Keen and Graev are on Wiccana!

We decided to join the party and create characters on the Wiccana server in Age of Conan.  Our names in-game are (you guessed it) Keen and Graev.

Keen the Stygian Tempest of Set

Graev the Aquilonian (or Cimmerian… lol he forgets) Guardian.

We decided this team would best fit our style of being completely self dependent if necessary.

If you’re on the Wiccana server let us know!  We want to network with as many people as we possibly can because, let’s face it, mmorpgs are boring without friends and community.

And uh, LFGuild!

  • Join the hyborian heroes we are all about building up our network.

  • Hey, Keen I’m on Wiccana. I have an Aquilonian Assassin (I know so does everyone) named Coraxius. See you in Hyboria. Oh, and just to say this (I’m only lvl 6 atm) but the games seems to have a bit more polish than the open beta did. Which is nice to see. I’m not sure how deep the polish goes, but hey, it’s a start.

  • Ah nice to see you rolled a tempest as well ;). Game is much better than I expected, runs flawlessly so far…

  • Man, I’m so jealous. Long time lurker here, but I’m excited to play the game. I’ll be rolling in Wiccana . . . on Tuesday 🙁

  • is this the same game i tested in open beta ? it does not play like it the game runs sooooooo much better

    i think they could be on to a winner my main worry was how the game would run and it runs great

    now i just worry how the end game will be but its still early and have time to work on it

  • See the sky isn’t falling, its not as bad as we thought it would be. Overall I’m very happy with the game and will continue to try it out.

  • So far so good on the “miracle patch”. I’ve never been much of a believer in such things but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

    Let’s hope it continues out of Tortage. 🙂

  • Great. Now I want to play after convincing myself to sit it out. Thanks guys.

  • Sounds good. I also thought it’s better to wait until some users could share their thoughts of the game and its stability (I too was in beta and had stability issues). Looking forward to hear more about the current state of the game from you guys! =)

  • Game does indeed look awesome. Just wish I would not such as much on my bear shaman but I heard they are truly awesome at higher levels.

    Anyway it doesn´t look like the sky is falling down like some said on the forums.

  • Great to hear that the game feels better than ob/cb. I am going to pick it up tommorow

  • Graev and I will do a podcast because we can’t possibly convey our true thoughts in writing so you guys can look forward to that sometime hopefully tomorrow.

    There are still a few things I really hate like the singleplayer quests… *shudder* I truly can’t stand them anymore. Graev and I are both dying to finish them up here soon.

    We just hit level 12 and should hopefully be close to leaving Tortage tonight.

  • Old rig, settings down slightly below medium. Game still looks beautiful and it runs well all things considering.

    Once I get my new rig though … *drool*.. full settings with dx10… it will be amazing. 😉

  • I’m glad you’re pleased with AoC for once.))
    What’s your new rig specs?

  • Haha, I had just convinced myself I was going to let the game pass and wait for WAR, and here you are talking it up. I was so non-plussed when I got out of Tortage on PvP weekend that I don’t think I’m interested, even if the play is silky smooth. I’m not ruling it out completely, but you’ll have to keep raving about it to convince me that I need to see what I’m missing 🙂

  • Glad You are happy. I have the same views on the game the way you do. If you guys are having fun that is a good sign for me come tuesday.

  • It sounds like you made a good choice to go PVE. I hear the PVP servers are experiencing ganking already and that there is no invulnerability window when you spawn to protect you from being spawn camped. Apparently White Sands is one of those PVP enabled places. Good luck leveling!

  • I have to say, I’m only lvl 11 at the moment, but I’m having a pretty damn good time. I do agree Keen, I need to leave Tortage, but hell, at least it’s better than it was.
    Maybe I’ve just got new game goggles on…

  • I have to agree with you Keen with your earlier posts that this combat isn’t anything revolutionary. A bit disappointing and yeah, these early quests… boring.

  • Just wondering when the first 80 will be reached. I’ve read there are some high level 20s and possibly 30s running around on some servers already.

  • Well I do like the fact that I can go night/single player as there are 50 million people on my pvp realm 😉

    But so far I have seen zero crazy kids running around nakes and many are mature and leaves me alone when I quest even on a ffa pvp server. Respect peeps!

    Game seem to run a lot better than I thought and dx10 adds some amazing dazzle. I even love tortage especially when I compare it to the bland starting areas in wow. One destiny quest just had me captured in a castle and I had to fight my way out.. woot!

  • Looks like I’ll be moving to Wiccana too, along with my guildmates.

    The RP-PvP experience on Cimmeria I had was a nasty ganking mess: the very first time our group ventured into White Sands it was continuous spawn camping from a swarm of blatantly non-RP players. Unapologetic griefing of lowbies, the works. I don’t know if it will continue that way, but I experienced enough of it.

    Anyway, lesson learned. I was hoping for checks and balances for FFA PvP, or at least some restraint on the RP-PvP server. I’d have been happy to get killed when I wasn’t paying attention, or even zerged now and then, but the respawn killing just isn’t fun.

    D’oh, wishful thinking.

  • Tortage has to be the worst starting area of any of the MMORPG I have played. I’m so glad to be out of it but I dread going back and starting over again with any new class I want to try out. –Travler, Bear Shamen