Pokemon Darkrai at Toys R Us

Graev turns to me this morning while we’re still both waking up and just browsing the web for anything new or interesting and says “HOLY CRAP! Toys R Us is having this event to get an all new exclusive Pokemon!”.  My response of course being, “WTF? So?”.  Graev reminded me of our mission we set out to accomplish back in February to catch all the Pokemon in our Diamon and Pearl versions.  We’ve been slacking hard on this goal over the past few months and I have no real reason why.  We both love Pokemon and feel no shame in admitting it.  Men can love Pokemon, okay?

Before we set out on this adventure I first wanted to know the details.  How do we get it?  What does it include?  Is it going to be free?  What’s the catch?  That sort of thing.  Apparently it’s this event at Toys R Us and there is no catch.  You simply show up and get your pokemon.  Here’s a bit more of the details:

I had to head out to Best Buy anyway so this wasn’t that big of a deal.  “You ready to go?”, I asked Graev.  “I’m not going, you’re going”, he says to me.  I gave him the evil eye but he didn’t crack.  I guess if we wanted these Pokemon for our Pokedex it was up to me to go into a Toys R Us with my DS in hand.  “Don’t forget to take my game too!”, Graev shouts at me as I head out the door.  *shakes fist at Graev*  You win this round.

So I get to Toys R Us and walk in feeling really stupid at this point.  Graev con’d me into this whole deal by getting me excited then dropping the ball.  Nevertheless I was here so I might as well go through with it.  I wandered around looking for the gaming section.  I hadn’t been in a Toys R Us in a while and they’re constantly remodeling this place.  I found the new games section after a few minutes of aimless meandering and started to feel just a tad embarassed.  “It’s perfectly acceptable for a 23 yr. old to like Pokemon”, I kept telling myself.  A little positive self-reassurement never hurts.  When I entered the little game section (not so little, and actually not too shabby either) I saw a few other people standing about looking at games and in the very center I beheld a great sign post that said “Darkrai!”.

I looked around and slowly approached the sign.  Clearly labled with pictures and instructions this sign was the key to the coveted Darkrai Pokemon that I sought.  I looked around again to make sure no one saw me before I began fiercly examining the sign.  I booted up my DS and moved away from the sign slowly.  As I was going through to steps to download Darkrai I noticed two others standing about awkwardly swaddling something.  They too were  holding DS’ and downloading Darkrai!  They looked much older than myself and were probably a married couple.  Suddenly I didn’t feel too bad.  There are other weirdos downloading pokemon in the middle of Toys R Us, so this has to be socially acceptable behavior!

I finished downloading Darkrai to both of our games and calmly walked out of the games section.  There were a few awkward glances my way from employees and mothers guarding their little ones, but I had accomplished my goal.  I obtained the coveted Darkrai Pokemon from Toys R Us.

  • nobody better act like pokemon wasnt the biggest thing 5 years ago, or that they still dont have the cards. i hope they make a pokemon mmo

  • I loves my pogeymans, but I skipped out on the Darkrai event because I had friends over. 🙁

  • I still don’t understand why the awkward glances and the nervousness about it, you may only be 23 but that’s still old enough to have a child and be out shopping for them. Admittedly you weren’t but the point still stands, there’s no reason to think you weren’t a man shopping for his kid.

  • LOL first reaction and then a bit of more LOL but it dont matter Pokemon was like the best thing ever when i was in primary school and yes i still have the cards lol but none where very special O.o anyway skipped out on all teh new ones (past sapphire ) cose i didn’t have a GBA at the time and my ds broke before diamond came out lol

  • @Mike

    The obvious logical conclusion to draw from that line of argument is to borrow a neighbor’s child, preferably one who likes pokemon, and go download it together.

    Barring that, just get the kid some ice cream for coming to the store with you.

    What? Why are you looking at me like that?

  • See, when I was a kid, we tried to find an adult that would buy us beer. Now, we’re adults trying to get kids to obatain Pokemon.

    I’m guessing a straight Darkrai-for-Jager trade would work out well for everyone involved.

  • My daughter hit Toys R Us on Saturday as well. You can get away with a lot of stuff as long as you have a 6 year old in tow.

    Funny you should mention “Men can love Pokemon.” One thing I have heard a few times with my daughter along, from young boys, is, “She likes Pokemon… but she’s a girl?!?!”

  • Wow,I actually got it without the event.Unfortunately since I used the action replay I can’t go to the island without just walking over the water between fullmoon and newmoon isle.Worse yet my action replay broke and I have to put all the codes back on.

    P.S. Most people think that pokemon is the gayest thing to ever shame this earth(but they’re the ones who grow up to get paid minimum wage at food lion).