment of AoC, this could tear me away from my routine boredom of WoW/L2.

  • Quotes that stood out:
    Jeff and Paul: β€œWe have everything you would expect from a MMO; The greatest hits.”

    You actually fell for that? Come on now, I thought you were smarter than that. The only reason I read this blog is because you seem somewhat intelligent.

    Ok, so here is the real deal. As much as it is flame bate, its also true to an extent; WAR is a WoW clone. (as emo fanbois around the world begin cry)

    WoW = PvE Raiding and PvP e-ports
    WAR = PvP Zerging and Selfishness

    To understand the game design you have to understand the designer. Mark Jacobs… Hes the guy in WoW bitching about never being able to find a group. Hes the guy bitching about better geared players being overpowered. Hes the guy who spends as much time in game as the hardcore raiders, but is unable to get in with a good raiding guild due to his selfish personality.

    Mark Jacobs, the guy who acts like a think skinned immature little sissy on random fan site forums being unprofessional, playing favorites, and flaming potential customers. The same guy who refuses to open an official warhammer forum because he doesn’t want to deal with unhappy subscribers…


    I honestly hope I’m wrong, the genre needs some fresh air.

  • You forgot “Mark Jacobs- the guy who led the team that made the game whose PvP (RvR) was ten times more entertaining than WoW’s”

  • “WoW = PvE Raiding and PvP e-ports”

    wow is a joke of an esport, mmos will never be an esport, sorry

  • Comparing WoW’s PvP to WAR’s PvP is like comparing a game of Tecmo Bowl to a game of Madden NFL 08. “Madden is such a clone of Tecmo Bowl! It uses the same type field, the same type ball and everything!!!1!!”
    It’s just sad to see someone who actually believes that since WoW is bigger, that means it’s better. Maybe you should take time out from your busy six days a week of hard core raiding Karazan and try something different. You might actually realize that you’ve been blindly following a game that most people have already discovered isn’t the end all be all.
    WoW is the game that brought MMORPGs into the mainstream. Nothing about it is groundbreaking or unique any more. It’s a lot like a bike with training wheels. When you first started riding a bike you didn’t want to ever use anything else.

  • “We took the death penalty away. We took item wear away. Why don’t we just stop trying to make a world, and just make a game instead…”

    Famous last words!

    After hearing this, I am already done with WAR. I hope you have fun with it, but I can’t live another disappointment out of a MMO launch!


  • I spent more time watching Paul look at Morgan’s boobs than his commentary..

    I mean these guys are chumps.

    “Something new and exciting”

    Cutaway to video

    “Killed 8/10 Trolls”

    That’s new!