AoC Server List – which one to choose?

The server list for Age of Conan is posted. Let the server choosing commence! We still have no idea which one we’re going to pick. We’ve narrowed it down to PvE which, as you can see, isn’t really narrowed much at all.

US Servers (Early Access 17th of May)

PvE Servers

*Gwahlur (recommended Oceanic)

PvP Servers

*Bloodspire (recommended Oceanic)

RP-PvP Server


We’ll probably end up playing on one of the more populated servers. Perhaps one that some of our friends choose.

[Thanks to Daedren and others for the heads up!]

  • Not that anyone really cares, but if I had to choose just by name, I’d go with Derketo, because that particular story was fantastic.

  • Be happy to have you on Derketo Keen and Graev!
    check out our community some time, its filled with great people

  • @Flying Norseman: Early on, about a year or so ago the server-types were a big topic on Funcom’s forums and there was an active campaign against RP-PvE servers. The general thesis was that if you’re roleplaying in a brutal world, you should expect it to happen most anywhere.

    I didn’t agree at the time, but I did become accustomed to the idea.

  • Me and my guild are going to Deathwhisper PvP server.

    There’s a huge community of PvPers going there, and it will quite possibly be the most competitive PvP server in the game.

  • I am suprised at how many pvp servers there are. Either I am really out of touch with todays players(which may be the case) or Funcom has seriously over estimated the people who will actually be on these servers regularly in 3 months.I think the latter NOT the former…but we will see.

  • Some of the PvP servers will be ghost towns in a few months and some will be packed and extremely active. It’s just how FFA servers work. I think perhaps 3 would have been enough.

  • Actually most polls showing the interest for pvp servers in AoC is far far higher than the pve ones. Even RP PVP servers had more votes than the pve ones.

    The game is one of pvp combat 🙂

  • Yeah the pve servers will be more populated but the pvp servers will still have a good amount of people I for one will do both since I cant wait do at least some pvp…

  • @Keen: yeah.. um, my experience with “unofficial” RP servers is not a positive one, I’d bet there will be a lot of griefing against the RP’ers, it’s like making a magnet for it. I’ll stick just with the official RP-PvP one myself.

  • I’ll be on Cimmeria, why get a PVP based MMO and avoid it? Sure FFA PVP will be pretty horrible I think even though community problems will exist it’ll be more controlled in the RP-PVP server.

  • PvE servers are just as much about the PvP as PvP servers… there just isn’t that FFA element in the PvE areas. AoC was not designed with FFA pvp at the forefront of their PvP game. It was designed with guild keep sieges and border kingdoms pvp in mind.

    It’s simply avoiding the gankfest and elitist kiddies.

  • Since my guild is planning on a bit of RP, the RP-PvP server is kind of convenient. I’m ~hoping~ it won’t be a gankfest, because I’m also loving the old idea of bandits on the roads and keeping on one’s toes with an eye out for ambushes.

    The subtle difference is whether or not there’ll be much corpse-spawn camping, taking advantage of quest-taking, etc. which I have no doubt will be a serious problem on the PvP servers.

    Such a shame Funcom never got any of the bounty systems and other anti-ganking ideas implemented.

    Now if only I could choose a ‘Pacific’ server, d’oh.

  • @Rog

    In beta there was a discussion a while back about bounties and the reason why it wasn’t implemented. This stems from the part failure UO had, Friend kills and claims bounty they share the perks of griefing.

  • @Rog @Pellious

    There was also an idea of a jail with quests inside for those gankers who are captuted. It seems it’s not implemented as well. If so, i will not be happy, although there is something people need to realize. In WoW on PvP servers both sides stopped attacking eachother verz soon, people were more like /wave /hello /kiss to eachother instead of killing/ganking. Also every low leveler have high level friends (or should have!) to support against gankers. PvP servers make the allinces and frendiship really strong. It’s a long story how ppl from different countries meet eachother, celebrate, etc. 🙂 So.. PvP FTW! 🙂

  • @Anders: I’ve definately seen the polls indicating more demand for PvP servers than PvE servers. However, I think this is a case where FFA PvP sounds like a lot of fun before release, and a ton of people will roll PvP on day one … and then after learning first hand what it’s like to live in a brutish, lawless world, they’ll leave the server.

  • It’s always that way. People flipped out over Mordred/Andred in DAOC but the novelty of FFA pvp wears off very quickly. The same trends are visible in every mmorpg out there. This is precisely why the PvE servers outnumber the PvP.

  • I still think it’s possible to have a FFA or semi-FFA PvP ruleset that reduces the inappropriate ganking. I just don’t think too many methods have been tried. There’s too much pressure for stuff that just works, so they fall back to the same-old-same-old instead of experimenting more.

    For starters, make bounties more of an opportunity for an easy kill, rather than a gold / exp reward. Something that reduces the chances for exploit. Or hell, I’d be fine putting up with exploits, I’m a lot cooler about people wanting to do stupid tedious things for extra gold / whatever, it’d be less annoying than getting cheap shotted while accepting a quest.

    Anyway, I’ll stop playing amateur designer now, heh I’d just have liked to seen them try it a bit more.

  • Imo PvP servers would be quite a mess.I play Lineage 2 and its the most hardcore FFA PvP game i ever played.U can kill anyone anywhere BUT
    a)When u start hit u “flag” (your name goes purple) for a period of time and in this state if someone kills u no penalty applies.The dead loses -4% exp which is a bit pain even at mid lvls.
    b)If u kill a player which isnt fighting back (unflagged)u got karma.In this state your name is red and anyone can kill u with no penalty at all (and without flagging).This time except for the -4% exp u have a probability to drop an item (or more) from your inventory.(A month ago someone dropped an item worth of 4000-5000$).
    c)And ofc u got Sieges which sometimes comes to a battle 150 vs 200 or more ppl, fighting each other AND ofc war between clans where u can kill your enemies without any kind of penalty (instead u got points for your clan).
    This system isnt perfect but works quiet well.There r no high lvl pkers at lowbie zones there isnt corpse camping coz u port to the nearest village/town and u can always kill someone for no/any reason.
    I cant imagine L2 without the karma system … i mean wtf, total chaos everywhere and with the loss of the exp upon death i cant really imagine my self playing such a game.My point is that u DONT just make an FFA PvP game without any kind of restrictions.At the start all would be same lvls and it might be some fun but after 4-6 months it would be no fun at all for the new players

  • One Rp server? and with pvp *cough cough* tacked to it? is Funcom thinking Rp means Rollplayer? *trample,stomp,dead* if they must do this I want their dev’s on that server. Dont get me wrong Ive play’d some of the most deadly servers on this planet and have endured the lands of never-ending-hate. I guess its as it must be but I feel their dev’s should get a taste of the beast they will surely be unleashing. Death to the heritics!

  • I think it’s very likely that I’ll be trying out characters for the early access, then switching to a newer server at launch to avoid getting stuck on an overcrowded one.

    Server queues suck, heh.

  • I prefer playing on crowded servers early. When the newness wears off and people start canceling their subs I like my servers to remain at a decent pop.

  • Hey Keen,

    Been a big fan of this blog since I found it about a month ago. Keep up the good work.

    We were initially thinking Dagoth but our second choice was Wiccana. If the bloggers (including yourselves) seem to be going to Wiccana then we will for sure join you.

  • @Marduar omg yes someone that has played lineage 2!!! wow i fealt so alone in the world. Not to make this a review but lineage is one of the most beautiful and well put together pvp games there is, sucks that it doesnt get recognition aside for the darn botting which drove me and my clans/friends away. sieges huge huge siege battles clan battles and such. Hardcore 4 real! and yes the system that they have in place works, if AoC were to take some tips from lineage2 then pvp server is the way to go. But like Keen says, i dont think this game was meant for FFA PVP because even on saturday’s pvp session, if u have a max group and your working with another maxxed group to fight whatever or whoever, then u run the risk of hurting everyone other than who your grouped with even though u didnt mean to. I kept aoe lighting my own clansmates because they werent in my group or when i went to take out the spawn gankers i would also run the risk of killing the person spawning even though i had no intention of attacking them. That shows this game wasnt made for FFA PVP Just wanted to say this site is great keen and graev, Glad i stumbled upon it. Hope to see u in game

  • hey, me and a few of my buddies are going Bloodspire, we were a bit bummed out that there were not any rp-pvp oceanic servers available, but never the less, really looking forward to the release!

  • is there a reason I can’t login right now? It keeps saying the authentication server cannot be reached

  • Yeah the servers are not up. Way to go funcom, half a day into the pre-play time, and the servers are still down. That’s customer service you can trust!

  • Yeah, they’ve actually been pretty clear about when the servers were coming up… but the patcher should have the same info.

    Relax, once they’re up… that’s when you have to worry about downtime. 😉

  • Anyone else get a command box when they open up AOC? Mine keeps spamming me with random stuff saying im missing rd32986 or w/e

  • Huzzah! Delays! Huzzah! You know, I’ve already looked at porn today, how the hell am I going to kill three hours. Oh yeah, I’ve got that Foghorn Leghorn collection I need to watch. Sweet.

  • sorry for the “stupid” question, but I am new on this mmorpg stuff. Does any one can tell me what “oceanic” and “rp” servers mean?

    By the way…3h delay at the “early access”. Shouldan’t we call it “later access” …..hahahah

  • u would think funcom would know by now to UPLOAD PATCHES day beofr not DAY OF servers open most people wont even get to play the 17th brillint early release

  • Postponed another 1 hour so it hopefully will go live 5 pm EST *crosses fingers*.