Penny Arcade Game

Graev is busy playing the new Penny-Arcade game “On the rain slick Precipice of Darkness: Episode One”. I tried pulling him away from the game to get him to post about it but he promptly told me “NO! I’ll post about it when I’m done playing!”… then he started rambling about fruit and clockwork things and… yeah. I think the giggles erupting from his corner of the room are a good indication that he’s enjoying the game.

I’m going to download the demo to see what’s so dang funny.

Oh, and here’s the trailer.


  • Looks cool I may download the demo myself.
    I quite like the episodic variants used in some games recently – Sam & Max has been resurrected with it; I really enjoyed the Sam & Max games originally, they were kind of like a light-hearted Myst.

  • I totally, totally, TOTALLY support this.

    But BE WARNED. There is a point near the beginning where the game takes a sharp from fun to terribly difficult.

    If you like the style, humor and content of the comics, you will LOVE the game.

  • It levels out again after a bit, but yeah, that’s a sharp turn. Use lots of consumables and you’ll get through it ok though.

    I tried the demo and ended up springing for the unlock key after reaching the end. I’ve really enjoyed it because it feels very much like playing an interactive penny arcade comic, and, well, I like penny arcade.

    My only concern is that it seems very . . . short. For half the price of a full game I would expect half the length of a full game, but I think I’m almost done (I could be wrong) after only 4-5 hours of play (at most). I hope future episodes are either cheaper or longer . . . but even if they’re not I’ll probably buy them anyway.

  • I bought it just for the humor.

    Narrator: “Do not dwell on my mysterious identity!”
    “You’re dwelling on it, aren’t you? I urge you, do not!”

    Sinister mailboxes and fruit-humping robots. It’s just too good to be true. 🙂

    I also bought it because the humor makes it a game that a non-gamer friend or family member could enjoy watching me play.