Final verdict for AoC

Unfortunately our time in Hyboria has come to an end. Graev and I decided this afternoon to cancel our subscriptions and abstain from purchasing Age of Conan. This decision did not come easy, nor was it quick. We have spent hours (and several bottles of pepto bismol) debating the pros and cons of playing the game. In the end we decided that the cons outweighed the pros for us.

We simply could not force ourselves to enjoy the game anymore (yes, we did enjoy it for the first 30 levels). The leveling system is boring and the quests are hauntingly repetitive and lackluster (See previous blog posts this week). Neither of us could feel immersed in the game at all because of the massive use of instancing ala Guild Wars and how detached our characters felt from the world. Tobold put it best when he said that Hyboria lacks that world feeling. Trying to get a mini-game going on our server (One of the more popular servers out there) has been incredibly difficult and mostly a waste of time because of leavers. Looking forward, we can not see a future for ourselves in the end-game PvP in AoC. Sieges are simply too inaccessible due to Funcom’s scheduling system and without sieges the PvP lacks any meaning for us. Lastly, there are a few “little things” that bother us like Funcom leaving the NDA for closed beta up indefinitely, privatizing of the official forums, exploiters being allowed to max out their characters without repercussion, and the worst itemization we have ever seen.

Recommending games to our readers is something we take seriously. We can not recommend Age of Conan at this time. However, that does not mean it’s a bad game. It’s simply not a game for us or one that we would tell our friends to go out and buy.

Since we are not playing the game our AoC podcast is obviously canceled. We apologize to those of you who were looking forward to future episodes. However, our K&G Podcast that covers the gaming industry as a whole will still be recorded and published on a regular basis.

What will we do now? We’re going to continue looking forward to mmorpgs currently in development — the holy grail is out there still waiting to be found. This summer will surely be a difficult one without a mmo but there are plenty of games coming in the next few months and beta’s we are participating in to get us through.

We wish all the best to Funcom and Age of Conan.

NOTE: Comments have been disabled on this post because the fanboys have taken to personal attacks, insults, and trolling.  Find yourselves a new bridge to crawl under, thanks.

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