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ChaosCast Episode #2: “Technical Difficulties: Please Stand By…”, brought to you by the troublesome Trio of WAR Bloggers (Snafzg, Syp, and Keen), is available for your listening pleasure! Our first episode had a few glitches and issues that needed working out, but we’re all very pleased that Episode #2 shows a lot of improvement. On that topic, the title for this episode is actually an inside joke that Syp eludes to at the end of the podcast. My 2nd computer that we use to record was having major issues that turned what should have been a pleasant recording session into hell. Once I brought out the 3rd computer and got things squared away we were able to finish the podcast before my co-hosts declared mutiny. 😉

Episode #2 is packed full of discussion; we managed to condense this episode into just about 50 minutes. Our goal is still to try and get these episodes down to 30-45 minutes without losing the content. We hope you enjoy!

ChaosCast Episode #2:

Show Notes/Outline:
Round-table Discussion:
1. What first sparked our interest in WAR?
2. What race and class are we most looking forward to playing?
3. WHA poll analysis (fears vs. reality)
4. WoW copying WAR (release timing, RvR battleground, achievements)?
-Follow-up: Can any MMO at this point claim to have even one truly original idea (public quests)?
5. Michael Zenke’s criticisms of WAR, especially unfinished cities and features… another possible delay?

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The Blow Hole (Listener Mail):
We take the questions that YOU submitted to us over the past two weeks and do our best to answer them and even mix in a little discussion.

ChaosCast is about the community for Warhammer Online. If you have any questions, suggestions, topics, or feedback that we can use for our next or future episodes please leave a comment on any one of our sites. We hope you enjoy.

  • For some reason I listened to the whole thing and enjoyed it. Thanks for the effort! 😛

    Im with you on the “Please Mythic, dont bomb this game!”. If this sucks too like AoC did, im prolly gonna quit the whole MMORPG scene. :/ (Until the next MMORPG launches of course)

    That is not likely, because I dont think its the norm to leave half of the promised content out of launch.

    The balancing will be hard, but I for one am content with my class being either on the top (of course ;)) or my class being near the middle. I just hope they make the classes unique (and not design a one main tank or a one main healer, because that just blows. /wave at Warrior in WoW).

  • Sweet, an shout out in a Podcast…I’m famous!

    But really, thanks for the plug, hopefully one day I get some of the adoration you guys really have.

    Listining to the podcast now )p

  • Definitely looks like you implemented a lot of the suggestions from the first podcast (BTW this is Nollind in case you’re wondering) and made it even more concise and informative than the first. Great job guys!

  • Great show but there needs to be a 1000% increase in the use of Captain Falcon songs from Super Smash Brothers.

  • Obviously you can’t have an MMORPG without having some sort of throwback. Just being an MMORPG disqualifies you from being completely original :P.

    I haven’t played a ton of MMORPGs and the ones I did play, I didn’t play very extensively. The MMORPG I have played most is Guild Wars and then EVE Online in second and World of Warcraft in Third and a slew of others fourth, fifth, probably down to eighth but I’ll be darned if I can remember what I’ve played. Yeah, f*** me, I run on. Anyways, has there ever been a game that had unique bosses and stuff like that? If that’s true, then Force of Arms doesn’t get credit for being original in that regard.

    Cheers. Great podcast!

  • These are great guys. You tackle some sweet issues, and I appreciate the amount of time and effort you put into these to make them fresh and informational.