Building a city in AoC sounds neat – but more bad news?

Everyone will want a city of their own in Age of Conan. Unfortunately this is something that is being reserved for only the biggest and best guilds out there. I’ve already resigned myself to the fact that I will never have a city to call home unless I give in and join a guild — it could happen. IGN released another article yesterday afternoon that brought about some interesting details regarding player cities and their bonuses for a guild, what it would take it build one, attacking/defending Battlekeeps, and who gets to own one.

Building a city actually sounds really neat. In the article the crafting system is also briefly touched upon and I am pleased to see that crafting will be less about sitting at a station grinding for hours and more about questing your way through and gathering the materials necessary. Perhaps this will be an interesting side distraction. Side Note: In the article it mentioned some of the best stuff for crafting could come from raids.. *Shake fist* But back to the building of a city, it sounds like a very detailed process that does justify them being owned by a guild powerful enough to build them. Here’s a quote from the article showing how powerful some of these bonuses for having a city can be:

“For instance, building a university might confer a guild bonus that enhances magic potency or unlocks spells nobody else has access to. These kinds of bonuses are guild-wide and will apply regardless of where you are in the game world. You’ll also need a keep, the central structure of any city, and you can set up crafting centers to unlock special trade skill recipes, along with other bonuses.”

That’s actually somewhat scary if you end up on a server with 8+ big guilds. They will all have powerful spells and bonuses. I doubt that their few spells and bonuses would be enough to eliminate a balanced competition. (I was mixing “Play Cities” with “Battle Keeps” here. This information might be inaccurate so I crossed it out.)

It’s definitely a huge incentive to own a city. Guilds will all want one of these “Play Cities”. My questions are: Can every guild have a play city? Can every guild, even casual if they put in the time, eventually have a city with buffs, etc? If the answer is yes then that is awesome. *Edit: The answer is YES! Every guild can have a Player City. Woot!

I hinted at some bad news in the title that I want to go into now. Take a look at the requirements Funcom will impose on guilds before they can siege a city-turned-Battle Keep:

“Since many guilds will likely be trying to schedule attacks on the limited number of battle keeps (there can be 8 active at a time), Funcom has implemented a priority structure. Whichever guild has members that fare better in the PvP minigames gets priority when determining who gets to lead a siege assault.”

*facepalm* In the words of Darth Vader at the end of Episode III… “NOOOooOoooOOooooOOOOooo!”

If you read my PvP weekend impressions you know that I dislike loathe these instanced mini-games. They are really unimaginative and have so little depth. They are repetitive and I find them boring. Yep, that’s my opinion. I really do not like them. I thought that the Border Kingdoms would be an escape from these but it appears that if I want -any- chance of having a BK then I’m going to participate in these mini-games. It’s probably not fair to call them mini-games anymore if they have been given such an incredibly important role in the development of a server…. but the name I came up from them would be inappropriate.

I don’t know. I guess this doesn’t impact me unless I suddenly find a guild big enough to be in contention for one of these city keeps. Funcom better make Mercenaries important in Age of Conan. I can accept Battle Keeps being reserved for the biggest and “best” guilds and I can accept their mini-game requirements. But at the end of the day unless the Mercenary system (or some other system) somehow balances things out for the smaller guilds and their role in PvP then Funcom is going to have a big mess.

Good news: Player Cities sound completely awesome. Crafting sounds interesting and useful. Battle Keeps will be tons of fun to siege.

Bad News: Casual guilds need not apply for a Battle Keep. Mini-games aren’t so mini anymore.

Coming Tomorrow: My thoughts on Funcom’s Scheduling and instanced pvp system.

  • “Since many guilds will likely be trying to schedule attacks on the limited number of battle keeps (there can be 8 active at a time), Funcom has implemented a priority structure. Whichever guild has members that fare better in the PvP minigames gets priority when determining who gets to lead a siege assault.”

    I know I tend not to agree with you on most topics here.. but WHAT THE *(#$%? really?

  • These mini-games are going to be annoying after you play them a couple of times, then its going to become a rank point grind fest. I see the rangers(with or without nerfings) at the top of the ranks.

    Good news is, since I am going to start playing from day one with a good guild, we would be able to access pretty much everything. But time will pass, the rat race and grind fest for raid gear will take over like a plague, making the game not fun to play anymore. I just told my guild about it, and we are not happy about this, including the raid gear. So pretty much we are planning to play for awhile, have some fun with siege assaults (if possible), and move on.

  • …*sigh*

    Funcom… what are you doing? I like the idea of buffs from guilds tho, but I don’t really understand the PvP thing. “Funcom has implemented a priority structure. Whichever guild has members that fare better in the PvP minigames gets priority when determining who gets to lead a siege assault.”

    In a summary, what does that really mean? Does it mean only the super PvPers will be able to launch any guild raids? I thought that would be for the leader to decide. I’m thinking it just maybe gives the best PvPer a buff or sort of like an AoE buff that buffs all around him but reduces his DMG output, sort of like a RTS with special units. If that’s the case then that would make it VERY strategical and I would like to see that.

    Also, I think guilds will need those buffs, seeing as how guilds can join each other to take down another guild so they are going to need all the help they can get probably. Let’s hope Funcom was just thinking the same thing 😛

  • well funcom is bringing out all the bad news weeks before release, I was under the impression that since the battle keeps are instanced each guild could have one but I guess not.

    It’s okay we can join the seiges as mercs to kill the famed guilds people, although it is rather shitty huge invite spamming guilds ge bonus spells and skills.

  • I dont know if its as bad as it sounds. Most guilds usually have a core group of players that are into pvp. I think it will pretty much rotate through guilds as they become raid leaders. we still dont know what the requirements are for building siege weapons and such. From what i’ve read attacking a battlekeep will not be a casual endeavor. As long as guilds arent allowed to monopolize the raid leader spots I dont think it will be a problem. 9 keeps require 9 large guilds to attack, and they must have the resources as well, as long as they dont allow the same guilds to attack on consecutive weeks I think some of the smaller guilds just may be able to squeeze into there. But I dont think the keeps were/are intended for smaller guilds anyways… sorry im rambling… 🙂

  • hmm, I think you mistake the battle keeps with guild cities, arent’ you? I always thought that guild cities are in special instances zones and the 8 battle keeps are in the border kingdoms.

    Yes, doing mini-games to be able to siege a bk sounds terrible, but ihmo that has nothing to do with guild cities. So there will be way more guild cities than 8 … 🙂

  • Ah, I thought that guild cities turned into these Battle Keeps? Anyone able to clarify that for me?

    *edit* Okay, I reread and see where I erred in my writing. Player Cities will still require lots and lots of resources and will be for guilds capable of building them. Those “elite” guilds that wish to turn their city into a Battle Keep will be able to compete for one of the 8 slots.

    What I want to know then is…

    1) Can EVERY guild have a player city since they are instanced in a “safe zone” and just not move it to become a Battle Keep?

    2) Can EVERY guild then have these buffs?

    If the answer to the above is YES, then that’s totally awesome. Casuals will just take more time to get their city up. That lessens the bad news.

  • Yeah, my impression was that if you can get 30 players, you can probably get a player city (later if not sooner).

    I don’t really have a problem with the best performing guilds in mini-games getting the lead in sieges; it’s not like the guilds who don’t practice PvP and have lots of members able to maintain their ranks will be able to capture a keep anyway. Supposedly, though, there will be smaller objectives like forts (haven’t heard about these for awhile, but they’ve been mentioned) that even 30 people guilds can capture. I don’t think the sky is falling quite yet.

  • …ok so the types of PVP in Conan are (according to their website):

    1)Massive PvP/Siege PvP:
    “Head out to the Border Kingdom with your guild, or hire yourself out for pay, and wage epic battles for control of player-owned battlekeeps….”
    – I assume here you can just run around the map and kill each other for sport, like a bigger BG : (
    2)PVP MInigames
    3)PVP Servers:
    “For those who just can’t get enough PvP, Age of Conan features PvP-flagged servers, with rules allowing widespread PvP…”
    – Sounds about as fulfilling as the ganking that goes on in WoW PVP servers 🙁

    So…no real open world PVP with purpose for the majority of players.

  • I personally find this news to be horrifying. This game is more and more being centered around guilds and large guilds at that. This is going to be like WOW prebc when unless you were in a huge guild there was nothing to do at the max level.

    I am a player who likes to play with a small group of friends like 5, and maybe do some instances, quests but mainly engage in world PVP and battlegrounds (or mini games as they are called here). The one thing they really really built up in the making of AoC are the large scale battles and seige warfare, and now they are taking it away from almost everyone.

    Now unless you are in a large guild this is all but gone. Hell, I can understand time frames on attacking player cities so people don’t need to stand on defense 24/7, I don’t like it, but i can understand it. But now they are taking away the ability of anyone attacking a city and you have to be in AN ELITIST guild to earn the right to attack cities?!?! Not to mention that it is scheduled!? This is retarded. They are changing what they billed as all out open warfare into, well now you can bring X men, on an agreeable date and time. So now the typical person will now never even be able to partake in these “great features” which they are selling the game to us on.

    If you are talking about oh you can be a merc and be hired by a large guild to help, keep dreaming. It is not going happen. How often in games, ill use a WOW reference since that is what i played, does a raiding guild take a PUG with them on a raid, or do poeple form groups for instances using meeting stone? The answer is NEVER, and if they do it is 1 or 2 people out of the 100s wanting.

    I was really looking forward to Conan in that there would be player cities around and me and my group of friends could go and attack someones city. Hell its not like we a group of 5 would take it over or destroy it, but it would have been fun to cause some trouble, maybe take out a section of wall or a building. Now this is not even an option. It seems like they are making it more and more like if you aren’t in a large guild at the max level you have no reason to play.

    Setting queues and limits which are prioritized on attacking other cities is disgusting. I could handle the potential of zergs, no problem you can run from a zerg or just wait to res until they are gone, zergs are like 5 year olds they have almost no attention span. This, however, to me sounds like the worst thing they could have done, forcing people to form massive guilds, which I personally hate, on top of that giving them extra abilities, sickening.

  • @ Kyle
    Your analogy to wow doesn’t work here since wow you typically have no more than 40 people in a raid. In wow, if a guild usually has 2-3 PUGs to join their raid, this means that if the raid limit is 100, they would need 62-63 more people to join the raid. In AoC I predict that siege pvp would have around 100 people. How easy is it to get 100 people on at the same time? I predict that merc would become a big part of siege PVP.

    Also stop bashing the game before the game is even out. Correct me if I am wrong… I don’t think anyone on this site knows the “whole” mechanic of siege pvp.

  • No one is bashing the game KaitouKid. Blindly defending the unknown isn’t any better than criticizing it.

  • My point was these large guild will not ever need outside poeple most likely. My reference to WOW was the fact that guilds NEVER needed pugs to fill the ranks. What makes you think it will be any different here? The size of the raid does not matter, guilds will adjust accordingly.

  • It looks interesting. Definately something to see about and hope it works out correctly. I know for a fact people will find a way around some of their rules and they will have to adjust some but all in all, hope it ends up being fun.

    Now, what guild to join? lol, I was looking at one that only had about 30 members, hmm, perhaps too small? Then another but they were capping at 60…and my 3rd choice was going for 200! yikes, I would think it will be too easy to get lost among 199 others in a guild. I mean really, how many of them are going to be annoying as hell. The good thing about AoC, if someone in my guild says “Ding” I can run over and cut their head OFF!

  • So there being only 8 Battle Keeps available, and a calendar date must be chosen to attack, that really limits the amount of fun keep siege/defense battles, which is what AoC has been using as a huge selling point for months now. The whole ‘schedule a war’ is pretty dumb, and I hope they see to changing that little dynamic, especially given these battles only last…

    “A siege battle may take anything from a few moments to several hours to complete, depending on the strength of the two opposing guilds.”

    The only hope for the smaller guilds looks to be:

    “And if your guild fails to capture a battlekeep, there are always the smaller forts to be captured – or even the ever valuable resource nodes!”

    Who knows, maybe those smaller forts/nodes may be enough to add true RvR to every calendar day of the week. When does that NDA drop?

  • I feel that you have the mind set of playing in smaller groups or solo. I believe that this contradicts the Massive Multilayer Online concept. These games are meant to interact with huge amounts of other players and to create a social environment. You’re constant moaning about finding 23 other players to raid, or finding more players to create a competitive guild is very tiering. Please understand that these games have the intention for the players to network and work together to reach goals, not to reach them solo.

  • We are discussing the apparent lack of persistent open world PvP in AoC. Might want to read the responses to get some context.

  • I still think we dont know enough about the whole system to be too judgemental. The keeps are located in the open world, from what I can tell they are not instanced, only the cities are. I do think mercenaries will be a large part of the pvp world. I can see 1 or 2 large guilds getting 100 members online at the same time… but all the guilds that own keeps, i doubt it, and to maintain that level of coordination on a weekly basis would be daunting. I also think keep sieges will prolly happen on a daily basis, and rotate through all the keeps.

    I also dont like the timer, but it may be a necessary evil..

    Perhaps the guild can be attacked 24/7 but only ransacked or captured during the time period.

    Does anyone know if the instanced guild cities are attackable?

  • @Textme: Please understand that I have been playing mmorpgs since the very first graphical Muds were ever created. I’ve been in 100+ members guild and I’ve seen and experienced every side of the spectrum from the solo casual to the hardcore 3 hours a night raider in a group of 40. I PREFER the group play. Feel free to read my blog – that would be this site you’re currently on – for more information about my playstyle. I really don’t think that it’s moaning to dislike the fact that I must find 23 other people to go PvE raid in order to compete in PvP. If you’re tired of it though feel free to click the little X in the upper right of your screen.

    @Northsun: Guild cities are not attackable. They are in a save instanced zone of their own. The cities only become attackable once they are turned into Battle Keeps and moved into the Border Kingdoms.

  • @textme

    No these games aren’t designed to make people interact and network and work together, these games are made for simply one reason: To make profit. They do that by making a product that is attractive to as many consumers as they can. If the majority of people do not like the direction of the game is going, it is advantageous for the designers to heed their voice.

    The MMORPG concept is to me, to make your own character and then interact with others in any manner you desire. I personally see the lure of the MMORPG in building up my own character to chop down others in PVP. Back before MMORPGs people would play RPGs solo and then build up super characters and argue whose was better, now in the MMORPG with the interaction they have taken away the talking and replaced it with interface where you can find out.

  • @Keen: I knew I would get the response you have gave, I didn’t mean to offend, but the way you write makes it seem as if you are a very casual gamer. I was in no way judging your experience in the MMO genre, but rather pointing out that you have been basing alot of your reviews off the fact that you dislike the idea that group play is HUGE in this game.

    It is also apparent from your post that everyone has their own perception of this spectrum of solo->casual->hardcore. I do appreciate your reviews though as they provide valuable information to those who want to be competitive, even if they must ignore your side notes of the agonizing timesink of finding players to play with in a MMO world.

  • @Kyle: You responded as I was responding.

    I agree with the profit, you obviously can’t put a blind eye to the business perspective of these games as they are largely a timesink. But as this is a whole new genre, even though based on the RPG concept, it is a new genre. With that said, this new genre of MMO brings something new, LOTS of players in a persistent world. If it isn’t in game networking and making connections, then what is it. Why would these businesses spend so much money on servers with the capacity for thousands of people for solo play?

  • @textme

    Well me, as I said, personally play these games for the PVP interaction that you don’t get in single player games. To me RPGs are fun, but they get old really fast playing only against computers. The fun comes in playing against other humans. AI’s come in one of 2 varieties: 1)too easy and not challenging, or 2) impossible. It does not matter the game they all work out the same. MMORPG’s lure to me is the human interaction with regards to player vs player, and when they are taking away what they have been selling this game on for years and limiting it to people who are in very large guilds to me is very disappointing.

  • I am very far from a casual or solo gamer. I play mmorpgs probably 4-5 hours a day on average which is way more than I should. 😉 The reason why you’re seeing a bias toward the little guy, the casual, or the soloer is because I do not have a guild. I play with my brother Graev and any friends that want to join us. If we find a guild then you will see a lot of what I have to say shifting to a different perspective. Until then, whether everyone likes it or not, my concerns are that I will be screwed because I’m not in a guild. That’s a true worry of mine. I don’t just join a guild to have a guild or raid just to raid. (Trust me… been there done that and it’s not pretty…) So my chances of finding a guild ‘soon’ are really slim.

  • @Keen
    I have been reading your blog for about three months now. I would love to see a write-up that details exactly what you would like to see in an MMO. Outside of your posts on WAR, I rarely see a positive post about a game. I am not calling you a fanboy in any sense of the word, but I don’t understand what your ideal game would be. It’d be nice to have a baseline when reading your posts.

  • The unfortunate side effect of starting a blog at the beginning of 2007 is that a lot of horrible mmorpgs have been released. To write a post detailing exactly what I would like to see in a mmo would be far too great an undertaking. I prefer to address each individual topic as it arises. As for this topic, I will be addressing it either tomorrow or Monday.

  • At the end of the day, most of this seems like “end game” to me. Unless you’re planning on skipping Warhammer (/omgwtf!!!1) it’ll just be a filler basically…

    _Maybe_ Funcom will pull something out from left field that surprises/amazes everyone and no one will move on to War…but that’s a pretty huge “maybe” and I kinda doubt Funcom can pull something of that magnitude off…

    Funcom is going for the hardcore obviously (well…obvious to me anyway), if they we going for a “WoW challenge” the gameplay would be a totally different build. This is probably a good business proposition, as the “hardcore” have been pretty well let down with recent releases and if an OK “hardcore” game comes out they’ll probably pick up a decent (read: not WoW size, but pays the bills nicely) part of the market.

    I think they’re leaving the casual market “WoW challenge” to EA Mythic and Warhammer…which is pretty smart really…

  • It’s funny how small things that can be changed so fast based on player feedback is so important to sooo many people. They WILL change things after launch, never been a MMO where it didnt happen. If enough people dont like that PvP minigames got something to say for battlekeeps, then it WONT. As simple as that.

  • why is almost eveything u write about AoC negative in some way?
    i am in, and have been in AoC beta for a while. almost everything u have writen seems like its based on hear say and “game hate” (sorry if that is harsh).
    i will be the first to say i am a fan of the game. however i am not a fan boy. my “fanboyluv” goes to EVE online, because of the hard core pvp.
    i would like u to write more (so i can read and enjoy) about what u like about the game (everygame really) and not what u don’t like. after all everything u have metioned in your blerbs about AoC are problems and things u don’t like. problems and things u dont like about every mmog out there, im sure.
    ok time for some first hand knowlege.
    u complained about having to grind in pvp mini-games (not your words, but lets get to the point). lets say im an overly powerfull guild and i have one of these citys. i get attacked a few times and i get an idea. what if i start a dummy clan and just attack my self, and lose? and then after that attack ill just schedual my dummy clan to assult my city again, never giving other clans a chance to attack me. who would think of such an idea? well anyone that has played a pvp baced game before. u might say “well u could just make a rule that a clan cant attack twice in a row”. ok, if i can start 1 dummy clan, why cant i start 2, or 10? giving prority to REAL pvpers (real meaning ppl who A: do pvp, and B: aren’t fake) is the only way around this. plus, if it is so hard to get a POC (player owned city) then what makes u think that a clan that hasn’t done well in pvp in the past could even stand a chance of wresling the POC from the overpowered clan? just some thoughts.
    please write more about good rather than bad.

  • This is simple. 6 months from now there will be many guilds, and many of them won’t be able to assault a siege because they didnt grind mini-games enough. I am assuming this game will live up to the hype. If so, don’t get pissed off because your guild can’t assault. We have been warned before launch.

  • I have been following this blog for a couple of weeks now and first of all I have to mention I realy like it. The best way to evaluate games before and after launch are player comments in my opinion. As I have been reading a lot of comments so far I like to mention something that realy bothers me and frequently comes back in various comments.

    It’s the discussion about casual vs hardcore players in comparison to rewards in both pve and pvp I like to mention something about. I have to agree that MMORPG’s need more rewards for skilled players. At this point, in most MMORPG’s all rewards go to the players who invest most time in the game. But is this unfair? NO! It’s the hard reality. A good but strange example: A construction worker who works 50 hours a week earns let’s say $ 3000 a month. A architect who spended more time to get his diploma’s and works 50 hours a week earns $4000. If the architect started to work less he could still earn the same amount of money as the construction worker who has to work 50 hours a week for the same “reward”. Keep in mind the architect needs to spend time to get his diploma’s as well, just like players have to spend time in the game to get more “skilled”.
    What do I want to tell you with this. I have to agree the rewards you can get shoudn’t only depend on the amount of time you spend in the game, it should also depend on your skill. BUT! We can’t just ignore the hard core player, the construction worker. There shoud be hardcore player(construction worker) rewards as well. Think about it. It would be kinda harsh to tell the construcion workers they don’t get paid for the 50 hours of work they did because the architecs think skill (diploma’s and brains) is more important. They made more hours but don’t get rewarded for it. The same thing shoud be applied in MMORPG’s. Both skill and spend time should be rewarded. It’s funcom’s job to get it balanced right so the hardcore AND casual (skilled) player will be rewarded in the right proportions.

  • @ Govfrt

    Some interesting point outs you make there, basicly agree with everything you said.

    Not everything should be based on your “time” but also on your skill, but we cannot forget this is still a MMORPG and not a full fps where you start from 0 every new game and skill = all.

    Although skill > gear > time investement offcourse 😉

  • Siege assaults are catered to hardcore PvP players, that’s it. If you are casual player, don’t bother with it.

  • A short additional note:
    As far as I have seen, there haven’t been any announcements yet about the influance of the gear in comparison to the gameplay. In my opinion a lot of comments are too negative with still too many questions unanswered.

  • Isn’t the gear an important element in MMORPGs? It depends on the player though. But, hardcore players demand better gear because they are the ones that are investing a lot of time grinding for X or Y gear that gives them the edge. The game Developer feed the hardcore players and in exchange, the hardcore players keep their subscriptions. Ding!

    Developers don’t like to talk much about gear. Actually WAR is going to do the same. Feed the hardcore players. Ding!

  • NOTE: Yes, I am basing everything I say off of IGN’s article because it has quotes and statements from Funcom. If this is an article spreading false information then I have to trust that Funcom would not allow it to remain up so long. Please remember I haven’t played the game. I only have these articles from which to base my opinions on game mechanics, features, and design upon. ALSO NOTE: I will be deleting any trolling replies and anything that appears to be a blatant NDA violation from my blog. If you break the NDA then your comment will be deleted. Don’t be offended.

    I think it’s unfortunate that gear matters so much to so many people. Wouldn’t you rather be known for your achievements and your skills? You can have the best helmet in the game but what does that really say about you as a player? It doesn’t make someone hardcore because they have gear. In most games out right now it just means you have a large amount of time on your hands.

    Why not make being hardcore about earning it? In a way AoC’s proposed system of having the outcome of PvP Mini-games determine which guilds have the right to a Battle Keep is a tiny step in the right direction. Albeit it should not be limited to the Mini-games and should be more about the guild’s success at PvP as a whole.

    I have never once said that those who put in more time should not benefit from it. However, how they spend that time should matter. More to come on this soon.

  • Okay first off, I strongly agree with Keen’s & Greav’s blog posts. I can relate to alot of what they have to say. And most of the time I don’t even need to write it, they already said it better than I can.

    But what I’m trying to say is, respect other people’s blog. It’s their opinion. Why do you have to bash other people’s opinion because you don’t agree? Is it even worth the argue over a game that hasn’t been released yet?

  • Another thing I wanna say. This game copied alot of stuff from WoW. Don’t get me started.

    It’s just like WoW Pre BC. You get to raid to get the best loots. You get to pvp so you can get gears as well, but you have to be extremely good at it.

    Only good thing about this, they added guild keeps and cities, grind free rep, sieges, better char customization.

    Other than that it’s just another Wow/EQ PvE raiding game. For those who PvP, I wouldnt really call this a PvP game when most of the time your just going to end up raiding. WAR is the game for all you PvPers.

    & Don’t flame my opinion. It’s my opinion and if you don’t agree with it, quit hating cuz it’s not going to change my point of view on this game, so no need to waste your time in trying to make me agree on something i will find just disagreeable. Have a good day.

  • One more thing. I am playing this game and I do plan on raiding and helping my guild. But once WAR comes out, bye bye WoW clone. That’s all, have a nice day.

    & Keen and Graev make more posts and videos, I enjoy all of em, continue your good work, your opinions are really strong, and don’t take negative comments at heart, you know you got people who agree with you and support you 🙂

    Have a good day everyone!

  • Just some thoughts…..

    If you hit level 80 are you really considering youself a casual player? By the time you hit 80 if you play say 2-3 hours a day you will reach max. level around Christmas time. I dunno, I don’t really see people who hit 80 anytime in the next 4 months as being casual.

    Also, about the batlekeeps… Obiously everyone wants a battlekeep. Think about what some of you are asking: “Boohoo I can’t own my own battlekeep if I don’t join a guild(or large guild for that matter) or group with a bunch of other people.” Are you really thinking you are going to own your own battlekeep by yourself? Or build it yourself? Not to mention there is plenty of talk of the smaller versions of the battle keep. I don’t know… maybe I don’t have the same tought process as some others, but when I initially saw this game and the siege warfare, I more or less knew it was going to be large scale combat. How are you going to accomplish anything by yourself or in a small group in terms of siege warfare?

    Gear: Is it that important to you? Eventually it will come, how fast nobody knows. Would it be great for people who are “casual” and skilled to get better gear? Maybe. Im probably wrong hre but isnt this just anoter version of people complaining about the larg guilds getting better stuff? Its just a different version of the rich get richer poop get poorer. It seems to be set up in a way where people who wanna pvp more get better pvp gear and pve raiders will get their gear. It just sounds like all of you want the baby witout the labor pains. It just seems like you all want too much handed to you?

    Im not slamming anyone just saying that it seems like alot of people are worried that they might have to put in a little effort to get what they want. If you dont want to then dont play the game.

    Look how many of these guilds have already formed. I bet you half of them wont last a week and the oter half are incompetent. Dont worry things will balance out.

    And last only question I have is are the battlekeps instanced too? If not what are your thoughts on making them instanced?

  • “One more thing. I am playing this game and I do plan on raiding and helping my guild. But once WAR comes out, bye bye WoW clone. That’s all, have a nice day.”

    This made me fall down laughing.

    War looks just like warcraft in terms of cartoon look and also has the same combat. The only real difference is the RvR and sure that was fun in DAOC also but it does not make a game.

  • @ Nagara

    Aoc is a WoW clone how in hell you came to think that?
    It has no similarties whatsoever.
    Raiding, item gathering etc…thats all what makes a mmorpg, how does that have anything to do with being a clone.

    WaR looks ALOT more alike WoW exept for the Realm versus Realm.
    (has about same races, the play style is about same etc….)

    Get your facts straight.

  • @Sefran

    Lol WAR raids? WAR raids bosses so they drop loots? WAR players spends 6+ hours raiding so they can get loots?LOLOLOL wow that’s for the morning laffs. Let’s see.

    WoW Pre TBC & Conan

    *Best loots in the game are from raid bosses
    *Has PvP rank system similar to Pre BC/& can get pvp gear
    *Game is leveling it’s caps to 80 lololol
    *Only strong and large guilds will stand up than those who are just casuals.

    Only thing AoC added was guild keeps, cities, and siegez, that’s about it. Other than that it’s just another WoW/EQ game MEANT for raiding. If you don’t RAID, most likely your gear will suck. And those that DO raid, will be better than you.

    How is WAR a WoW clone? When Warhammer came out before Warcraft? How does WAR copy stuff from WoW, when it revolves nothing in PVE raiding. By raiding, I’m talking about boss fights who you spend hours and hours mastering trying to kill it.

    WAR is based on PvP. Only thing you’ll be raiding are cities & towns. Has nothing to do with boss fights spending hours and hours of mastering.

    Why is AoC a Wow clone? Cuz it’s simply another so called ‘PvP’ game, who revolves around PvE raiding. Sure you can PvP, but the best way to PvP is to get better gears. To get better gears you need to PvE raid. Sure you get PvP gears but I doubt they’ll be any resillence to it.

    So you sir, get your facts straight.

  • Sad thing to say is. The game hasn’t even come out yet and it’s already failing the PvP system imo. lol 😉

  • I was breaking the NDA with my post ? Are you for real ? You do know the game has gone gold and that all the info I got can be had from the NON beta AoC forums in five minutes. I do apreciate you NOT taking the 5sec it would take to check this with me 😉

    Here for instance is plenty of info:

  • Saying that you are in Beta and then proceeding to discuss your thoughts about the game is a NDA violation. Whether or not the information is readily available.

  • Nagara those “facts” are simply not true.

    1. If you pvp in AoC you get items that are good for pvp if you are good enough to get a high pvp level that is.

    2. Has a pvp rank system similiar to that in pre tbc wow ? are you joking ? Pre expansion in wow there was 14 pvp ranks and they were NOT based on any skill at all. It was a massive massive grind for honor where time played was all that mattered. In AoC you can do pvp minigames, world pvp or siege warfare 24/7 and if you suck you will get no higher pvp level and NO items.

    3. Yes AoC has a max level and so does most other mmo games and so does War even though there it is pvp levels.

    4. Only the guilds with skilled pvp players will do well that is true ofc but that is also the way it should be on a PVP server.

    5. No what AoC is foremost adding is a combat system that goes further than any other mmog in history including War. It is a lot closer to that of a real action game set in a mmog that the standard combat system you get in Wow and most certainly in Warhammer also.

    6. The raiding items in AoC is greared towards raiding and the pvp gear towards pvp and nothing else.

  • The NDA was also lifted a week ago. But I am sure K&G checked that before releasing all the info from the 2 day pvp beta weekend 😉

  • The NDA was ONLY lifted for the PvP Weekend. The NDA is still up for the Closed Beta and the rest of the game.

  • @ Nagara: I really dislike the fact that you are bashing people challenging other people on a public comment system. The fact that people are challenging other peoples opinions if how we shine the light on other people, it’s a way of culminating ideas based on opinions of others.

    You are saying why challenge other peoples opinions? If everyone agrees with President Bush’s idea or plan (don’t get too indepth on this subject), does that make him right?

  • @keen

    fyi, there have been comments by lordorion that mini-games will not be the sole deciding factor when it comes to siege determinations.

  • There will be eight battle keeps owned by 8 guilds, that means that every period 16 guilds/clans will be able to fight for power 8 that own it and 8 that are trying to take it. There most likely wont be that many clans per server with the ability to even take a battle keep. Besides if you want a battle keep it will take determination and planning not just a half witted attempt to own one. I am really not concerned since my guild will have over 200+ players come opening day, but know that if you cant hang or don’t like the rules play something else…

  • Why do you hate Guilds Keen.. They can be a lot of work…but at the end of the day they provide a good community…I am one of a few leaders of a guild that was created in PotBS…We did pretty good for the short time we were on that game. If you interested just say the word.

  • I don’t hate guilds… what gave you that impression? I’ve stated a few times that I don’t have a guild right now but I’m looking for one and may even start up a “community” type guild for anyone interested.

    Guilds are absolutely a huge plus to the lasting appeal of a mmorpg because, as you said, they provide a good community.

  • I want to get into a guild that shares my goals in the game. I want to experience everything I can but not at the cost of fun. Probably a guild big enough to do experience everything in the game without being too big that some members are left out. I would say “medium” if I had to go with small/med/large.

  • Apply for the Snowhawk Clan

    We are an RP-lite clan of about 100 people much interested in the lore created by the father of Conan, RE Howard, we’re basically a mature (average age is about 25), determined, fans of the fantastic conan stories by REH. We’re going to be an Cimmerian only guild and we have plans for countermeasures if this will turn out to gimp us.

    If you like the sound of it come check out the forums and mingle a bit, if you like what you see drop of an app and will see what happens from there.

  • What i want to know is will u be able to call upon allied guilds to help u deffened your city?